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Looking for a clever, cool design template for Instagram? I love this shortcut to build your brand and take advantage of Instagram’s platform. Here’s how you can easily create a brand look & support online artists at the same time.


Clever strategy to create a seamless Instagram brand design. Click the link in bio and follow The Official I Love Making Money Instagram… 💚

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Step 1: Search Etsy for Puzzle Instagram Templates

Before you search Etsy for your Puzzle Instagram template, it’s best to define your brand’s goals for Instagram? What are you wanting to accomplish using Instragram?

These are the questions you want to answer so you can match up the style with your audience…

  • I want to spread brand awareness.
  • I want to create a consistent recognizable look.
  • I want to grow my community.
  • I want to increase traffic to my blog.

Once you have these questions answered, go to and search for “Instagram Puzzle Template”. I have linked directly to the directory to speed things up.

You’re looking for your signature style that you’re going to use and follow throughout your Instagram, while matching that style with your community.

Step 2: Download & Open in Canva

After you purchase your template, you’ll receive a PDF file with instructions on how to open up your design. Click on the design that you want and the template will open up in Canva (as seen in the video).

If you don’t have an account with Canva, click here to create your free account. You’ll be able to upload any of your own images or select from their image database. Then, download the graphic as a JPG – highest quality.

Example of the Puzzle Graphic Template for Instagram's Story Brand
Puzzle Graphic Template for Instagram

Step 3: Split Image in 18 Different Images

Another free tool that I recommend is a free “split image” took from PineTools. Click here to visit this tool. This will allow you to upload the JPG that you just created with Canva and split it up.

  • Upload the Image
  • Click on Grid
  • Set the Vertical Quantity to 6
  • Set the Horizontal Quantity to 3
  • Press the SPLIT IMAGE green button to process.

Step 4: Upload to Instagram

The trick to getting the seamless design is to start at the bottom and upload to Instagram one by one. You’ll start at Row 6, Column 3.. then Row 6, Column 2… then Row 6, Column 1… and so on.

That will start filling in and pretty soon, you’ll have an Instagram that looks like this. And now, we have an official I Love Making Money Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram for Business

What free tool can be used to split images into equal sections?

We use a free tool from Pine Tools that allows you to split the images into equal squares. Here’s a direct link to the “split image” tool.

What’s the difference between a personal account and a business account on Instagram?

If you are a personality-based brand like a blogger or influencer, then you might feature both personal and business content on your account. Personal accounts allow you to link to multiple Facebook pages while business accounts only allow one. If you want to share a post from Instagram to Facebook, it has to be a biz account to a biz page. I recommend setting it up as a business account to take advantage of Facebook’s Creator Studio that allows you to create posts from within your browser.

Are Instagram Business accounts free?

Yes. Business profiles are a free feature for accounts that have switched to a business setup. When you switch to a free business account, you can select how you want your customers to get in touch with you: email, text, call, contact button or link.

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