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How to Start a Profitable Blog – Step by Step Guide

I Love Making Money Staff & writers

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Are you ready to start a profitable blog?

I first broke down the how to start a blog video tutorial back in 2005 (almost 14 years ago). Over the years, as Google algorithms change over time where speed, backlinks and loading times impact search engine rankings, HOSTING makes a huge impact on your blog’s speed and loading times. And quality backlinks are still crucial today as they were in 2005.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Make money online is easier than ever because you can get up and running in ten minutes or so regardless of age or experience. While we head into the 2020’s, it’s time to create that passive income you need while blogging can do two things:

  1. Allows you to grow your brand while connecting with your audience.
  2. Allows you to position yourself as someone passionate about your topic.

Just having an interest in a topic & showing/sharing that passion will connect you to your audience through your blog. That will become your purpose sharing what you know with the world.

Now that we’re stuck at home – this would be a long-term strategy for creating a passive income but once you have it setup and running, then you can really spend four hours a week updating and advertising your blog.

The more hours you put into your blog doesn’t equal more money. You need to pick ONE topic, start monetizing it through affiliate marketing, Adsense and even your own line of products.

Pro Tip: Pick a traffic strategy like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube (or all of them) and then, drive traffic to your website or online store.

What Hosting Company is Best for Blogging

I wanted to update this tutorial to walk you through how to start an affiliate blog (where you can easily start for less than $20 and get started right now). My goal is even if you have zero technical ability and zero experience to get your blog up and running in the next ten minutes or so.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Siteground and will receive a commission if you signup through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you.

Click here for our How to Make Money Blogging, then use the step by step tutorial below for easy directions.

If you’re looking to start a blog on a budget, then starting with Siteground is the answer because they are built specifically for WordPress & most if not all of the experts agree that Siteground is the best for loading time, ease of use and speed.

Should I Use WordPress for my Blog?

Blogging with WordPress and creating side hustle income with WordPress membership sites has been one of the best things ever for quitting my teaching job. I’ve had six-figure months and 7-figure years (not to mention over $10,000,000 in revenue) by using WordPress and it begins with this how to start a blog tutorial.

I have been able to buy a home, work from home and pay off my home, and more importantly, I get to have a flexible schedule. (which I needed it during my injury rehabilitation) Blogging for Affiliate Marketing has allowed me to improve my life dramatically.

Since I published how to start a blog back in 2005, blogging has gone viral & millions of people around the world are now making a full-time income. You may worry about the start-up costs, but for under $5 you can easily get started. I definitely recommend paying for hosting and being in full control of your blog and you’ll be able to cover the monthly $5 with affiliate marketing.

Siteground is built for WordPress, and I made the switch from Hostgator to Bluehost to GoDaddy to Private Server to Siteground. I can honestly say 100% without a doubt that Siteground is my all-time favorite and you can start an affiliate blog for as low as $3.95

The reason why I stress so much about paying for hosting is because THIS will allow you to branch out and treat blogging as a business – a real business. You’ll be able to use my training to get your content out there fast, get it ranked for the search engines and grab the traffic coming just from the search engines alone. You can run any of your ads, affiliate links and promotions and direct advertising straight from your WordPress blog hosted by Siteground. Making money on the free platforms is very difficult & I only recommend using the free platforms to advertise your main blog hosted with Siteground.

Top 7 Reasons to Use Siteground for Your WordPress Host

Here are my top 7 reasons why you should choose Siteground for your website hosting.

  1. Siteground is the easiest platform I have ever seen. It really is click a button, see the results happening in real time and you’re up and running.
  2. If you ever run into problems, their support is open 24/7 and are WordPress experts. They can spot the problem and fix it for you or direct you to the fast solution.
  3. They offer free SSL through their hosting cpanel (which is click a button and ssl is installed)
  4. Siteground is extremely affordable and they offer cheaper hosting to get started with your blog. You can have a blog of your own and since WordPress itself is free, you can start your blog for under $4. That’s incredible.
  5. Siteground is built specifically for WordPress so they know how to speed up WordPress sites through their SG Cache plugin that is built-in to their servers.
  6. If you have any problems or issues with Siteground or need help, leave a comment below and I can jump in to help you out.
  7. Positiioning – you will have your own self-hosted blog and you can position yourself and come across more professional to readers, companies who will want to do business with you.

Okay. First, you will want to head over to Siteground and if you’re interested in learning how to start an affiliate blog using WordPress, continue to my WordPress tutorial below. Remember, if you signup for Siteground and you are confused for any reason, leave a comment below or reply to any email that I have sent and I can help you get started with WordPress hosting. That’s what I’m here for and have been doing for the last 15+ years.

Click here to get started with Siteground.

Pick a WordPress Plan on Siteground

Start web hosting with siteground - plans to pick

When you click on the graphic, click Reliable Website Hosting to see the WordPress plans. The startup plan is all you need & as your site grows, Siteground will let you know when to upgrade to the next plan.

