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Tutorial On How To Install WordPress using Bluehost

Did you know that WordPress powers 35% of the internet, including large sites like Yahoo & CNN? In this blog post, I'm going to answer the question, “How to Install WordPress Using Bluehost.”

Note: This installation guide is for Installing a site using & not

Before getting started with the installation, there are a few things we need to discuss.

  • How to Get a Free Domain Name
  • Bluehost Hosting Company
  • Installing WordPress

Step 1. Getting A Domain Name

Every website requires a Uniform Resource Locator AKA URL. Our URL is

One of the rules that I use when choosing a domain name is the radio rule. If you're ever on the radio and they give you 15 seconds to shoutout your website, will people remember it and know how to spell it when they type it in. I Love Making Money (dot com) is easy to remember and easy to spell

Domain names usually costs $10 to $20 per year. I'm going to show you how to get a free domain name when we install WordPress.

How to Get a Free Domain Name

When we install WordPress, our hosting company allows us to register one domain name for free for the first year.


Bluehost Promo Code

Bluehost is among the largest reputable hosting companies in the world.

They have specialized in WordPress hosting and offer free domain names for one year.

The pricing starts at $2.75 with a top-level domain name included in your hosting package.

You can also choose to purchase a domain name at $11.99 per year independently.

Pros Of Using Bluehost

  • Free domain name when purchasing a hosting package
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons Of Using Bluehost

  • No free domain migrations

Step 2. Choosing A Hosting Provider

The most crucial part while taking your website online is identifying where you'll be hosting it. There are tons of hosting providers available and offering cheap packages with one-click WordPress installation.

You can check out the best hosting company ranked by speed, uptime & customer support in our previous detailed review.

To summarize the top hosting companies, here are some of the best reputable hosting providers;

  • Bluehost – Recommended for New Bloggers
  • WPX – Fastest WordPress Hosting
  • Kinsta – Best Tracking Interface
  • Siteground – Easiest Interface & Best Support

Are you ready to install WordPress and start a blog using Bluehost? Let's get started…

Step 1: Pick a Hosting Plan from Bluehost

Choose A Hosting Plan

When you're just starting out, we recommend starting with the basic plan at $2.95 per month and as your blog grows, upgrading to the prime (same price).

Select a Bluehost Hosting Plan

You'll be able to save a lot of money if you're able to pay a year's in advance. $2.95 x 12 = $35.40.

Step 2: Register a Domain Name

Choose A Domain Name

If you've already purchased a domain name with another provider, then don't create a new one from Bluehost. Instead, select the option from your sign up page “use a domain you own.”

Enter your domain name in the provided space or skip the step and create the domain later on.

Enter a new domain or select I have a domain name in the bluehost sign up now box.

Step 3: Setup Your Bluehost Account

Create Your Account

Enter your details on the next page and untick any add-ons you are not interested in or plan to use. Also, notice the hosting price. You'll be able to save more money if you select the 3-years in advance.

Save money on your bluehost package by paying 3 years in advance.

After double-checking everything is in order, create your Bluehost account by keying in your credit card to begin the setup.

Create your password on the next screen and log in to your Bluehost account for the first time.

Step 3B: Connect Your Domain Name

If you registered a new domain with Bluehost, you can skip this step. These settings are already in place if you register a domain name with Bluehost.

If you are using an existing domain name, let's connect it to your Bluehost. At the top left of your Bluehost account, click on ‘domains' then click on the ‘nameservers' tab.

Connect your domain to Bluehost.

Login to your domain registrar and point the nameservers to the ones provided by Bluehost.

The default Bluehost Nameservers are; 


Once you find your nameservers, enter the two provided in the appropriate fields and save your options. (see graphic for example)

Set your bluehost nameservers to connect your domain name.

Domain name propagation takes up to 24 hours; therefore, no need to panic if it doesn't work right away.

Step 4: Install WordPress

With one click installation offered by Bluehost, you can install WordPress and take your site to live in a matter of minutes.

Automatic WordPress Installation

Navigate and locate ‘Install WordPress' under the website section in your dashboard.

Install WordPress with one-click under your Bluehost dashboard as seen in pic.

In the next step, enter the domain name you'll be using with your WordPress installation.

Select your domain name to connect your domain to your wordpress.

Enter your site nameemail address and password.

Your installation progress will appear at the top right of your dashboard, which typically takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. 

To begin using your WordPress site, log in to the dashboard, and start customizing it by using free or purchasing premium themes to make it look appealing to the reader.

Common WordPress Installation Problems

Error MessageCommon CauseCommon Solution
404: Page Not FoundIncorrect Login URLCheck if login URL is same as installation URL
403: Forbidden AccessIndex.html exists in the installation directoryFind the file in your installation folder & remove it
500: Internal Server ErrorIncorrect PHP files permissionsSet the files permission (chmod) to 666 or 644
Error connecting to databaseIncorrect database name, password or hostCheck MySQL for the correct information
Header error messagesSyntax error in wp-config.php fileCheck the file with text editor. The first line starts with <?php & the last line contains ?>

In conclusion, WordPress installation is easy and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It's one of the easiest & most fun platforms for building websites out there.

Make sure you carefully follow this guide and bookmark this page as to stay you on other ways of installing WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Installing WordPress

How do I Install WordPress?

You can install WordPress using a one-click auto-installer that's provided by many hosting providers or by using FTP clients such as FileZilla.

How do I manually install WordPress on hosting?

To manually install WordPress, download the latest version of WordPress.
Unzip the downloaded files to your computer
Log in to your web hosts Cpanel and get your FTP/sFTP details.
Connect to your server using an FTP client such as FileZilla.
Upload the files to the root directory of your server
Create a MySQL Database and user
Configure wp-config and complete the installation
Login to your WordPress site

What is the Latest version of WordPress?

The latest version of WordPress is 5.4.2

Is WordPress free to use?

As a software, WordPress is free to use but to host your site on the internet, you are required to purchase a hosting package

Does WordPress own your content?

No. You own the content on your WordPress site

Will updating WordPress affect my site

It's recommended to update the version of WordPress we use as it contains improved security features.
Updating your WordPress site does not affect the content of your website.

If you know anyone interested in learning how to install WordPress, please share this page with them.

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