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Best Side Hustles for the Week of June 18th

Last Modified on June 22, 2023

Looking for unique and interesting side hustles? This week we bring you three trending side hustles that could make you a lot of money...
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In this weekly column, we explore three exciting side hustles that can boost your income and create new avenues for financial growth. Whether you’re looking to make extra cash, pursue your passion, or diversify your income streams, these side hustles offer promising opportunities.

Read on to discover the best side hustles for the week that are worth considering.

Side Hustle #1: Certified Funnel Builder

Certified Funnel Builder is a very lucrative side hustle that can turn your expertise in creating high-converting sales funnels into a profitable venture. As a certified funnel builder, you have the skills to create successful funnels for your own business or offer your services to clients.

Funnel Builder

I recently received an email from Russell Brunson, who returned as CEO of ClickFunnels after the former CEO passed away. Russell is launching a new training program that not only trains you in building funnels, but also certifies you with his certification program.

Success Story:

Meet Sarah, a freelance marketer who decided to become a certified funnel builder. Initially, she struggled to find clients in the competitive marketing industry. However, after completing the certification program, she gained a competitive edge. Sarah’s reputation grew, and she started attracting high-paying clients who were impressed by her expertise. Today, she runs a thriving funnel building agency, earning a steady income and enjoying the freedom of being her own boss.

Tips and Strategies:

To get started as a certified funnel builder, focus on honing your skills in creating effective sales funnels. Develop your understanding of various funnel types and their implementation strategies. Build a portfolio of successful funnels and offer your services on freelancing platforms or through networking with business owners. Continuous learning and staying updated with the latest trends will help you stand out in this competitive field.

Side Hustle #2: Get Paid to Play Video Games

If you’re a passionate gamer, getting paid to play video games can be a dream come true. This side hustle allows you to combine your love for gaming with earning extra income. Companies hire video game testers to provide valuable feedback on game development, identifying bugs, glitches, and overall gameplay experience.

Success Story:

Meet Alex, a dedicated gamer who turned his hobby into a lucrative side hustle. Initially, he started as a beta tester for a game development company. Through his dedication and attention to detail, he impressed the company with his feedback. This opened doors for him to work with larger game development studios, and he now enjoys a steady income while doing what he loves most—playing video games.

T-Pain Makes More Playing Video Games than Music

Tips and Strategies:

To start as a video game tester, explore beta testing companies or game development studios that offer opportunities for testers. Develop strong communication skills to effectively relay any issues you encounter. Build a reputation for providing valuable feedback and stay up-to-date with the latest gaming trends. You can also leverage platforms like Twitch or YouTube to stream your gameplay and monetize your content through subscriptions, donations, or ad revenue.

Side Hustle #3: PLR Digital Products

If you’re interested in selling digital products online, Private Label Rights (PLR) digital products offer a compelling side hustle opportunity. PLR products come with the rights to rebrand, edit, and resell them as your own, opening doors to diverse markets.

PLR Digital Products - Side Hustle

Last week, I found this ChatGPT powered platform that allows you to create thousands of pre-made puzzles and sell them on your site, on Etsy, on Amazon, on eBay or even through RedBubble or Facebook Marketplace. It comes with full PLR license. Click here for details.

Success Story:

Meet Mark, a creative entrepreneur who ventured into the world of PLR digital products. He carefully selected high-quality PLR products, added his personal touch by rebranding and customizing them, and created his own online marketplace. By targeting specific niches and effectively marketing his products, Mark established a thriving business, generating significant income by leveraging the power of PLR digital products.

Tips and Strategies:

To excel in selling PLR digital products, start by finding reputable platforms or websites that offer high-quality PLR products. Ensure the products provide real value to customers. Customize and rebrand the products to align with your brand identity. Utilize social media, email marketing, SEO strategies, and collaborations with influencers or bloggers in your niche to promote your products. Consider leveraging AI tools to streamline the creation and management of your online marketplace.


In conclusion, these three side hustles—Certified Funnel Builder, Getting Paid to Play Video Games, and PLR Digital Products—offer exciting opportunities for beginners looking to make money and explore new avenues for financial growth. Whether you choose to build funnels, test video games, or sell PLR digital products, each side hustle presents its unique advantages and potential for income growth. Take the leap, follow your passion, and embark on a rewarding side hustle that aligns with your interests and goals. Start your journey today and unlock the potential of these profitable ventures.

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