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Fast Cash – Four Simple Steps to Make $1,000 Every Week as a Freelancer

How would you like to make an extra $1,000 weekly? It’s easier than you might think. Anyone over 13 can use this method successfully. Teens, High Schoolers, and College Students who want to earn fast cash can do it. It’s also perfect for stay-at-home moms & side hustlers who want to make an extra grand a week.

It’s called freelancing. Businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for online help, especially during the pandemic. Freelancing is a work from home opportunity where businesses hire you to complete tasks for them – like writing blog posts, programming sites and software, designing logos, voice-over work, etc. One of the fastest ways to get started is by creating gigs on one of the most popular freelancing sites, Fiverr, and start charging for your skills.

Here’s my three step plan for making a $1,000.

Step 1: Make a Profile on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular sites that connects business owners with freelancers. To succeed as a Fiverr freelancer, you want to make sure you display your face as your profile photo, display all of your skills, and write compelling offer descriptions that attract regular clients.

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How to Improve Your Fiverr Profile

Fiverr Profile Example with Profile Pic
Fiverr Profile Example
  • Use a profile picture to put a face to your name. Feel free to make it fun or as professional as you want. (I use an app called FaceTune to smooth out any blemishes. Shhhh.)
  • Make sure to add the skills you’re proficient in to showcase your expertise and qualifications. If you are a teenager, you can take skills test Fiverr provides and keep taking them to display them on your profile. That demonstrates your abilities to clients, which are more important than your age.
  • Fill out the professional website section while setting up your profile for additional credibility with Fiverr’s moderation teams.
  • Look at other 5-start Fiverr providers (with many completed gigs) to see how they’ve filled out their own profile and gigs. You can model your own after other successful freelancers.

Step 2: Create 5+ Gigs to Start

How do you turn your skills into cash? It’s simple.

First, think about all the skills you have right now. Do me a favor and grab a sheet of paper and list as many that you can think of right now. Write down everything you can think of, no matter how simple or easy it may seem to you.

Here are some tasks that I know I can do right now with absolute certainty:

  • Proofread
  • Create Powerpoints
  • Design Logos and Graphics
  • WordPress Installation
  • Copywriter
  • Write Blog Posts Like This One
  • Create PDF’s
  • Manage Company’s Social Media
  • Create Goofy TikToks
  • Edit Resumes
  • Write Emails
  • Create Speeches
  • Write Press Releases
  • Write Sales Copy
  • Help Write Grants
  • Do Voice Over Work
  • Create Intro’s for Podcasts
  • Upload Podcasts to Podcast Distribution
  • Create Graphics for Podcasts
  • Create Transcripts for Podcasts
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Tech Support
  • Support for Zoom Calls
  • Tech Support for Teleconferencing Calls

Next, you’ll want to choose one skill from your list. I’ve decided to select “writing blog posts” from my list. Let’s start there.

You’ll want to research similar gigs in Fiverr to see what services other freelancers are offering and what they’re charging. This will help you set up your gigs & get ideas for your sales copy. Look for the top providers of the service you want to provide – to see what’s working the best.

Now you will create 6 different gigs around the skill you’ve chosen. In my example, I chose writing blog posts. So I would create 6 different gigs for my writing services, paying special attention to my pricing and upsells to increase my profit per gig.

Upsells are the add-ons to your gig so you can maximize your profits on each gig. Check out current Fiverr freelancers to see how they use offer add-ons to increase their average gig price.

Common Upsells on Fiverr:

The goal of your Fiverr listing is to attract interest from clients who need your service. Your pricing is how you maximize your profit from each purchase. Fiverr allows you to break down your gig prices like this:

  • Basic Service
  • Standard Service
  • Premium Service

You can view an example of this by checking out this Fiverr gig.

With your basic service, you’ll start out with a “no pressure” easy-to-fulfill package for a quick turnaround. This should take no more than an hour to complete. For example, with my writing gig, it can include blog posts or listicles of no more than 400 words. Your basic package will be your cheapest service. Price this at what you want to charge for less than one hour’s worth of work. (say $20 to $30)

With your Standard Service, you’ll offer more while increasing the price. For my writing example, I would double the words of the article I’d write to the 700 – 800 word range while increasing the delivery time. I’d also double the price range – charging about $40 to $60.

With your Premium Service, you’re offering your best service at the highest price. For my own writing example, I’d triple the words of the article to the 1,200 word range while increasing the delivery time. I’d also triple the price I’m charging – around $80 to $100.

So for my own blog posting writing example, I’d have 3 levels of service and 3 different price points.

  • Basic Service: 400 Words ($20 to $30)
  • Standard Service: 800 Words ($40 to $60)
  • Premium Service: 1,200 Words ($80 to $100)

The Key to Making Bank on Fiverr

  • All communication regarding your business should be kept on Fiverr. The moment someone requests you move communication to email or Skype, you should move on from that person. They are probably trying to scam you. Also, you’re not protected by Fiverr’s terms of service if you do any business outside of Fiverr.
  • Be professional when communicating with your customers. Be polite and use courteous language. Send your clients or potential clients informative updates and messages of value to maintain a collaborative relationship.
  • The best way to get a good review is to be professional, responsive, and courteous. The more reviews, and the more 5-start reviews, the more business you’ll get.
  • Asking customers for positive ratings goes against Fiver terms.

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Easy Way to Create Graphics for Your Fiverr Gigs

As an example, take a look at the first 12 gigs under “writing blog posts”. Which ones get the most business and which ones stand out as more professional than the others?

You can see right below the title of each gig a star rating. Those are the number of past orders, and if you click on any gig it will show you the number of orders in the queue.

