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Best Ways to Master Your Money Like a Millionaire

Ready to Become a Millionaire? Do These Ten Things Today...
Master Your Money like a Millionaire

I Love Making Money Staff & writers

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Millionaires. While they may seem different than most of us, the way many first-generation millionaires got to where they are today was by making smart moves with their money.

Making more, saving more, and investing more money is how many of the world’s wealthiest people became so rich.

Fortunately, you don’t have to have a 7-figure bank balance to make the same money moves as the rich.

These are 10 legit ways you can master your money – just like a millionaire.

1. Keep More of Your Cash for Yourself

Keep More Cash

Millionaires get the best interest rates on their homes, cars, credit cards, and loans. Their financial status gives them the best deals from credit card companies and banks. They pay the lowest interest rates – which frees up more of their money to live their best lives.

Unfortunately, most people are being hammered with interest rates of up to 17% to 25% or more. This can quickly add up to thousands of dollars wasted on interest payments to banks and credit card companies.

Now, a company called SuperMoney can help you save serious money on your outstanding debts. They connect you with companies that will consolidate your debts into one monthly payment at a much lower rate.

Simply apply online (it’s free), choose the best offer, and pay off your outstanding debts. You’ll immediately reduce your number of lenders to one, pay a much lower fixed rate and save hundreds or thousands a year.

If you’ve got any debts with high-interest rates, get a free debt consolidation offer in seconds.

2. Know Your Most Important Money Number

What’s your most important money number? Your credit score. This is the 3-digit score (from 300 to 850) that let borrowers know whether you’re likely to pay off your bills or not.

A high credit score gets you lower interest rates on credit cards and loans, faster approval rates, higher limits and better insurance rates.

Even millionaires need good credit scores because many lenders don’t take income into account when setting interest rates. You may be able to afford to buy a new Bentley with cash, but a low credit score will have you paying the higher car insurance rates.

Now, a new service MyFICO, lets you access your credit score from all 3 credit bureaus. You can get weekly credit updates plus tips to help you increase your score. Best of all, it comes with daily credit monitoring and alerts, so you’ll never have to worry about criminals opening up credit cards or loans in your name.

What’s your credit score? To find out, sign up here to get your credit score from all 3 credit bureaus now.

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3. Get a Millionaire’s Credit Score

How to Get a Credit Score Like a Millionaire

Since credit scores aren’t tied to income, it’s absolutely possible for you to have a credit score equal to or greater than a millionaire. Remember, the higher your score, the more doors unlock with banks, credit cards, insurance companies, loan providers and more.

Millionaires often have the advantage when it comes to boosting their scores. They can afford to pay experts to clean up their credit. That type of white-glove service is normally out-of-reach for most people.

Not so fast. One of the leaders in credit repair, Lexington Law, is now offering a free credit report consultation for anyone who is ready to get all of the perks of having a high credit score.

They’ll analyze your credit report, identity negative items hurting your score, challenge those items with the credit bureaus, and keep working until it’s cleaned up.

Click here now to claim your free credit consultation and get the high credit score you deserve.

4. Tap Into Your Secret Money Reserves

The wealthy always seem to have easy access to cash when they need it. Whether it’s for a new car, a kitchen renovation, or even a vacation house, millionaires find money to get what they want.

Even if you don’t have 7 figures in the bank, you may still be able to access hundreds of thousands of dollars to make your dreams a reality.

If you own your home, SpringEQ lets you borrow up to $500,000 of your home’s equity – without headaches or hassles.

Ashley paid off her credit cards. Charles got money for much needed home renovations. Jamie paid off her car loan. Thomas and his wife had a new gourmet kitchen installed in their home. And Erica and her husband purchased their dream cabin in the mountains.

Contact SpringEQ today for a free quote. You’ll get a decision in minutes and your money in as little as 11 days.

5. Live Your Best Life on Any Budget

Live like a millionaire - but don't have the budget - here's how to do it.

While we think about all of the beautiful homes and cars millionaires can buy, most people envy the luxury vacations and experiences the wealthy indulge in. The rich always seem to be living their best lives.

Don’t worry. You’re not locked out of these life-changing experiences. With the right savings and investing plan, you can live your own dream life. Sound impossible? A new company has now made this a reality.

Qapital founders, George and Katherine, wanted to create a fun, simple way for average earners to save money for extraordinary experiences. They created a groundbreaking way to save with this simple idea: “Saving for the wonderful things you want to own or experience shouldn’t come at the cost of everyday happiness.”

