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Like videography, photography is an ‘in demand’ profession where social distancing is no problem. If you’re a photographer looking for work or simply wanting to expand your portfolio, then the following are the best freelance platforms any photographer should consider.

Where are the best jobs for freelance photographers?

Acquiring the right equipment and mastering the right skills are only part of becoming a marketable photographer. It takes a lot of work and countless hours shooting, editing, and developing an amazing portfolio/photography website. Now, it’s time to put yourself out there to potential clients and employers.

Here’s a list of 5 amazing websites to find freelance photography jobs:

1. FlexJobs


Flexjobs platform for freelance photographers

FlexJobs is a paid subscription job search engine that helps people find remote, freelance, and on-site work. It also features current and up-to-date articles focused on the job market. In addition, the website offers a resume review service as well as coaching assistance for finding the right careers. It also boasts an ad-free interface to allow for a more focused and less distracting job search experience.

The website is easy to navigate and the job search filters are more effective than those using a cursory google search. The site boasts innovative and useful search filters not seen on other big-name job search websites, allowing you to narrow down to the career type or category or even filter based on the level of remote work desired (i.e. “100% Remote” to “Remote During the Pandemic”).

It boasts one of the more comprehensible platform layouts. Along with this, the user is provided with the ability to acquire employee assistance for resume crafting and job search support is a huge plus, especially for fresh graduates or those looking for a career change.


  • Easy to use, uncluttered design
  • Advanced search features
  • Detailed filters
  • Career coaching and resume review


  • To apply and see company names you must subscribe
  • Hefty subscription costs, with one week costing over $6 USD
  • Somewhat corny user statements on the sides of the pages

2. Genuine Jobs


Genuine Jobs platform for freelance photographers

Searching for remote work is easy with Genuine Jobs, with a job database comprised of only ones that can be worked from home. They purport being a reliable search engine for 12 years, and claim that Google ranks them as one of the top work-from-home job search engines.

The website is linear and easy to use as it directs you from one page to another, each one featuring large and noticeable icons with text boxes. In two clicks you can be on your way to viewing a multitude of job openings.

The “job name” based search engine does come with its problems though. Jobs cannot be organized by date and experience level, which are standards across the job search website genre. It also has some fairly older job openings in most positions, so it may include job listings that have not been updated in a while.


  • Simplified, easy to use, system
  • Free service
  • Exclusively for remote work


  • Outdated job listings
  • No way to sort by common factors
  • Sometimes presents irrelevant jobs to the search

3. Workhoppers


Workhoppers platform for freelance photographers

Workhoppers is a free-to-use job search website that has all the standards of most job websites. Searching by location, experience level, and remoteness all come standard, and it doesn’t cost any money. Making an account on the site does grant more search hits than if you were to use it as a guest with no profile.

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Applying for jobs requires following a redirect link so it can take a little more time compared to websites like ZipRecruiter, which feature direct “1-click” applications (although there are typically 3 or 4 more clicks afterwards). Applying too many filters does lead to less jobs showing up, and thus less opportunities so take this into consideration. However, the job title search and location boxes are right on the home page, so of the best freelance platforms mentioned, this is one of the simpler ones to navigate.


  • Search filters that help tailor the jobs to the user
  • Free website, only requires an account to increase job search pools
  • Decent breakdown of job details when clicked on
  • Chat with website team members function


  • Jobs listed can become too few too quickly
  • Applications take typically longer than other websites
  • Doesn’t feature date of job posting

4. Glassdoor – Best Freelance Platforms


Glassdoor platform for freelance photographers

One of the bigger names in job search engines is Glassdoor, and for good reason. It allows for a sophisticated job search featuring categories like salary, recency of job post, and even the ability to select what companies you’re interested in.

What to know about Glassdoor

Glassdoor is one of the more frequent websites that show up on job queries run on Google search, so it is definitely one of the best freelance platforms as well as very a well-known website. Without question, ask any job-search savvy person on the street what their top 5 job search engines were and Glassdoor would be on their list.

Unfortunately, its job results are centered primarily around career-type jobs instead of part-time work, and the smaller pool of jobs for new graduate applicants can sometimes appear meager.


  • Free to use
  • “Easy Apply” option for many jobs
  • Multiple filters and categories for search optimization
  • Displays number of people interested in jobs
  • Ability to add profile details and a resume


  • Focused on jobs that require decent experience
  • Minimal Internship results
  • Well-known website makes it competitive to use

5. ZipRecruiter: an Overlooked Freelance Platform for Photographers


Ziprecruiter platform for freelance photographers

Another well-known and frequently advertised job search engine (especially via radio) is ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter is useful for both employers and freelance jobseekers, and has quite a few neat and interesting features for the latter. It’s common to hear praise from both applicants and employers about this website.

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Of the best freelance platforms mentioned in this article, ZipRecruiter is probably the most useful. It has all of the basic filters for job searching as well as a reliable and easy to use “1-Click Apply” feature, as previously mentioned. Applying for multiple jobs in a row on this platform takes, on average, less time than the other websites listed.

It is friendly for less experienced applicants, and has a larger pool for internships as well. Creating a profile and linking a resume is quick and easy and can help boost your chances of being seen by recruiters. Specific alerts can be applied to new jobs using keywords you select to keep users up to date on the current job market.


  • Free to use
  • Detailed profile creation
  • Multitude of filters
  • Friendly to less-experienced applicants
  • Smart alerts and notifications enabled


  • Very well-known and so a large user base
  • “1-Click Apply” can be misleading sometimes

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