Fiverr Gig Examples for Writing
Fiverr Gig Examples

The gig design with the sales copy next to the writer’s face seems to stand out & get more orders. You can use Canva to create unlimited professional graphics for free.

Click here to setup your free Canva account.

Canva is a free graphic design platform that allows you to create professional graphics within minutes. Use this platform to create gig graphics.

Remember the gigs you found that were similar to the skills you have?

You can use those gigs for sales copy and graphic ideas. Once you’ve done your research and have a few ideas for graphics and copy, go to Canva to create your own. This small amount of research will help you craft graphics and sales copy that will help you succeed from day 1.

Step 3: Market Your Services Everywhere for Fast Cash

Once you’ve created a professional look for your Fiverr account, you can also copy this look & design for social media platforms to start advertising your services. This is called “branding” and you start positioning yourself as the go-to source for your particular skill from the start.

Inside Canva, just click on Create Design for (pick that social media platform) and they have ready to go templates for each platform.

Create your professional profiles on the different social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok) and start posting graphics that showcase your services & link directly to your gigs.

You can create one graphic and resize it for all the other platforms to get that same look & feel across every platform.

Now, it’s time to think OUTSIDE of the platform. You want maximum exposure for your new gig. You want to work, so let’s go out and get it.

Once you have your profile & gigs setup, you have to notify the world. Brand yourself as the go-to person for your service.

There are many ways to launch your business. One easy (and free) way is by submitting free press releases.

Free Press Release Submission List

Here’s how to start landing clients. It’s time to connect with reporters and tell your story so they can include you (and your expertise) in their articles.

To do this, you’ll create and submit press releases. You can create a simple write-up of each service you provide and PR sites will distribute your release for free. I like to do a combination of press releases to your actual gigs and then, post shoutouts to those published press releases on your social media.

Here’s a list of places to submit your press releases:

  1. Online PR News – Free submissions to this site are left online for about three months. Paid submissions have additional benefits and longer live times.
  2. PR Log – Free submissions include distribution, allow links, and can be tagged with industry and location tags.
  3. NPR – National Public Radio always accepts submissions of newsworthy content, though global news will always take center stage.
  4. PR – Free submission works, but is driven down under submissions from paid members.
  5. PR Inside – A very bare-bones site that nonetheless gets some exposure.
  6. 1888 Press Release – Free press release submission is very limited, with no proactive advertisement.
  7. 24-7 Press Release – Free submission gets your release sent to journalists registered to their media desk.
  8. Free-Press-Release – Free submission gets some basic benefits with this site.
  9. Market Press Release – Free submissions are limited to one per day.
  10. OnlyWire – Not technically press releases, this submits your content to various social networks. Free accounts limit social profiles.
  11. PR Urgent – Submissions to this site have been known to reach Google News. They have several content restrictions and do not allow images in their press releases.
  12. OpenPR – Free submissions are only reviewed during business hours. This site also has a German version.
  13. PR9 – This site coves a variety of topics but doesn’t have much competition.
  14. Pressbox – A press release dump focused on UK submissions but open to global releases.
  15. Press Exposure – This site may or may not still be active; someone try it out and let me know in the comments.
  16. UK PR Wire – This UK-focused press release site only has free submission for registered charities and charitable causes.
  17. BusinessWire – A business-focused news site that accepts press releases, though you need to apply for membership to submit.
  18. MediaPost – A media-focused site that accepts press releases.
  19. TMCNet – A tech-focused site that accepts press releases, and also covers some topics other sites don’t, like cryptocurrencies.
  20. PR Sync – This site has a Spanish-language option in addition to English.
  21. Free PR Now – A very simple press release aggregator that posts all releases on their homepage.
  22. BriefingWire – Not quite free, but a fee of $3 is virtually nothing.
  23. Press Release Ping – Another basic press release submission site.
  24. ClickPress – A site where you can submit both news and press releases.
  25. Free Press Release Center – A simple press release site that is noteworthy in that it generated PDF releases as well as blog post releases.
  26. Press Release Post – A slightly hard to read site that offers free press release circulation.
  27. PR Fire – Another UK-focused press release site with a wide variety of categories.
  28. The Open Press – A pretty bland press release site with geographic tagging.
  29. Press Release Point – A press release site that itself has lists of press release sites on it.

Source: Guest Post

How to Scale Your Fiverr Business

Once you have confidence and you’re ready to scale your business, it’s time to land HUGE press for your business.

It’s time to land stories about YOU. Reporters are looking for people who are making money, succeeding online with a side hustle like this. To find those reporters:

  • First, go to You ARE the source.
  • Second, they will email their pitches 3x per day.
  • Third, keep your eyes open for pitches that fit your story.
  • Fourth, open up a dialogue with these reporters.
  • Fifth, THEY write about you and publish.

Fiverr Tips to Make More Money

Tips to Make More Money

There’s also a hidden link in your Fiverr account that lets you make more money.

After you login, you’ll see a link that says “More.” Under that label, click on “Scale Your Business.”

There are three sections to Scale Your Business.

The first section allows you to create any custom offer. Let’s say that someone asks you if you can write an “about us” page for their blog, but you didn’t offer that in your list of services. THIS section allows you to create the custom offer & set the new price. It will generate the custom order link to send to your client.

Let’s say you agree to a $100 price point to write this about page. Give that custom order link to your client & voila’ – new gig order & $100 coming your way when you complete the order.

The second section allows you to embed your profile on your website.

And the third section allows you to share your profile to your social media accounts.

Once you get your gigs setup, I definitely want to review & help you grow your side hustle income.

Drop those links here. I wanna showcase you & help spread the word.

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