The setup is very clickthrough simple. Let’s talk about the costs related to blogging.

  • To get the cheapest plan, choose the Siteground starter package. You can skip the GrowBig or the GoGeek Siteground plans for now because they cost more.
  • If you are moving over a site and already have traffic, then you can choose the Grow Big hosting package or even, the GoGeek.
  • I started out on the StartUp package and continue to upgrade as my blog grows. Siteground will make growing your blog extremely easy with no downtime.

Step 2: Register Your Domain Name.

After you select a plan above, you’ll reach this screen below. After you choose a plan, you will be able to register a new domain. Also, if you already have a domain you will select the second option I already have a domain.

Remember when coming up with a domain name, walk yourself through the radio rule.

The radio rule is if you somehow wind up on a radio program and they say – you have 5 seconds to announce your website to the world – would the listeners be able to remember it and spell it easily. If they can’t, then don’t use that domain name.

How to register a domain name with Siteground

I paid $78 for this domain name back in 2004 because I love affiliate marketing. I see affiliate marketing as a side hustle anyone can do to earn an extra income with no products to ship and no customer fulfillment to create. I’ve been approached by many companies to purchase this domain name, but at the end of the day – they haven’t came up with an acceptable offer.

You can get your domain directly through Siteground and make the entire process very easy. If you do this, your new domain will appear directly in your Siteground dashboard.

How to Save Money on Your WordPress Hosting

How to Save Money on Your Blog's Hosting

Here’s where I like to save money and forget it. When you reach the next page, you will be able to choose between paying month to month or pay in full annually. Pay 1 full year in advance with Siteground or 2 full years or 3 full years. If you can afford to pay $142 upfront, that will take care of your hosting for 3 full years. That will give you three full years of building your business through WordPress blogging without paying a monthly fee.

When you are ready to create your blog, follow these steps to buy your hosting for your blog.

  1. Click here for Siteground and click the “Reliable Web Hosting” button.
  2. Next, click on the package you’re interested in (startup if you’re just starting out)
  3. Choose a new domain or select already have a domain name.
  4. Enter your payment information (pay in advance to save money)
  5. Enter a Siteground password that you will use to enter your dashboard each time.

If you need help or run into any issues, you can email me at I know two tech people and their manager who can help solve any issues quickly.

Optional Step: If you host your domain with a different registrar, follow step 3B to connect your domain. If you host your domain with Siteground, then you can skip this optional step.

Step 3B: How to Connect Your Domain to Siteground

If you have registered your domain with a different provider (i.e. GoDaddy or DomainDiscover), you can still use Siteground hosting and connect your domain to their server.

To find your nameservers within Siteground, you can click on manage your domain (which should be the only domain you have right now).

Manage WordPress with Siteground
How to Set Nameservers with Siteground for WordPresss Blog when You Start a Blog
  1. Login to your domain provider.
  2. Select the DNS Management page.
  3. Under Choose Your Nameserver type, select default or custom.
  4. Enter your siteground nameservers and save.

Here the nameservers begin with and Once you enter these nameservers with your domain name, it usually takes less than 60 seconds to connect them fully.

Install WordPress on Your New Domain Name

Siteground makes this step incredibly easy (and WordPress is free). When you login for the first time, Siteground will ask you if you want to start a new website. It should look like this:

Create a Website with Hosting - Click on Start a New Website

Once you’ve filled out the Siteground’s new website information, click confirm to complete the WordPress installation.

Siteground hosting dashboard to setup your website

Press the complete setup to install WordPress and congrats, you are live to the world, my friend.

Start a profitable blog by I Love Making Money

Get Started with WordPress & How to Start a Blog

You can create your first blog post by clicking on Posts > Add New Post in the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard. I’ll create a step by step tips and tricks for creating your posts coming up shortly. If you want to add any image or video to your blog post, click enter to create a new section within your blog post. Then, click the plus sign and click the image.

If you’re looking for a beautiful theme, click Appearance in the left side of your WordPress dashboard and you can search for free themes.

Congrats! Your audience is ready to hear from you. If you need visitors to your blog, check out these 21 ways to get proven internet traffic to your new blog. My advice to you is to create a blog around big problem areas and focus on solving people’s problems. The biggest money-making blogs help people in these three niches: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Click here for additional ways to make money.

  1. Pick a niche that people are desperate to solve those problems.
  2. The biggest niches with the biggest audience are solving health problems, helping people make money onine, or helping people fix their relationship.
  3. Create content solving your niche’s biggest pain points.
  4. Start building an email list. Click here for the best emailing service.

If you have any problems or need any help, leave a comment below. I’ll create additional content and update this “how to start a blog” post to link to it. If you are looking for blog training, then click here for our blog marketing academy review.

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