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Best Courses to Learn How to Get Started Trading Stocks

What courses help you get started trading stocks.
Best Course for Learning How to Trade Stocks

I Love Making Money Staff & writers

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There's a trap that I'm seeing on TikTok that goes like this. A content creator will post “winning trades” on their TikTok and then, say “join the discord channel” where you're presented with a private, pay to unlock the winning trades. If you're a beginner, you're still stuck at how to truly get started. That's why I wanted to create this series on the best courses and best trainers for stock trading and investing.


How to get started trading stocks. The courses I’ve taken and recommend. ##rickygutierrez ##dannydevan ##warriortrading

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Free Stock Trading Course on YouTube

One thing I've noticed successful stock traders have in common is that they're incredibly resourceful at finding information but also reading stock charts. There's a free channel on YouTube called Warrior Trading that breaks down how to get started trading stocks with 12 classes on how to trade stocks for beginners. This is class 1 of 12 by Ross Cameron:

Check Out Warrior Trading on YouTube

Best Teaching Style: Jerremy Newsome Real Life Trading

Personally, I like the teacher-student-course style of learning online. That's why I connect with Udemy's Jerremy Newsome's courses. If you're a beginner looking to get started, then, I would start with Jerremy's “Basics of the Stock Market and Investing” class where he breaks everything down as if you were in 5th grade.

Click Here to Check Out that Course

Once you take that course, you'll want “more and more” because you'll come away with the understanding and then, you'll want to see how real day trading put these strategies into play. That's why I recommend his second course after you take the beginner's course above. The second course is titled, “4 Strategies that Will Make You a Professional Day Trader”.

Click Here to Check Out the Second Course

Learn How to Trade ETF and Stock Patterns with Ricky Gutierrez

Once you get the basic understanding from the course above, then you can easily understand this course on how to trade ETF's and how to identify winning stock patterns. Ricky Gutierrez has mastered the day trading patterns and teaches the “A-Z Blueprint to Day Trading in the Stock Market”.

I took the entire course in a weekend, but I believe it's because of the first two classes that made me really “get” what Ricky was teaching.

Click Here to Learn Plan Profit from Ricky Gutierrez

How to Trade Options with Danny Devan

Then, once you start making money trading stocks and want to advance to the next level and before you join the discord groups and the Wall Street Bet forums, I recommend the advanced course on how to trade options with Danny Devan.

What’s in the Course?

  • What is the Stock Marketing?
  • What are futures?
  • How to read economic data?
  • What are catalysts?
  • Common Stock Terms Explained?
  • Signing up for brokerage accounts?
  • How to avoid pattern day trading and trade under $25K?
  • Cash account vs Margins.

Then, you'll be able to trade options and hopefully one day you turn $50,000 in GameStop options into $50,000,000 like this guy.

Click Here to Check Out Danny Devan's Options Course

First, we want to educate you so you come fully armed with the knowledge to make an educated decision. Second, this is not advice and we're not in any financial agreement or contract. FTC requires that we let you know that this is not “financial advice” and do your own due diligence.

Please bookmark this page as I will update and add to it over the next few weeks. If you know someone who is looking for this, please share this with them. We rely on word of mouth marketing to get the word out.


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