With Qapital’s account, you can set fun savings goals for things like summer festivals, college fun, ski trips, down payment on a home, sail boat, a trip to Paris or whatever you wish.

With rave reviews from users and the media, you’ll definitely want to sign up with Qapital now to start saving for your next big dream.

6. Save Big with This Billionaire’s App

The most successful millionaires don’t waste their money. They’re savvy spenders who buy intelligently and keep their wealth working for them, 24/7.

Billionaire, owner of the Dallas Maverick’s, and Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban gets this. And he also knows a hot opportunity when he sees it. That’s why he invested in one of the hottest money-saving services, BillShark.

Billshark is a bill negotiation service that can save you 25% on your monthly bills in as little as 2 minutes. They can lower your cell phone, internet, cable, insurance bills – and many more. Simply upload your bills to their secure system – and their team will immediately go to work to start lowering your bills.

Billshark has already saved their members over $10 million dollars. If they don’t save you money, their service is free. Sign up now to get a free estimate of how much they can save you each month on your bills.

Two apps that will save you money on monthly bills:

7. Start Investing Today for Big Returns

It’s a fact: the wealthy invest. Unfortunately, most people feel that they can’t invest because they don’t have large sums of extra cash to sink into the stock market. That’s no longer a problem.

With STASH, you can a start investing with as little as $5. No, it’s no penny stocks. With fractional shares, you can invest in some of the world’s most valuable stocks like Amazon and Facebook.

Best of all, STASH is a full-service banking app that helps you build healthy spending, saving, and investing habits – all from your phone.

Currently, over 3 million American’s save and invest with STASH. If you’re ready to start building your wealth for as little as $5, sign up now and become a STASH investor in just 2 minutes.

Alternatives to Stash:

8. Start a High Yield Compound Interest Savings Account

Millionaires know that over time, as money starts compounding, it starts growing as the money stacks up. But the rates have been incredibly low to save money.

That’s where UFB Direct and Axos bank come in offering the highest APY High Yield Savings Account at 0.40%. Click here for see today’s rate.

What I like about UFB Direct is that there’s no minimum balance, no monthly maintenance fees and you can access your funds 24/7. Also, every account is FDIC insured unlike most of the digital banks.

I recommend setting an emergency savings account as part of your budget or setting a savings goal to put a down payment on a house, buy a new car or even take a trip – bucket list items. Might as well start earning compound interest on the account. Click here to open your account.

9. Start a Lucrative New Business

Start a Business to Bring in Extra Money

You’ve heard the term: self-made millionaire. There are many rags-to-riches stories of people going from broke to making millions, even billions, in their own business.

Thanks to the Internet, so many new entrepreneurs are making money faster and easier than ever before.

But what business do you start? And how do you start making money quickly without risking your hard-earned money?

The answer: Find a proven business-in-a-box that’s already helping other entrepreneurs make 6-figure and 7-figure profits.

One example is Credit Repair Cloud. This company puts you into your own lucrative credit repair business – even if you have zero experience in the industry.

They show you step-by-step how to find clients in your first 24 hours, how to repair credit easily, and how to scale up to massive profis without paying a dime for advertising.

The founder of Credit Repair Cloud, Daniel Rosen, has a 100% Free Training that show you how his students have generated millions of dollars in sales from their own credit repair businesses.

If you’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, making serious income from your own home, you’ll absolutely want to attend this credit repair business free training.

Click here now to reserve your seat for the next free training on how you can start your very own high-profit credit repair business.

Other Ways to Make Money:

10. Take Investing to the Next Level

Create Passive Income through Investing

The biggest secret of the wealthy is that their money works for them around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A millionaire’s money never sleeps.

The goods news is that the stock market levels the playing field. Anyone with the know-how can invest their money into the stock market and leverage their money into big returns.

Ricky Gutierrez figured this out early on. He became a student of the stock market and figured out a system to multiply his income through the power of leverage and day trading.

Today, Ricky’s a young millionaire and highly-popular teacher of stock trading. His Learn Plan Profit program helps stock investing beginners learn the ropes so they, too, can start to build large stock portfolios like the wealthy.

If you’d like to see how Ricky changed his financial life by daytrading in his spare time, check out his Learn Plan Profit system now.

Another full time trader is Danny Devan who teaches and trades options. Danny grew his portfolio and net worth to over $10,000,000. His style of teaching is down to Earth and easy to follow.

Check out our Danny Devan review here. If you want to take his how to trade options course, click here to get it.

Other Ways to Learn How to Trade Stocks:

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