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Clever Ways to Get Free Gift Cards Before Next Friday

Now that my 76-year old aunt has moved in, she has taught me how to turn simple everyday items into free gift cards. I never knew how much money you have lying around your house so I want to create a series on legit ways to get free gift cards.

And when I search Google trends, there are over 100,000 of you searching for ways to get free gift cards every single month.

Anytime you can save money becomes an opportunity cost to invest your money. For that reason, we have come up with six great ways in which you can earn them before next Friday. I’ll be creating a “free gift card” series each month as we test what’s working right now.

Take Surveys to Get Free Gift Cards

Taking surveys is the easiest way to get free gift cards.

Join Swagbucks for Free Gift Cards

Swagbucks is one of those tested and trialed websites that is KNOWN for giving gift cards. Just join Swagbucks, use their search engine or take their surveys for which they will reward points instantaneously. The points are converted to free gift cards that can be used for almost anything! 

Take Surveys on Survey Junkie:

Talking about surveys, here is an exclusive website dedicated to paying you for all the surveys you take so no time is wasted. Survey junkie is an easy-to-use platform with very clear-cut instructions. You will have surveys that have an estimated time of completion, and once you are done, they credit your account with points that can be converted into gift cards!

Inbox Dollars Pays Instant Gift Cards

Another survey website that can help you get instant gift cards just by spending a few hours online is InboxDollars.  Each survey might take from 3 to 25 minutes that pays from 0.50$ to 5 dollars each. Once you score $30, you can request them to pay you via PayPal or free gift cards! 

Pro Tip: Stop spamming people about inbox dollars.

Research Rewards Before ANY Purchases

This is a habit that you need to start immediately. Place a sign on your bathroom reminding yourself – if you purchase anything, you must research for coupons and rewards before you purchase it.

Print this sign out to remind yourself about getting cashback and gift cards.

For example, my tires were bald AF. I’ve been putting getting new tires off for a year now and then, one of them finally kicked the bucket. Tires are expensive. I researched holiday discounts, best sales and Discount Tire came through for me. They were having a huge sale NEXT weekend. The $1600 tires were on sale for $1200. I asked them to honor NEXT week’s sale. They did. They also gave me $75 off for upgrading to four tires. And a Visa Cash Gift Card of 10% if you buy two. 15% Visa Gift Card if you buy all four tires. I’m getting a full set for under $1,000. That’s a great deal.

Pro Tip: Check the warranty on every tire purchase. Do not purchase unless they have a 30,000 to 50,000 tire warranty.

Find Giveaways for Free Gift Cards

My sister keeps winning these “giveaway” contests by sharing local companies contests. I admit that her Facebook is a complete disaster because she’s sharing shit all day everyday, but she keeps winning.

Her family just got back from a free trip to Mexico, and last night brought her free Yeti cooler to the baseball game. She won the Yeti cooler in a giveaway.

The way it works is simple: companies put up contests for the holiday seasons or promotions. You follow the instructions in the giveaway like share and like or follow our page to be entered in the giveaway.

You can find these giveaways by searching hashtags like this:

  • #giftcard
  • #giveaway
  • #giftcards
  • #giftcardgiveaway
  • #amazongiftcard
  • #giftcardsavailable

These hashtags will automatically bring up the companies offering giveaways in your feed, and you simply have to follow their instructions to win the free gift card!

Good luck.

Use Your Receipts to Earn Free Gift Cards.

Receipts may be useless pieces of paper, but these ‘good for nothing’ can actually be very good for earning free points. Download the app FETCH REWARDS, share your receipts, which will be exchanged for gift cards that can be used at Amazon, Walmart, Chipotle, and many other popular retailers.

Pro Tip: Download your grocery store app and clip coupons from there. When you scan your card, your coupons are automatically applied during checkout.

Request Free Gift Cards

If someone wants to give you a pending present or you have any life event in the coming week in which you are expecting gifts, simply ask for gift cards from your friends and family.

Except you, Sydney. (my teenager)

The Free Gift Card Series

For the next few months, I want to do a complete blog series on how to get gift cards by this weekend. If you have strategies that work, post them below. If you’re interested in starting a side hustle, then click here for our side hustle blog series.

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