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Easy Webinar – 50% Off Black Friday Promotion

Are you looking to setup webinars that play on autopilot while sending follow-up reminders? You need an evergreen webinar software! Why not use the webinar tools that allow you to setup a webinar, drip follow-up emails so you can spend your time marketing and driving traffic?

It shortcuts the process so you can spend your time marketing and connecting with your audience. In my business, I have used Webinar Jam, GoTo Webinar, Off the Shelf Webinar and Easy Webinar. Easy Webinar is one of my favorites because it’s easy to use and works as promised.

What is an Evergreen Webinar?

Webinar = Online Seminar. Evergreen Webinar is an online seminar that you record once and the software automates it so it presents live to anyone coming in weeks or months later.

It’s a great way to shortcut the presentation and follow-up process to increase conversions. I have used evergreen webinars to create passive income in my business because people can come and watch the presentation at anytime (even while you sleep) and purchase.

What can you use evergreen webinars for?

Evergreen Webinars aren’t just used for sales presentations. You can use them for onboarding employees, customer initiation, backoffice tours on top of leveraging workshops and masterclasses.

One of the best webinar softwares on the market is EasyWebinar. EasyWebinar is a marketing tool used by experts, authors, coaches and consultants mainly used to automate the presentations used within their business model.

I have used this software for the past 7 years, and I bought the lifetime access during a Black Friday promotion. If you’re looking for a promotion on Easy Webinar, then click here to view their Black Friday discount.

Easy Webinar Launches Black Friday Sale

This year’s offer is a huge savings off the pro plan. This offer is for 50% off our Pro Plan paid monthly ($129/mo x 12 months = $1548). This year Easy Webinar is offering an amazing 50% off* of EasyWebinar Pro + FREE access to our Elite Webinar Mastery course (which regularly sells for $2000).

Easy Webinar Features

  • No Delay Streaming
  • High Quality Picture
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Record & Archive
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Run HD Screensharing
  • Stream on MULTIPLE Social Media Platforms
  • Noise Reduction
  • Make Any Attendee a Presenter

With EasyWebinar, you can schedule one-time webinars, recurring and evergreen webinars. You’ll also get access to the important webinar stats like total visitors, total attendees, replay views and % of your webinar watched.

You’ll also be able to send offers in real-time or schedule the offer to appear at the right time throughout your presentation. AND Easy Webinar does all the follow-up emails notifications before and after the webinar.

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