The IRS will be distributing stimulus checks based on 2019 taxes, and if you haven’t filed them yet – based on 2018 taxes. Keep in mind – you can still file these taxes electronically so you can claim your stimulus check. The IRS will automatically mail your stimulus checks for everyone who filed their taxes. That means no paperwork, no claim forms to fill out. Everything is automatically mailed for you.

How Much Are Stimulus Checks

Individuals earning under $75,000 get $1,200 each. Couples earning under $150,000 get $2,400. You also get $500 per child. These are one-time payment and will barely feed a family of four for a few weeks. Let’s be honest.

Quick File for Your Taxes

If you haven’t filed taxes in the last two years, then the IRS has setup a special website for you to quickly file your taxes online. The IRS has two paths for free filing. One path if you make under $69,000 and another for those making above $69,000. Click the link below for options and forms for filing your taxes.

Click Here to File Your Federal Taxes for Free

What if You Moved Since Filing?

Change of Address Forms

If you have moved to a new address since filing your 2018 or 2019 taxes, then you need to submit a change of address right away so your stimulus check arrives at the right address. Click the link below to access the change of address form:

Recommended: Click Here for Change of Address Forms for the IRS

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How to Get Your Stimulus Check

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How to Get Your Stimulus Check Due to Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic from the IRS

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  1. I’m not sure $1200 is going to go that far in certain cities. I’m worried about how people will pay for rent and food during month #2.

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