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12 Unique and Specific Ways to Work from Home Right Now

Now that 30 million people are unemployed, we MUST come together to figure out ways to make money working from home. To generate cash from home to help you, your family and your community. Here are 12 ways you can work from home right now, right now.

1. Become a Local Business Marketing Manager

Last week, I set the entire blueprint for local business marketing. You can easily create a side hustle by positioning yourself as the local business marketing expert. Here’s how

Now that businesses are starting to open up, they just received SBA money to help their business grow, and they are going to need help with marketing. For example, my friends across the street just built & opened up a Firestone franchise. They bring in six figures per month, but let me ask you something: What do Firestone and car mechanics know about Facebook advertising or Google Local Listings? That’s an opportunity that you can fill.

2. Become a Freelancer on Fiverr

Remember when Fiverr first came out and teens were charging $5 to do ______. You name it, they did it. From jingles to logos to tattoos, they did everything for $5 … and we sort of snickered at the idea.

Well fast forward a decade, and now people are making six and seven figures easily by listing their services, providing upsell options and providing quality service to their buyers. FREELANCING is big business and it’s something you can do from home.

I recently tested this out and made a quick $75 watching TV with the family during the home quarantine. Here’s how.

3. Monetize Your Expertise by Creating an Online Course

When I first started, I created my first online course in 2005. Now, one of my residual income streams is a course I teach called Unstoppable Affiliate.

I teach on-demand affiliate marketing for people who want to start a profitable online business with affiliate marketing.

But, teaching online is another way to work from home start making money online.

If I were to startover, I would immediately pick a platform that allows you to create a course for free with no revenue split like Thinkific. Thinkfic allows you to create an online course for free with no revenue split.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review for Thinkific

Free Signup to Create Three Courses for Free - Work from Home Blog Series

If you would like me to create a free training on how to build your online course, leave a comment below. If I get enough comments, I will launch my own free training.

4. Freelance Writing is One of the Most Overlooked, High Demand Side Hustles You Can Do From a Laptop

Our very own Emily Gorsky is a freelance writer who helps people get started as a writer. She has created a blog series for how to make money as a freelance writer.

Big online blogs are looking for writers RIGHT NOW since people are at home visiting websites, reading and researching. Here are a list of websites that you can find freelance jobs.

5. Start a Profitable Blog Around Your Expertise

When I first got started, I picked a few niches that I was passionate about at the time. I played Rugby in college & I was taking up yoga for injury recovery while also researching diets to cure my mom’s cancer while also making money with affiliate marketing. These four topics I am passionate about.

I started a Rugby store & sold Rugby gear. Back then, you could advertise on Google Ads for a penny & get a huge profit. Once I started telling other marketers about this, they copied my funnels and my penny ads turned into $5 ads quickly. So if you have something that works, keep that to yourself.

Then, I created a Snack Diet for my mom that helped her get back on her feet after chemo while creating a yoga blog that I quickly sold. Right now, you can purchase the entire website & brand, Snack Diet and get the PLR rights. That’s another work from home job for someone who has a passion around diet, fitness & losing weight. I also have an “affiliate marketing” blog that I help people increase their affiliate commissions.

Start a profitable blog - start a website around your passion - here's how.

6. Affiliate Marketing as a Side Hustle

One of my passions is affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? If you click on this link, I created this affiliate marketing guide back in 2005 and recently updated it for today’s business model. The model hasn’t changed, but there are better marketing channels and legit blueprints for making money with affiliate marketing. I’ve made over a million dollars with affiliate marketing, and I prefer teaching affiliate marketing the right way without the scams. If you have to “refer a friend” to get paid and they have to “refer a friend” to get paid, then that’s not affiliate marketing. That’s a top-tier recruiting scheme that eventually runs out of people.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - This is the course that we recommend by Kit Elliott.

If you need hand-holding with affiliate marketing, I just launched an online class called Unstoppable Affiliate. It’s all on-demand where you learn and implement at the same time. Click here to join me inside the online classroom.

7. Flip Profitable Items on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

I made $8800 flipping items around the house last month. Because we’re stuck at home and our stock portfolio was slashed in half, I decided to sell items that were lying in junk drawers and closets. I even found an old 1 ounce gold coin that I had from the 1990’s sitting in an old drawer. I sold it for $1500 cash. That was a shocker.

How i Made $8800 Selling Stuff Around the House

Here’s How I Made $8800 Listing Items Around the House.

8. Become a Life Coach

Life Coaching is big business. I recently discovered Brooke Castillo who is a master life coach, and she started The Life Coach School. The Life Coach School trains and certifies people in life coaching.

The way you make money with it – is – you specialize in a life coaching area that helps people solve a problem. The biggest and most profitable area is “losing weight”. Let’s say you start a weight loss group and charge $49 per month. You advertise on Facebook & grow your community. Soon, you have 100 then 1,000 then 5,000 members all paying you $49 per month.

Some of the other high paying life coaching areas are: Stop Drinking, Stop Smoking, Addictions, Depression, Anxiety.

You can get certified at The Life Coach School and start your journey there. I highly recommend it.

9. License Your Photographs to Getty Images to Make Money from Home

If you have a passion for taking pictures, then you can list them with Getty Images. Getty Images will license your pictures out & pay you a cut each time. Since photography is one of my passions, I’m going to download the app and apply to become a contributor to Getty Images. If it goes well, I’ll post a follow-up revenue and how-to post.

Click Here for how to apply to Getty Images

10. Help People Create or Revamp Their Resumes

Highest Earning Gig on Fiverr

I recently discovered a lady who makes 6 figures helping people with their resumes. When she first started, she had zero reviews & was doing resume revamps for $5. On average, she was bringing in about $10 to $15 per hour with resume revamps. Now, she raised her prices 10x and brings in $100 to $150 per hour.

Check out her profile and gigs here.

Think about a gig that you can easily do. Then, think about how to get those 5-star ratings that will bump you up in the search rankings. I suspect that the tips & tricks for getting jobs and updating your resume is the same for everyone. That means everyone gets 5-star service with their resume, but the added tips and tricks bonus sheets send her fulfillment over the top.

11. Sell Your Hair to Make Money

buy and sell your hair marketplace is a easy way to make money extra cash from home working from home

What? Yes, this is an odd website that I found a human hair marketplace. You can buy and sell hair on this marketplace. The longer your hair – the more you can charge. Also, rare colors are going for premium prices.

Click Here to View the Going Rate for Hair

12. Ways to Make Money from Home – Start a Lawn Care Business

When I was a teenager, I had a thriving lawn mowing business. I would mow my neighbor’s lawns for $20 per lawn & add upsells to the service. Soon, the $20 per lawn per week became a recurring income, and the real money came in when I charged $200 per flowerbed or $100 for gutter cleanup or $200 for fertilizer & weed prevention.

I was pocketing $500 per week working with a few clients. Not bad for a 13 year old.

If I could go back and tell my 13 year old one thing, I would say that it’s okay NOT to be perfect. You can grow a business by taking action and throwing up your first iteration. You can improve your skills and update THAT iteration. As you grow, you can update THAT iteration. Never compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 13.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it to get the word out. We have to unite and help each other during these incredibly weird times. People are desperate to make money, and my goal is to provide as much info and training as possible to help people make money from home.

Until then, wash your hands, wear masks and stay six feet away.

12 Unique Ways to Make Money / Work from Home

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