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Now that 30+ million people are out of work, one of the highest searched terms is “work from home” and “freelancing jobs”. We are dedicated to bringing you resources, tools and training to help connect you to the best freelance jobs to help you work from home. In fact, it’s our mission this year to work as long as it takes to help you, your family and your community.

Since I began freelancing over 15 years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to work one on one with beginners to billionaires and everyone in between. It’s important to position yourself as the go-to person in your field (the expert, the leader) so you never have to negotiate your prices.

I’m now charging upwards of $40,000 to work one on one for freelancing work, and that didn’t happen by accident. I put in the work.

If you’re ready to get serious about freelancing and multiplying your work from home income, here are the top freelancing platforms to make money working from home.

What freelance platform is right for you?


Fiverr Review


Find a Freelance Job with Contena Jobs

1. Fiverr – Best Freelance Platform for 2020

Our number one recommendation for making fast cash as a Fiverr freelancer all the way to earning six figures as a Fiverr Pro freelancer. Use Fiverr for tasks that need to be completed & can be completed rather quickly.

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What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is a group of freelancers on Fiverr who have been hand picked for their track record and their high-quality delivery. To become a Fiverr Pro, make sure you fill out your profile to include a full portfolio using high-quality graphics and a five-star ratings with prior clients.

Then, you can charge 20x for this positioning and that allows you to earn six and seven figures on Fiverr.


  • Website is Easy to Navigate.
  • Huge Marketplace for Freelancers.
  • Additional Earnings Through Upsells and Tips.
  • You Control the Work. Prices are Set Upfront.
  • Free to List Your Services.
  • Buyers Come to You


  • Fiverr Fees 20% Including Tips

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the biggest players in the freelancing space due to excessive mergers over the last decade. I recommend using Upwork if you specialize in graphic design, writing or web development.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a marketplace that connects freelancers to companies looking for writers, graphic design and web development. The site helps professionals find projects and communicate with clients. They facilitate the payment agreement & arrangement of funds.

What are the highest earning niches for Upwork?

The Top 10 Trending Freelancer Categories

  1. Print Design
  2. Full Stack Developer
  3. Graphic Designer
  4. WordPress Development
  5. Professional Graphic Design
  6. WordPress Project Management
  7. Software Consultant
  8. WordPress Programmer
  9. Financial Writer
  10. Graphic Artist & Illustrator

What are the pro’s and con’s of working with Upwork?


  • Free Membership
  • Proficiency Tests
  • Marketplace of Buyers


  • Must Build Out Profile Professionally BEFORE Requesting Approval
  • Rejects Most Incomplete Profiles
  • Hard to Get Jobs Without Feedback
  • Must Reveal Personal Information to Buyers
  • Larger Newbie Profiles Bidding Lower

Remember, it’s all about positioning yourself as the expert and showing complete professionalism in every step from your profile to your bid to your fulfillment. Professionalism and quality of work will earn you five star reviews & start the snowball effect of buyers who want to work with you.

3. People Per Hour – Freelance Platform Great for Marketers, Designers & SEO Experts

People Per Hour is a job marketplace that connects businesses with your talent. Founded in 2007, People Per Hour has paid out over $130,000,000 to 2.5 million freelancers.


  • Largest Database of Work at Home Jobs
  • Easy to Interact with Employers
  • Payment is Held in Escrow Until Work is Complete
  • Flexible Options with Remote Jobs and Freelance Work


  • Anything Under $250 – 20% Fee
  • $250 to $5,000 – 7.5% Fee
  • Anything $5,000+ – 3.5% Fee

For the low-price, it’s definitely worth having this as an option to get freelance and work from home jobs.

4. Contena – Freelance Platform for Writers

Looking for a freelance writing job? Contena is one of my favorite go-to resources to find writing gigs and to hire writing gigs. They have one of the largest highest earnings potential job board.

Best Freelance Platform for Writers

If you’re a freelance writer looking for long-term freelance positions, then I recommend checking out Contena’s job board. Related Article: Freelance Writing Jobs.

Here are the first page’s listings of jobs if you specialize writing in a particular area:

Freelance Writing Niches

  • Outdoor Gear Writer
  • Product Review Writer
  • Blockchain Content Writer
  • Trending Topic Blogger
  • Video Game Marketing Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Buyer Guides Writer
  • LinkedIn Reputation Writer
  • Legal Content Writer
  • LGBT Right’s Editor
  • Men’s Lifestyle Gear Editor
  • Fitness blogger
  • eBook Writer
  • Career Writer

So if you’re looking for a writing job, I highly recommend this freelance writing job board.

5. Freelancer and Guru – Freelance Platform for Smaller Web Developers

Freelancer and Guru are both similar freelancing platforms, which I recommend for web developers, ghost writers and lower-cost per hour virtual assistants.

I have used both sites to hire freelancers for small to median-size jobs, and they both have very similar hiring and paying processes.

6. Outsourcely – Freelance Platform Great for Designers & Web Development

Outsourcely is a large marketplace that connects “work from home” workers from 180+ countries with employers. You can find job postings in these niches:

  1. Design & Multimedia
  2. Web Development
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. Admin Support
  5. Customer Service
  6. Sales & Marketing
  7. Business Service
  8. Writing & Content
  9. Mobile Apps


  • Largest Database of Work at Home Jobs
  • Easy to Interact with Employers
  • Long Term Contracts
  • Payment is Held in Escrow Until Work is Complete
  • Flexible Options with Remote Jobs and Freelance Work
  • Freelancers Pay Zero Fees


  • Anything Under $250 – 20% Fee
  • $250 to $5,000 – 7.5% Fee
  • Anything $5,000+ – 3.5% Fee
  • Strict Past History Verification
  • Lower Paid Jobs & Job Volume
  • Lower Number of Active Listings


Fiverr Review


Find a Freelance Job with Contena Jobs

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