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Are you looking for side hustle ideas or even a legit side hustle job? For anyone who feels they have an untapped gift inside of them that they want to bring to the world. For anyone who wants to add value to the lives of others but is struggling to find their authentic voice. If you're like me, has always cringed at words like “marketing,” “sales” or “promoting,” this side hustle series is for you.

Do me a favor and read this in its entirety to get the full picture, and then, re-read it with a full understanding of how it works.

Let me give you a quick way to make your side hustle appear highly polished, highly professional to the end user. It starts with branding you. Branding is the identity of a service that includes your name, your logo, the design and a combination that people use to identify what they're about to buy.

First, I want to help you lift the mental fog that you're in and start helping people by branding you and your service as the go-to professional.

Here's how.

Step 1: Go to

Canva is an absolute free resource for everything. I use them for Logos, Posters, Every Graphic on This Page, Flyers, Presentations, Business Cards, Infographics. In fact, I just made this graphic below in less than 2 minutes.

Graphics Example from Canva Generator

Click Here to Visit

For this post, let's use a real-life scenario to help you visualize how this works. Right now, there are 3,000 businesses within a 5 mile radius of where I live. And about 97% of them don't have a social media account.

You can find local businesses near you by searching Yelp, Angie's List, Thumbtack, Google and Yahoo.

That's where you can come in, start charging a monthly fee & you're in business. You are now a social media marketing specialist. You help businesses run their social media while advertising them on Facebook so they get a massive amount of traffic through their doors. These businesses desperately need your help in getting them noticed (and you're going to run their online marketing department from your laptop).

How to Earn Residual Income as a Social Media Manager

But how do you get noticed? How do you win over their business?

Let's create a brand for you and call it YOUR city Social Media Marketers. Keep it incredibly simple. Chicago Done-for-You Social Media Marketing. South Dallas Done-for-You Social Media Marketing. Cincinnati Done-for-You Social Media Marketing.

Let's now add an element of professionalism to your new brand, new business.

Step 2: Ready-to-Use Templates for Your Next Project

Check this out. When you click on Templates – you can search for over 50,000 free ready to use templates for your next project.

Click on Templates

Step 3: Create a Professional Infographic for Your Side Hustle

For this example, click on info-graphic or flyer. You'll fill in all the benefits your company offers. You want to concentrate on taking them from no customers to massive amount of customers within a short period of time while generating a massive return for them.

The business owner will have to view your info-graphic that says – if you spend money on me, you will get a 10x return through the front door. They have to see that they are investing in their business and not losing money.

Pick one of the ready-to-go info-graphics (here are a few examples):

Infographics for your business
Professional Templates for Your Business

Step 4: Print & Distribute to Kickstart Your Side Hustle

For the first year, this is gonna be the work to build your side hustle. Pick the highest paid professions in your area & distribute there. We're talking dentists, doctors, chiropractors, tire shops, car repairs, lawyers and every specialization under that. My car repair shop down the street operates out of a $5 million dollar corner lot and nets 6 figures every week.

They have the money to spend, but let me ask you. Do car repair shops know anything about Facebook advertising much less TikTok? Nope. They WANT your services, so give them what they want.

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Step 5: Setup Operation & Track Your Numbers

Here's the most important part of creating your side hustle. I don't just want to tell you get some professional flyers and pass them out. I want to help you visualize the big picture, the big operation of your entire business.

Passing out flyers is just the process of trying to get new clients. If you can do that through Facebook ads, then you're already demonstrating your skills. Most of these local businesses aren't browsing Facebook or Google to give you the opportunity to get in front of them.

During this first year, I want you to track your numbers. When you drop off the infographic for your new business, write it in a tracking journal. Drop off the first 100 printed-flyers and then, track response.

How many called you back? How many said yes?

These are the tracking numbers you will need to scale your business because if you can get 2 yes'es out of 100, then you know how much work you need to reach your goals.

If your goal is to get 20 new clients, then you'll need to drop off 1,000 flyers at local businesses.

You got your numbers? Let's move to the final step…

Step 6: Systematize Everything

Now that you have your side hustle up and running, it's time to scale and outsource. There's just three parts to creating your side hustle that take up the majority of your time.

  1. Getting New Clients
  2. Onboarding & Collecting Money
  3. Fulfilling New Clients

Getting New Clients

Once you have your “system” setup to gain new clients, then spend 80% of your time marketing your services by reaching out to local businesses all the time. You never want to get lazy with this step since getting new clients in your door will expand your business, grow your profits and offset any cancellations.

Onboarding & Collecting Money

Remember, this is all about professionalism. You need to dress the part & most important, onboard your clients. They are insecure & nervous. From the time they signup with you to the time you start marketing their business, you should have a process for making it squeaky clean simple where they understand what you're doing. Related: Resources for Small Businesses

Pro Tip: Newbies think that businesses will take over your job if they know what you're doing. That's a wrong thought to have. Business owners want to know what you're doing but they don't want to do what you're doing. They want you do to it for them. They want to see the results. It's a win-win.

How to Fulfill New Clients

Once you create a process for fulfillment, find people who can do the actual work. If there are repetitive tasks, get a virtual assistant. If there are advertising tasks, find an advertising specialist. I have spent over $8,200 on Fiverr alone working with over 20 marketing specialists who I admire greatly.

Spend 80% of your time trying to get new customers in the door and 20% of your time improving your new infrastructure. This step by step process for creating a side hustle works now and will work throughout the 2020's. Please bookmark this by dragging it to your toolbar to always come back to it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them below. If you have anything to add to this, leave a comment below.

Pro Tip: Check out the Facebook advertisers on Fiverr

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