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Looking for freelance writing jobs? Looking for sites that pay freelance writers? Now that COVID has forced employees to work from home, another high-demand niche is WRITING from home. When I researched how to hire writers for I Love Making Money, I found these sites pay beginners on average $50 to $125 per article. I also found out that as you establish your writing portfolio, your pay will increase with your demand. Some of these sites now pay up to $900 per article for experienced writers.

The demand for writers is the highest it’s ever been as sites compete for content that gets ranked in Google. If you’re looking for “how to make money as a freelance writer” then click here to check out my tutorial.

Here are the top sites that pay writers for their work.

The Penny Hoarder – High Paying Freelance Writing Job for Experienced Writers

Pay Range: $200 to $750 Per Article
Topics: Unique Job Ideas, Traveling, Smart Money Guides

The Penny Hoarder is one of the biggest financial “fun” sites that pay established writers $500 to $750 per article. Beginning writers will start in the $50 to $100 range. I spoke to several writers who work for The Penny Hoarder and they have confirmed that they make $700+ range per article.

WestJet Magazine

Pay Range: $50 to $125 per article.
Niche: Travel Industry

WestJet has been named among one of the top sites that pay writers well. Both the digital and print version focus on articles related to international travel and pay between $50 and $125 per article. Salaries for full and part time staff contributors start around $51,000.

Editor Jill Foran has been working with WestJet Magazine since 2012. I found this great interview on what she looks for when hiring writers, and what content she’s looking for.

Doctor of Credit

Pay Range: $50 or Promotional Links
Topic: Consumer Credit Law

Finance websites are growing in popularity. Writers who have a finesse for economic writing get paid to write from these sites. Doctor of Credit offers $50 per article for writers to pitch to a specific genre in personal finance. Current events, such as interest rate predictions, and mortgage rates are often published.

There are two possible scenarios here. Submit articles and drive traffic / boost SEO link juice by including a link to your site. You can also get paid a flat fee of $50. You could also become a regular writer on the site with access to your own WordPress dashboard to regularly produce content and get paid $50 per article.

The Sportster

Pay Range: Base Amount PLUS Royalties Per View
Topics: Interesting Facts About High Profile Athletes & Sporting Events

Sports publishers are among best sites looking for writers with specific industry experience. The Sportster offers contributors a byline and pays royalties per view in addition to a modest base amount per article. Per view pays being at .75 and increase to over $1 and are paid biweekly.

Pay Range: $300 to $350
Topics: Free Software Community

This website pays knowledgeable writers with a clear understanding of Linux and free software development setups. Due to the technical nature of the articles, pays between $300-$350 per submission. The site is user and reader supported, with an overall goal to support the community and provide useable information.

Income Diary

Pay Range: $200 for Worthy Articles, Up to $500 for Pillar Posts
Topics: Digital Marketing

If you’re an expert at creating websites, driving traffic, SEO, social media and making money online, then Income Diary will pay you to write for them. They pay $200 to $500 per pillar post and up to $200 for worthy articles.

Freelance Writing Job: Yes, you this freelance writing job can be done remotely or from home. They don’t accept articles from beginners.

What to Write About on Income Diary

These are the most popular articles that get the most traffic:

  • Creating great content
  • Interviews with experts
  • Buying/Selling websites
  • Driving traffic to websites
  • Search engine optimization
  • Creating awesome websites
  • Blog design features and functionality
  • Creating information & digital products
  • Making money from websites, blogs & forums
  • Affiliate marketing and selling things through websites as an affiliate
  • Entrepreneurship and Success Mindset


Pay Range: $100
Topic: Top Ten Lists

Listverse pays an average of $100 per list style article. These lists, usually of top ten variety, cover a wide variety of topics. Writers who enjoy unusual, interesting, and even fun research will enjoy writing for Listverse.

Great Escape Publishing

Pay Range: $150
Topics: Travel Writing, Photography and Import/Export Business

Great Escape Publishing pays $150 for interviews, personal stories and any articles for their website with specific income advice readers can print and follow to earn more income.

