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Best Freelance Platforms for Web Developers to Find Jobs and Make Money

Are you a web developer looking for online gigs instead of the typical 9-to-5? You have the skills. Now find the right job for you with some of the best freelance platforms for web developers.

Technology-based workers are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing freelance industries. With such a profitable market, web developers have great success finding work online. However, you may not become a lucrative freelancer overnight, but by finding the right job search database, your clientele and portfolio will develop into a fruitful profession.

Where can freelance web developers find quality jobs?

Freelance web developers can charge $2,000 on a new local business website or up to $150 per hour for a complex project. Newbie web developers usually charge up to $30 per hour while they are building up a portfolio. Which platforms can you find quality jobs?

1. Recommended: Fiverr


Fiverr platform for web developers

We’ve also talked about Fiverr in a previous article, though it can be a great way to start your freelancing career. Notably, Fiverr is one of the largest and most easily used digital marketplace for services of all kinds. In particular, developers are in high demand on the site. Moreover, you’ll run into many of the same benefits and problems as Upwork, as both are a gig-based platform.


  • Buyers reach out to you
  • Free to use
  • You create a “gig” based on your skills
  • Highly visible platform with many opportunities


  • Fiverr takes 20% of your income
  • Reaching Pro status can be difficult
  • Landing your first gig can take time
  • Easy to be underbid by other freelancers

2. Github – Freelance Platform


If you have any experience in web development, you’re likely familiar with Github. Interestingly, this code sharing and publishing service has been around for a while. Notably, Github is a cloud-based service for storing and sharing code used by web developers – some very well known – from around the world.

Moreover, it’s one of the biggest social networking platforms for programmers on the web. It has a much less advertised job search function as well.

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  • It’s free!
  • Great community and networking opportunities
  • Opportunities may come from recruiters after seeing your code or community interactions
  • The jobs are all coding and web development


  • Employment opportunities not primarily function so smaller selection available
  • Often requires some effort to gain notice

3. We Work Remotely


The name of this platform says it all. We Work Remotely is a job listing site that accommodates businesses looking for exclusively remote workers for a variety of projects and industries.

Unfortunately, the platform is tailored more towards full-time work but freelance web developer opportunites are still included.


  • It’s free and requires no membership
  • Largest database of remote job listings
  • Large category of development, programming, and sysadmin jobs regularly available
  • Apply for positions directly with the company, cutting out the middleman


  • Freelance opportunities are less common than full-time work

4. Toptal


Toptal is a global freelancing platform connecting big businesses (and smaller start-ups) with high-quality developers. In particular, they specialize in web development and design, so you’ll find jobs in categories including Javascript, iOS, IU, WordPress, and Scala. Consequently, as Toptal brokers the terms and rates for each job on their site, they have exceedingly high standards to be accepted as a member.


  • Free service
  • Higher paying jobs than many other sites
  • Only members can see job postings
  • Great community for web developers


  • Must pass a tough 5-step interview to join
  • Only a reported 3% of applicants are accepted
  • Heavy competition for positions among developers
  • Toptal sets the hourly rate, not the freelancer

5. Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a community platform where web developers can share their knowledge, expand their skills, and build careers. In particular, it is primarily a questions-and-answer site for professional (and enthusiast) programmers. Most notably, this active participation from members builds “reputation”, allowing them to gain status within the site. They also have a jobs section that offers freelance jobs for web developers.


  • Free to join
  • Great community for building skills and networking
  • Employers may contact you based on your profile
  • No spam listings or ads


  • Most jobs are smaller projects
  • Takes time to develop a reputation on the site, though job searches may be faster

6. AngelList


AngelList is technically an investment platform for web-based start-ups (working in industries anywhere from fantasy sports to transportation to even pharmaceuticals). In particular, it connects highly vetted startups to potential investors.

Along with this, it also connects web developer and other freelance jobseekers with specific skills that these fledgling businesses need.

Recently, they’ve pivoted to focusing primarily on creating a database for job opportunities at a variety of startups. As a result, they consistently post web development jobs for programmers and even in design.


  • All positions are remote
  • Free to use
  • Requires sign up and must complete a detailed profile
  • Easy to navigate and free for web developers to use
  • Lucrative, high paying work available


  • Only jobs available for startups
  • Some risk involved in the nature of the assignments
  • Highly selective in offering developers job opportunities
  • Not only web developer freelance jobs listed on the site, many are looking for full or part time employees

7. Flexjobs


Flexjobs is a subscription service focusing on flexible schedules, telework, and remote jobs. Notably, founded in 2007 by CEO Sara Sutton, it consistently has the highest satisfaction for freelancers across the web, including remote developer work. However, they do have jobs in many categories and do not exclusively cater to development or design.


  • All jobs are remote
  • All jobs listed on the site are hand-screened
  • No ads or scams, making it safer environment for job hunting
  • Easy to navigate
  • Excellent blog for job searching tips and tricks
  • Provides webinars related to job hunting and the application process


  • Monthly fee required: $14.95 for one month, $29.95 for three months or $49.95 for a year
  • Not focused solely on web developer jobs

8. Upwork – Freelance Platforms


Upwork - Freelance Platform for Web Developers who want consistent work but look out for these 3 pitfalls.

We’ve mentioned Upwork for finding “work from home jobs” but they have the largest flow of web developer work. Upwork is one of the biggest marketplaces for web developer freelancers to find work online. In particular, they facilitate payment agreements and payment of funds for work, taking some of footwork out of the mix for the freelancer.


  • Base plan is free (but does have additional costs) and a paid Plus Plan
  • Proficiency tests to highlight skills
  • Marketplace of buyers
  • 3 million jobs posted annually


  • Upwork takes 20% of your income from the site
  • Basic Plan charges $0.15 per communication with clients if you reach out to them
  • Must build out an extensive profile BEFORE requesting approval
  • Hard to get jobs without feedback
  • Reveals personal information to buyers (including your earnings)
  • You need to have a solid strategy for getting work

Frequently Asked Questions about Freelance Platforms for Web Developers

How much do freelance web developers make?

Based on average salary estimates from Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter, the national average freelance web developer salary is $75,430 per year.

How do freelance web developers get jobs?

Find your specialty and start branding you as the expert within that niche. When you position yourself as the “go-to” person within your niche, it makes it easy to talk to your market & get referrals.

Are web designers in demand?

According the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment for web developers is projected to grow 20 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will be driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce.

How long does it take to become a web developer?

Self taught web developers can become a full time web developer within six months of studying & implementing to build a professional portfolio.

Do web developers work from home?

Many web developers do work from home, and now that the pandemic has forced many companies to restructure their “work from home” business using Zoom & Google Meet.

What are disadvantages of being a web developer?

Web developers sit and work for long periods of times. The education is always evolving as the technology evolves.

What are the best freelance platforms for writers?

If you’re looking for freelance gigs for writing, then check out these best freelance platforms for writing.

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