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The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Online Course Sales

Did you know you can start teaching online and charge for your expertise? As a former 6th grade Science teacher, I created my first online course 15 years ago. And I started sharing this strategy with people who were looking for a way to make money from home as fast as this weekend. If you’re looking for 5 simple ways to increase your online course sales, keep reading…

Over the years I’ve seen people start teaching subjects from sewing patterns to English as a second language. The sewing instructor charges $9 per month and instantly gets 10,000 paying students. English as a second language charges $19 per month and gets 250 new students enrolling every single month.

I want to share with you a simple way to get started at zero out of pocket cost. Seriously.

How to Get Started with No Money

The first step in getting started is creating your free account with Thinkific. We’ve tested 7 learning platforms and Thinkific is free to use with no revenue split, and it’s by far the easiest to use. You can create up to 3 courses, charge for your course and start making money with zero out of pocket costs.

If you’re not familiar with Thinkific, here’s how to get started with your very own course.

Online Course Platforms

If you’re looking for online course platforms, then, check out how best of list here. We recommend Thinkific, but here are a few other platforms that you can check out:

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Run a Testimonial or a Review Promotion

Before you launch your course, give it away for free. Let people go through it in exchange for their honest feedback. Let that honest feedback guide you on how to improve your sales page.

If you get feedback, add that to the sales page. Add the reviews to your sales page throughout. Some people will think that giving away your course is “missing out” on sales, and it’s quite the opposite effect. You will get MORE sales. People will reach out to you, and other doors and joint ventures will open up.

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Thinkific makes it easy to turn your expertise into a part-time or full-time business by allowing you to create and sell online courses, build vibrant communities, and monetize memberships - all on a single, scalable platform. Perfect for experts, authors, speakers, and coaches.

Yesterday, I sent out a survey to my students to get feedback so I could improve their experience, increase customer loyalty & increase product reviews. One of the responses blew my mind, “I bought this for the incredible bonus!” Then, another response, “When you threw in the bonus is when I decided to purchase…” If you ever want to improve your online sales, just ask your customers.

Increase Your Sales with Group Coaching Calls

Good bonuses are designed to add additional value and push the initial offering. They turn prospects who are on the fence into real buyers. What bonuses should you add to your course?

Most people come to your sales page very unsure that this is a right fit for them and very insecure that they will follow-through with the training. Adding a “group coaching Q&A” call or multiple walkthrough calls is a great way to add value to your offer while also reassuring your new customers that YOU will be there when they need help.

You can deliver these calls using Zoom, Skype, GoTo Meeting or just plain free teleconference call.

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Increase Your Sales with Vacation Incentives

Add a free vacation incentive to your offer & that will boost the value and get leads off the fence. This program is incredibly simple to add because it’s done by the same people who run Book VIP.

Here’s how Vacation Incentives Work

Your buyers determine a destination they want to go, and the guys over at Book VIP have setup a special website for you to generate their free vacation. Your prospect then has 30 days to activate it. They get free hotel stays in most of the major travel destinations. When hotels run $200 to $300 per night, you’re looking at a $600 to $900 bonus value.

And yes, you can even use one for your family!

Details: Click Here to Offer Travel Incentives

Offer Different Price Options for Your Prospects to Boost Conversions

I recently created a $2,000 offer that wasn’t converting online. The offer converted at live events, direct mail and magazines so there had to be a way to bring the offer online.

A $2,000 product or service advertised in a very specific niche magazine will convert, but a $2,000 offer to cold traffic who have never heard of you will not. So I added a low monthly fee to the price while offering a vacation incentive above, and my conversion rate went from nothing to 2%.

Now, the offer converts 2 people out of every 100 visitors.

I then tweaked the full pay from $2,000 to a three payment plan, and now the offer converts at a 4% (4 out of every 100 visitors) with half of them taking the payment plan. If you have an offer, make sure you add a bonus and offer payment options to increase conversions.

Discussion: I’m very happy to discuss pricing strategy with you. If you need help or want to brainstorm with me, leave a comment below. Let’s discuss.

Add a Money-Back Guarantee to Increase Your Online Course Sales

As we move forward post-coronavirus, business will have to build trust with their consumers. Building trust & consumer confidence is key in gaining more customers. Having a money-back guarantee helps prospects move past objections. If you’re worried about losing sales because of returns, don’t be. In this video, online marketer Neil Patel gives you his best insider tips for offering money-back guarantees.

In conclusion, add these five sales boosting, conversion boosting things in your course sales letter right now to gain more students and make more money.

  1. Add Multiple Bonuses
  2. Give Out Free Vacation Incentives
  3. Offer Different Pricing Options
  4. Add Testimonials and Reviews
  5. Add a Money-Back Guarantee

Fast Strategies to Boost Your Online Course Sales

Here are five additional ways to boost your online course sales.

  1. Offer a free trial or a discounted price for the first few buyers to create a sense of urgency and make it easier for people to take the first step.
  2. Create a compelling landing page that clearly explains the benefits of your course and includes customer reviews and testimonials to build trust.
  3. Use social media and email marketing to promote your course and reach a wider audience. Make sure to target your ads and messages to the right people, and use engaging content and calls to action to encourage them to take action.
  4. Consider offering bonuses or additional resources to make your course more valuable and appealing to potential buyers.
  5. Collaborate with other online course creators or influencers in your field to cross-promote each other’s courses and reach a larger audience.

Ultimately, the key to getting more people to buy your online course is to offer a high-quality product that provides real value to your customers, and to use effective marketing tactics to get the word out about your course.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do I get more sales on my course?

One of the biggest ways to generate more sales for your online course is to run promotions. If you’re selling your course year-round, then, let your email list know when the promotion is running and more importantly, when it ends. You’ll get a boost from the start and then, another boost when it ends. If you can take your course off the market for a period of time, then create a “waiting list” to build that demand. Then, launch & close on a year-round schedule.

How profitable is selling online courses?

Successful course creators have a 1-2 punch that allows them to generate 6 figures per year. Top course creators make up to $10,000,000 while the average make around $1k to $10k per month. The 1-2 punch is a simple audience builder (for example, TikTok and YouTube) to a marketing funnel (lead magnet or offer).

How to make money selling courses online?

There are several platforms that allow you to put your course online very quickly. We use and recommend Thinkific which gives you full control over design, marketing and sales at no cost to you.

What courses sell the most online?

The most in demand courses right now are in life coaching, stock trading, video production, graphic design, making money, health and fitness and personal development.

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