Transitions Abroad

Pay Range: $150
Topics: Working, Living, Studying and Volunteering Abroad

Writers who cater to travel and leisure can earn about $150 per article writing for Transitions Abroad. This online publication caters to a variety of locales that specialize in travel opportunities for young adults, specifically college students. Articles include sightseeing tours, hostel information, and volunteer opportunities for those considering studying abroad.

Motor Home – High Paying Freelance Writing Job

Pay Range: $400 to $900 per article
Topic: Motor Home Niche

The Motor Home website is one of the top paying websites, topping out at over $500 per article depending on content and length. Submissions should focus on technical aspects such as maintenance and repair or lifestyle articles that feature specific destinations and logistical data.

They pay $500 to $700 for major travel articles. $400 to $500 for getaway articles. $100 per crossroads article. $400 to $500 for a personality article. $500 to $900 for a technical article and $400 to $600 for a DIY article.


Pay Range: $294 per article
Topics: Destination Features, Trip Planner Features, Dispatches

A UK based website publication, Wanderlust pays between $250 and $295 per article. The average submission length is about 1,000 words, and topics vary based on current audience demand. This is not a typical travel magazine in that they do not generally accept narrative features. Articles should be completely unique in nature, but may include lists or relevant demographic data.

Freelance Writing Job: This is a remote freelance writing job. They also have a “fact page” section of their magazine that pays up to $120 per printed page (around 750 words). – Remote Freelance Writing Job for Tutorials

Pay Range: $250 to $500 per tutorial
Topics: Self-Learning Tutorials

Like many other online learning websites, features courses on a number of different topics. IT related submissions are the most in demand, and pay between $250 and $500 depending on the nature and length of content. Articles must be professionally written and relevant to educational and instructional topics.

Topics to Write About at Tutorials Point

 We are specifically looking for people having sufficient domain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Information Technology
  • Software Quality management
  • Java technologies
  • Mainframe technologies
  • Web development technologies
  • Project Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Big Data
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Business Intelligence
  • SAP Modules
  • Open Sources
  • Soft Skills
  • Academic Subjects from Engineering and Management Syllabus
  • Any other subject where you can write great content….

Tuts+ – Freelance Writing Jobs for Web Developers

Pay Range: $50 to $250
Topics: Coding, Web Development, Apps, Games, Web Design

Do you like writing about educating others about a topic within the web development / gaming world? This is the best site for this niche. Once you’re a regular on Tuts Plus, some regulars report earning $700 for tutorials (several times per month).

If you have experience or are well-known in this industry, you can negotiate your pay rate. They also pay $100 for a quick tip tutorial and $250 for a regular tutorial.

One Story

Pay Range: $500 plus 25 contributors copies for FSNA rights.
Rights: All rights will revert to the author following publication.

The One-Story website is a community dedicated to bringing the works of amateur authors to potential publishers. The site loosely focuses on teen stories and coming of age genres.

Freelance Writing Job: In addition to payment of $500 per story, the site reserves 25 contributors copies. All rights to the original works are reverted back to the author after the time of publication.

Submission Periods: January 15th – May 31st | September 8th – November 14th

Horse Network

Pay Range: $50 per article
Bonus: $100 when it gets shared 1,000 times.
Word Count: 500 to 750 Words
Topics: Horses

Equestrian centers and sporting events are an international hobby with a huge following. The Horse Network features an online publication that features everything from humorous stories to upcoming events. Authors are paid a base rate of $50 per article, as well as $100 bonus when your post gets 1,000 shares.

What Types of Freelance Topics to Write About:

  • News: Current events and breaking news in the world of horses.
  • Sports: Athlete profiles, in-depth interviews, and trending issues in equestrian sport.
  • Health: News, stories, tips, opinions and techniques from the experts.
  • Lifestyle: Fashion, trends, home decor and more for the equestrian enthusiast.
  • Laugh: Humor posts, parodies, and general ridiculousness.
  • Learn: Training tips, advice and experiences from the field.
  • Opinion: Personal views on current and controversial issues in the equestrian world.
  • Western: Horsemanship, reining, barrels, cowboy culture and all things western.

