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How to Manually Install WordPress

Manual WordPress Installation

If you haven’t seen our tutorial on how to install WordPress with one-click PLUS get a free domain name, then click here.

If you need to manually install WordPress, let’s get started.

First, download the updated version of WordPress from here and unzip the package from your desktop using WinRAR or any other similar software.

The Zipped folder contains all the necessary files required to upload to your server.

Unzip the WP Files

Login to your Bluehost account and take note of your FTP login details then connect to the server using an FTP client such as FileZilla.

Once logged in, upload your downloaded WordPress files to the root of your Bluehost server.

Download and Upload the WordPress Files.

The root directory, in most cases, is found at, /public_html/.

You now need to create a Mysql database where data such as posts will be stored.

Click on the ‘MySQL Databases’ under the ‘Databases’ category in your Bluehost dashboard, type a name, and then click on create.

Create a wordpress database.

After creating a database, create a user by filling in your username and password and add the user to the database you just created.

Open your website’s URL using any browser and choose your desired language, as shown below.

Set a language.

You’ll get a message like the one shown below but no need to panic. There’s nothing broken on the site.

Create a config file.

Click on ‘Create a Configuration File’ and click on the ‘Let’s Go’ button below the page.

Press the Let's Go button to setup your config files.

Fill in the required information as per the database you created earlier on and then click the submit button.

Name Your WordPress Database Tables

Once WordPress confirms the data entered is correct, click on ‘Run the Installation’ To finish the installation process.

Click the Run the Installation to Install WordPress

On the next screen, you’ll provide your WordPress details such as Site title and username.

Create a Strong Password

Fill in the details and once complete, WordPress will inform you that you can now log in to your WordPress site.

Login to your WordPress Dashboard

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