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Are you looking for Gary Vee Quotes? Some of these, Gary Vee knocks out of the park. Listen and comment below your favorite ones. These are some of my all-time favorite quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk.


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1. Stop buying dumb shit. Stop worrying about other’s people’s opinion.

Avoid spending money on things that are not going to propel you forward. Getting money is not easy and that’s why it should only be spent on things that matter. Stop buying things based on impulse.

2. Don’t mind about what other people are saying or thinking about you.

Many young people get stressed and depressed because of the things other people say about them. Stop worrying and comparing yourself with others because comparison only steals away your joy.

3. Stay patient.

Patience is a virtue. Great things in life come only to those who wait. Stop comparing yourself with others and only focus on your goals. You will achieve a lot if you remain patient in life.

4. Be nice and kind to everyone.

Learn to be kind to other people. There is a special kind of inner peace that you get by being kind to others. Find a way of helping those who are underprivileged.

5. Perfection is the Disguise of Insecurity.

No one is born perfect. We all start learning from the day we are born until the day we die. Don’t let perfectionism stop you from conquering your goals. As long as you know you WILL make mistakes and those mistakes will continue helping you grow and learn.

6. If you’re scared of other people’s opinion. Fuck up on purpose. Let everyone think you suck and then, it’s all upside from there.

Classic Gary Vee quote. If you’re afraid of other people’s opinions, then let everyone think you suck, take a break to work on your grind and then, everything you do from that point forward is all upside.

7. The only thing that is holding you back is you’re worried about what other people have to say.

Stop wasting your precious time thinking about what someone said about you. Don’t sacrifice your ambitions just because of what other people might say or think about you. If you died tomorrow and someone said, “Did you accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams?”

And you said – “No. Because you thought you were too ugly or didn’t have that look to start something.” You would probably think that was a dumb excuse. Don’t die afraid of other people’s opinions.

8. You are consistently making yourself unhappy by consistently having expectations.

9. A college degree besides anywhere other than a top 10 schools has a negative ROI.

10. Get internships from people you want to be like.

An internship is a great way to put what you learned in college into a real-life experience. You can get an internship or you can start learning online. For example, I want to learn how to trade stocks and learn how to trade options so I can take these online courses to learn how.

11. Spend three months in Europe or any part of the world

Expand your horizon by touring different countries in the world. You will be amazed by what you will discover and you’ll come out more with more culture and a more understanding of people.

12. The fact that people think that by 18 you have to have your shit figured out is f’n ridiculous.

Start freelancing. Start a side hustle. Grind now and you’ll be 25, owning a million dollar business while the people who judged you will STILL judge you.

13. When you’re trying to figure out what to transition to, work for free.

Most young people have high expectations of getting employed right after college. But the reality on the ground is always different. Instead of idling and wasting time, find a place where you can volunteer as you are looking for something better.

14. Look at everything you’re interested in and start doing something around that.

Try to find out things you love doing and start concentrating on them. There’s nothing good as doing what you love.

15. If your parents are making you become an engineer because it makes them look good, they’re bad.

Your parents may appear to loving and caring by trying to influence you to take a certain direction in terms of career. Another quote by Gary Vee where he is a champion for YOU following YOUR dreams and not your parents.

Although they may have the right intentions as your parents, you need to make career choices based on your personal interests.

16. If you are mad at your parents, but you’re taking the cash, then you’re bad.

You can’t demand money from your parents and yet you don’t agree with their decisions.

17. You are unhappy because you’re spending too much time with unhappy people.

If you find yourself unhappy most of the time, check around and see who you spend most of your time with. Jim Rohn once said you were the product of the five people you hang out with. Click here for a great article about why the five people around you are crucial to your success.

Which Gary Vaynerchuk quote is your favorite? Leave a comment and share this with your friends…

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