Theme Park Tourist

Pay Range: $50 Per Article
Word Count: 750 to 1,000 Words
Bonuses: $10 to $20 Per Article (high-traffic)

One of the easiest ways to get paid to write from these sites is to choose content that arises in daily life. Theme Park Tourist features reviews and advise for visiting popular theme parks. Contributors are paid a base price of around $50 for articles of 1,000 words or less. Bonuses for exceptional work or a high number of views are also available.

Writing Criteria for Theme Park Tourist

  1. It must be informative (the reader should learn something new).
  2. Must be entertaining (it doesn’t need to be laugh-out-loud funny, but theme parks are in the entertainment business, and so are we).
  3. It must be unique (a simple rule is that if you’ve already seen an article with a similar title on another website, we’re not interested. The article can be on a familiar topic, but it needs to be approached from a new angle).
  4. It must have a compelling title that clearly gets across what it is about and tempts theme park fans to read it (this is absolutely vital when sharing content on Facebook and other social media sites).

Fireside Fiction

Pay Rate: 12.5 cents per word
Topics: LGBTQIA, POC, Disability, Minorities

Amateur fiction writers who love to create interesting short stories can submit their original pieces for consideration to Fireside Fiction. Well developed short stories can be from a number of different genres, but must have an attention grabbing opening and a storyline worth following.

Cricket Media

Pay Range: 25 cents per word, $75 per recipe, $3 per line poems
Freelance Topics: Children’s Magazines

Cricket Media is a unique niche site that offers high quality content and illustrations oriented on early childhood education. Authors who can provide informative and engaging articles and other web content are invited to submit sample headlines and a brief summary. Original and high quality stock images will be considered. Article lengths vary, and the average pay rate is .25 per word.

Cricket Media comes up on our highest paying sites for writers, but they have one of the longest response times at 3 to 6 months. We’ll include it on this list for now.

Clarkes World

Pay Range: 10 cents per word
Freelance Topics: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Any potential authors with a flair for fantasy writing will definitely want to consider Clarkes World. This is one of the best sites looking for writers who are serious about developing their craft.

Freelance Writing Job: Everything from personal interviews from the world of other fantasy writers to Science Fiction short stories. The rate of pay starts at .10 per word and submissions range from 1,000 word articles to 22,000 word short stories.

Disclaimer: This site claims first print rights and first world electronic rights. You can find what “first rights” mean for your work here.

International Living

Pay Range: $100
Freelance Topics: Retirement Planning, Savings

Another travel website, International Living caters to a unique audience base. Authors should be intimately knowledgeable about specific areas they chose to write about. The site features articles and daily postcard style text that reveal information about cost of living and other factors relevant to retirement living abroad.


Pay Range: $50 per article
Word Count: 1,000
Freelance Topics: SEO, Digital Marketing and Small Business

A financial advice website with a conscience, RankPay offers readers life hacks for their web traffic. Authors earn $50 per submission that features original content and minimum word count. Publications should offer useful tips and efficiencies for expert SEO on a local and global level. The goal is to drive traffic and create relevant social media posts for a variety of customers across multiple industries.

Lady Qs

Pay Range: $50 per article
Topics: Short Stories between 1,000 and 10,000 words.

Writers from all demographic and gender backgrounds are encouraged to submit articles for consideration. A reputable site for issues concerning women, they are not limited to specific topics. Fiction and nonfiction pieces will be considered. Content ranges from question and answer style narrative to fun and whimsical fiction pieces. Standard rate per article is $50, but can vary based on content length.

Profit F

Pay Range: $10 to $50 per article
Topics: Forex, Trading and Technical Analysis

Freelance Writing Job: investment savvy writers can get paid to write for Profit F. This website publishes factual articles based on Forex and binary trading options. Writers earn between $10 and $50 per submission, based on length and topic. Articles must be relevant, fact based, and timely according to current market conditions.

What Topics to Write for Profit F

We are interested in articles covering the following areas:

  • Forex / Binary Options articles
  • Education Articles
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Review of Brokers/Programms for trading
  • Trading Psychology
  • Money Management

Do you have a recommendation for this list? Leave a comment and we’ll add it. If you have experience writing for any of these sites and magazines, let us know your experience. And if you know anyone talking about making money as a writer, then share this list with them.

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