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Most Profitable Items to Flip on Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist

There is absolutely no problem with flipping items for profit. It’s business 101 – you buy at a wholesale price & sell at retail for a profit. Flipping can be great business.

Finding items that you can resell for a profit is called arbitrage or flipping. You can flip furniture, baseball cards, houses, but you can’t flip essential items that are important to people’s well-being during a national crisis or a pandemic like the one we’re going through right now.

Consider the Law Before You Flip

Having said that – if you’re flipping items that are crucial to people’s survival, then, you might be breaking the law. Consider the guy who drove 1,000+ miles to collect all the bottles of sanitizer and wipes to flip them for a profit. (during a national emergency)

Matt and Noah Colvin bought all the hand sanitizer and wipes they could find in Tennessee and Kentucky after the first person died from the coronavirus on March 1st, 2020. The brothers’ goal was to flip the items at a profit as people began to panic about the spread of the virus.

What Not to Flip

Here’s the problem: They drove across two states and wiped out supplies from dollar stores, Walmarts, Staples and Home Depots. They created a supply shortage that caused panic buying during an pandemic.

The brothers then listed the products on Amazon at a substantial markup selling each bottle between $8 and $70 each. They sold out immediately.

The attorney general stepped in immediately and shut it down.

What Products Can You Flip Right Now for Most Profit

Most Profitable Products to Flip on Facebook Marketplace

During this pandemic, everyone is quarantined inside and it’s time to find ways to make money on the side. If you are one of those many people who want a great source of side hustle, then flipping products to make money might interest you a lot.

Flipping products for cash is an extremely easy way to earn extra cash, and almost everyone can do it. Let’s break down some of the most profitable items that you can flip right now.

Upholstered Furniture for High Profit Margins

Upholstered furniture is considered to be an amazingly profitable product to flip. The best you can do here is clean the upholstery and make it look as clean as possible. If you are ready to invest, get the furniture reupholstered, and make it look absolutely new.

Pro Tip: Estate Sales during the last day during the last 2-3 hours are practically giving everything away. Make sure you show up & pick up everything at 90% to 100% markdown.

Quality Wood Furniture:

There are some reasons why wood furniture always has a good reselling value. Firstly because high-quality wood furniture is extremely long-lasting. This is what boosts their potential for selling at profitable rates. Moreover, it is easy to find old furniture that people dump. Thus, you can refurbish it a bit and flip it on the Facebook marketplace and get a good profit too.

Antiques to Flip for Profit:

Antiques are one of the most profitable products to flip, but this category is quite large. There are various types of antiques, and thus, you need to research a lot about it. Find products that sell the fastest and at reasonable rates in antiques and pick those to flip. Also, it is important that you know the value of the antique products that you buy. Gather as much information as you can so that you know more about the item than the person who is selling it to you.

Pro Tip: Be on the lookout for vintage high-end or mid-century modern originals. If you’re looking for platforms to sell your items, click here for the best places to list your items.

Appliances for Flipping:

Flipping appliances is another profitable product in the Facebook marketplace. However, this is not as easy as the above-mentioned ones. People who are selling appliances just want to get rid of them. But at the same time, reselling them to another party requires a lot of effort. You can earn a handsome amount of profit through it.

Best Appliances to Flip

Some of the best items are high-end blenders like Vitamix… for a little bit of profit. If you want to make bigger profit, then start repairing dishwashers and washer & dryers.

Washer & Dryers – once the belts go on a dryer, people are giving these away. A quick repair & you can sell each dryer for $200 to $400. That nets you an easy $50 to $250 per unit.

Refrigerators – set alerts with Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for all refrigerators under a certain price. That way – you are first to get notified and first opportunity to pick it up. A quick cleanup on a fridge can net you $200 to $400 easily.

