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Shipt Review
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Name: Shipt

Description: Shipt is a grocery delivery service founded in 2014 and acquired by Target Corporation in 2017. They are rapidly expanding its team individual contractors called ‘Shipt shoppers’. If you are looking for ways to earn about $25 an hour, Shipt would be a great option.

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Do You Recommend Shipt

Yes, We recommend Shipt. They are rapidly expanding its team individual contractors called ‘Shipt shoppers’. If you are looking for ways to earn about $25 an hour, Shipt would be a great option.

  • Easy to Use - /10
  • Value for Price - /10
  • Customer Support - /10
  • Variety of Features - /10


  • You can create your own schedule.
  • You can take even a long break and join back anytime.
  • Get paid per order.
  • Tips are allowed.
  • Free Shipt membership.


  • Pay for your internet usage and gas.
  • Use your own car or bike.
  • No preview of orders.

Looking for a side hustle that pays up to $22 per hour. Shipt shoppers get paid per shop so the more you shop, the more you get paid. Also, Shipt Shoppers keep 100% of their tips & shoppers who communicate professionally earn more with Shipt.

General Info About Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service founded in 2014 and acquired by Target Corporation in 2017. They are rapidly expanding its team individual contractors called ‘Shipt shoppers’. If you are looking for ways to earn about $25 an hour, Shipt would be a great option.

What are the requirements to work for Shipt?

  • A formal interview on how you would handle clients. Your answers will be reviewed before you get approval. 
  • Valid car insurance.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Smartphone for the app.
  • Background check.

This is how your daily workflow would look like:

  • You mark your availability in the app and wait for shops to be assigned to you. 
  • You get an order. It has details of items to be purchased, the store name, and the delivery address. 
  • Now, you have the option to accept or reject the task. Don’t reject orders without a valid reason. Shipt takes your acceptance rate into consideration and may terminate your contract.
  • After accepting the order, you drive (or can even walk) to the Store mentioned in the order.
  • Shop the items in the order checklist. Customers have options to add items up to 1 hour before the delivery window. So, check the order details again before you finish shopping. 
  • Meanwhile, if you get another order to shop from the same store, you can shop for multiple orders in one visit.
  • After shopping for all the items, you make the payment using the app. 
  • The final step is to drive to the customer’s place and deliver the items. 
  • The customer may tip you. 

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How Shipt Shoppers Get Paid?

Shipt contracts you on a commission basis. At present, you will get $5 per order plus 7.5% of the total order amount. For example, for an order worth $100 will earn you $7.5 + $5 = $12.5. Depending upon the value of the items, your shopping can be completed in minutes or may take an hour. 

If an order is $100, you get:

  • $5 per order
  • $7.50 (7.5% x 100)

Then you keep 100% of your tips.

Many customers value the help you provide them and tip you generously. As with any other job, you must be smart and creative at your work. The possibility to earn a lot with Shipt is high. 

For example, I order from Target all the time. When an item is out, a Shipt shopper texts me for a replacement. Every time I get this extra touch, I tip more.

If an order is $200, you get:

  • $5 for the order.
  • $15 (7.5% x 200)

So you’re averaging around $22 per $100 orders. You’re averaging $40 per $200 orders.

How does Shipt work?

The basic business model of Shipt is very similar to other online shopping sites. 

  • Customers create an account and buy a subscription for their service.
  • Add items to the cart, make the payment, confirm the order. 
  • Your items will be delivered at a scheduled time.

Where does it differ from traditional shopping sites like Amazon?

Shipt doesn’t have any inventory of the products customers order (again, as Amazon does). Instead, they employ people like you, the Shipt Shoppers to purchase the products for the costumers from the local stores. This is what we are going to discuss in detail in this article. Tips and tricks to earn a lot with Shipt.

After enrolling with Shipt as a Shopper, the first thing you do is to mark your availability schedule. When you mark ‘Available’, it means you are ready to Shop the orders. And you have got some other work suddenly? No problem. Just mark ‘Unavailable’ in the app and no order will be assigned to you until you mark your availability again. 

You have zone flexibility as well and can choose to shop in a single zone or multiple zones. You can change it anytime. 

Pros of working with Shipt

  1. Create your own schedule.

    You can set your own timing to work with Shipt. Shipt gives you this freedom. This is very useful if you have a primary full-time job or other responsibilities that prevent you from working full-time.
  2. Get paid per order.

    Unlike some grocery delivery services, Shipt pays you on a per-order basis. On average, Shipt shoppers earn about $20 an hour.
  3. Tips are allowed.

    This is a sweet deal. The tips make up for the majority of the income for many shoppers. The more upfront & open communication you provide to customers, the more they tip you.
  4. Free Shipt membership.

    You are entitled to a free Shipt membership if you work for them. You can use it for yourself or for your family. 

Cons of Working with Shipt

  1. Pay for your phone and internet usage.

    Shipt doesn’t reimburse for your phone bill or internet usage bill. Sometimes you may exceed your data plan and incur higher charges than you normally do.
  2. Use your own car or bike.

    Driving your car or bike for a long time will reduce its resale value.
  3. Pay for your own gas.

    Again, Shipt won’t reimburse your gas bills. Add that in your expense sheet. You can mark it as a business deduction and get a rebate in tax.
  4. You don’t know what you are going to shop before you accept the order.

    Shipt doesn’t show you what items you are going to shop for your customers before you accept the order. That allows you not to pick and choose the higher priced items only while ignoring some of the smaller orders.
  5. You must shop alone.

    You can not take along any friends, family, or kids with you for shopping. That’s a company rule. 

Frequently Asked Questions on working with Shipt

Does it cost anything to join Shipt as a shopper?

No, it doesn’t cost you anything. There is no up-front cost.

What is the payment frequency?

You will be paid every Friday for the work completed the previous week. Payment is received via direct deposit. 

Can I take a long break and then come back again to work?

Yes, you can. As an independent contractor, you can have your own schedule. 

Can I choose my area?

Yes. You can choose the area you are willing to deliver. You will get orders only for your chosen area. 


Shipt provides you a great platform to work part-time or full time. How much you can earn with Shipt depends on your ability to shop & deliver. While the maximum you can earn is $22 per hour, the tips you earn has no limit. It purely depends on how helpful you are to the customers. 

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