Message from Our Founder

Kit Elliott

       Thank you for visiting I Love Making Money. We are ready to change the world by re-defining the rules on making money.   Money is freedom.  It means having the ability to do whatever you want when you wake up in the morning.  

With these new rules, work is optional.

So this is part one of my mantra:   

In order for everyone to thrive in our society, we must split the burden equally while splitting the benefits equally.  You can spend your time pursuing your passion and living the life you want to live.

Right now, we’re placing too much burden on the working class while shifting the benefits to the wealthy. A family of four making $65,000 pays a substantial percentage BEFORE food is put on the table.

We have to change that.

We all talk about the rat race as something we’re all a part of while at the same time bashing how much we hate it. So why are we still in this rat race?

As the cost of living skyrockets, I believe we can escape the rat race by having a side hustle that will replace our full-time job WHILE creating & using passive income to live a better, more fulfilled life.

So this is part two of our mission:

What’s working right now where the average high school graduate can jump into, make money on the side & start growing that money to something sustainable.

And that high school graduate becomes a stay at home mom or dad and that stay at home mom or dad becomes a retired elder – ALL looking for enough money to give them a higher quality of life & more enjoyable experiences for THEM and THEIR FAMILY.

  • That’s where the side hustle comes in.
  • That’s where the rewards and bonuses come in.
  • That’s when the sharing creates an impact.

Our goal is to create trust-worthy content that helps you make money, grow your money so you can live life on your own terms.  The internet can be a tool to create much-needed change in the world & I want to use my energy to channel that change.

We’re going to spotlight people from all walks of life and detail strategies that you can immediately plug into. And then, we’re going to take action to build something on the side that throws off residual income.

A passive residual income. Passive income is money that comes in month after month (or quarter after quarter or year after year) where there is very little ongoing effort on your part.

As that money increases, we’re going to GROW that money.

And that’s where investing and saving come in.

Lastly, we’re going to share with how to reduce expenses to increase the amount of money you can save each month. Then, invest that savings wisely.

When you invest wisely, you can use your savings to buy things that will appreciate in value WHILE using travel hacks to travel around the world and stay at nice hotels for little to no cost.

So I want to dedicate my resources and time to sharing how to make money online through the side hustles, freelance work and remote jobs while helping you save and invest your money so you can travel hack around the world. 

A rising tide lifts all ships.  When we unite and share what’s working, helping each other, ALL people will benefit.  

If you could help out by sharing articles that you like, asking questions to guide our content-creation process and leave suggestions to help the next reader.    

Until then, share and conquer…

Kit Elliott founder of I Love Making Money Podcast & Website

Kit Elliott
Founder, I Love Making Money