Items to Flip – Photography Gear:

Photography gear is another profitable category to pick products from and then flip them online. Lens, camera body, or even tripods or drones have a high resale value. The lens is the most profitable product because they last for years and years if they are kept in good shape. This specific category is expensive, but if you are getting a photography gear at a reasonable price, grab it, and then flip it on Facebook to earn extra money.

I recently flipped a Nikon D7500 which I purchased on Craigslist for $800. I then flipped it for $2200. That was an easy $1400 profit on one flip.

Pro Tip: Start a brand around one item like high-end cameras. Then, start listing every item and related accessory for free on the marketplace, in your eBay store, and your online shop. Your brand is your business & then, people will become repeat buyers.


Clothes and accessories can be amazing items to flip, but the profit depends on the designer label. Also, you will have to do a lot of research to get to the best brands. Also, getting them on sale or finding them at thrift stores is going to require a lot of effort and patience. But if you succeed, you can gain a lot of profit through it.

I don’t recommend selling clothes during a pandemic. It would be ridiculous to pay $300 for a pair of shoes while people are dying. Fuck that.

Talking about clothes, cufflinks are another profitable product that can be flipped for good. Find high-quality cufflinks at cheaper stores and sell them for a good, profitable price.

Sports Cards, Pokémon and Jerseys:

You can easily find sports equipment and jerseys at yard sales, and that is the best time to get your hands on them. You will get them at a very low price but can flip them on the Facebook market for a good amount. Sports fans are die-hard fans of jerseys of their favorite team or players, and you can target those sports freaks to gain a good profit.

Recently, baseball cards have started become easy flips. If you’re gonna do baseball cards, go all-in and become the baseball card expert. Setup shops with eBay, Marketplace, Craigslist, Website, Shopify and go all-in.

I’m going to predict in 2020, you will see a rise in baseball card flipping and collecting. That will transcend all sports, including Pokémon cards. We will see Pokémon cards go for six figures.



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Video Games and Consoles:

Vintage video games and consoles are actually very profitable products. Flip them, and you will be surprised at how much gaming freaks are ready to pay for those. The best pieces can bring in a great price for you. You can get them at yard sales because a lot of people assume that they are useless.

You can find the value of most of these games by visiting DK Oldies.

Items to Flip Outdoor Furniture:

If you are able to find outdoor furniture in good condition then it is also a great profitable product to flip on the Facebook marketplace. A lot of people sell their outdoor furniture for extremely low prices, just to get rid of it. But you can refinish it and flip it online for a very good price.

Pandemic Items to Flip:

Now, during the pandemic, there’s an opportunity to flip items that people desperately need at home like home gym products. Here’s how it works. You’ll set your alerts on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for workout gear, weights, racks, bench presses and dumbbells.

For example, I just received an alert for $500. It was a complete gym with weights and dumbbells that needed to go ASAP. This is the way it will go most of the time. People are done with the gym they thought they were going to use so they want it gone ASAP. Keep in mind dumbbells are going for $250 to $500 so you’re quickly at breakeven with one item.

Then, racks are going for the same price range and weights go for $1 per pound. These are the most profitable products you can flip right now.

Book Sets:

Individual books are not going to have any profit, but the aim here is to get the book sets and flip them. For instance, Harry Potter’s new book set is a luxurious possession, and all Harry potter geeks would die to get them. Get the books from a thrift shop and flip them online. However, you need to make sure that the books are in wonderful condition.

Also, books before the 1900’s are now going at a premium. I recently found an 1880 book by Walt Whitman called Leaves of Grass. I bought it for $80 and flipped it for $1300. That was for the 3rd edition too.

Can you imagine what 1st editions are going for?


Now, being a flipper might not be very complicated, but having a handful of information about the products that can help you gain profit, is always a good and smart move. Research before you start flipping products on the Facebook marketplace. Pick products carefully!

You must know the reselling chances of the products you choose. Some items just have a better chance of reselling quickly and at a good profit too than the others. Let me know what you like to flip or if you have advice for us by leaving a comment below.


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