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50 Job Sites for Video Editors, Film Industry, TV and Movie

If you’re a freelance video editor, filmmaker, or creative professional searching for opportunities to showcase your talent and work on exciting TV shows or movies, you’re in luck! At I Love Making Money, we are dedicated to finding the best resources and tools to help you make money. We hope that this helps shortcut the search process.

50 Job Sites for Film Industry - TV and Movies

The digital age has brought forth a multitude of job sites dedicated to connecting professionals like you with the perfect projects.

Keep in mind, you can always create gigs on Fiverr for voiceovers, video production and editing, and tiktok film creator. Those are high in demand right now since TikTok exploded onto the scene a few years ago.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 50 job sites that can help you kickstart your creative career:

1. ProductionHub

Connecting filmmakers and video professionals with job opportunities and resources.

2. Mandy Network

A global platform for creative professionals, offering a wide range of film and TV job listings.

3. Creative COW

A job board specifically tailored to the media industry, including video editing and production roles.

4. Stage 32

An online platform for film, television, and theater creatives to discover job opportunities and collaborate.

5. Staff Me Up

Focusing on TV and film production, this site connects crew members and editors to productions.


A community hub for filmmakers, offering job postings and industry insights.

7. Behance

A platform for creative professionals to showcase their portfolios and find freelance opportunities.

8. Upwork

A well-known platform for freelancers across various industries, including video editing and filmmaking.

9. Freelancer

Similar to Upwork, this site allows professionals to bid on various projects.

10. Video Collective

A UK-based platform connecting filmmakers, editors, and other creatives with job listings.

11. Production Jobs

Job listings spanning across the entertainment industry, from production to post-production.

12. Entertainment Careers

Featuring job listings in film, television, music, animation, and more.

13. Filmmaker Forum

A community-driven platform with job opportunities and discussions for filmmakers.

14. Simply Hired

A job search engine that aggregates listings from various sources, including media and entertainment.

15. We Work Remotely

For remote job opportunities in various creative fields, including video editing.

16. LinkedIn

The professional networking site also offers job listings and connections in the media industry.

17. Behance Jobs

A subset of Behance dedicated solely to creative job opportunities.

18. Film and TV Pro

Connecting film and TV professionals to job listings and collaborations.

19. Shooting People

A network for indie filmmakers, offering job listings, forums, and resources.

20. Media Match

Job site catering to professionals in the media and entertainment industries.

21. Craigslist

Local classifieds often feature job listings for video editors and filmmakers.

22. Talentville

A platform for writers and filmmakers to collaborate and find job opportunities.


Curated remote job listings in various creative fields, including film and video production.

24. Glassdoor

Known for company reviews, Glassdoor also features job listings in the entertainment sector.

25. ProVideo Coalition

Industry news, job listings, and resources for video professionals.

26. Entertainment Jobs

Focused on job opportunities in the UK entertainment industry.

27. Media Job Search Canada

For Canadian media professionals seeking job opportunities.

28. Crew Call

Connecting crew members, including editors and filmmakers, to projects.

29. Jooble

A job search engine with various media-related listings.

30. The Dots

A creative network connecting professionals and job opportunities.

31. Filmjobs

A job board specifically for the film industry.

32. Indie Film Casting

Job listings for independent film projects.

33. Media Bistro

Catering to media professionals, this site offers job listings, courses, and industry news.

34. Film Industry Network

A platform for networking and finding job opportunities in the film industry.

35. ArtStation

A platform for artists and creatives to showcase their work and find job opportunities.

36. Krop

A creative job board with a variety of listings, including film and video roles.

37. Behance Creative Jobs

Part of the Behance platform, offering creative job listings.

38. Cine-Jobs

A French platform for film and media job listings.

39. Film Crew Pro

Connecting film crew members with job opportunities.

40. Freelance Writing Gigs

While focused on writing, this site sometimes features creative video opportunities.

41. ProductionBeast

A platform for finding jobs and collaborating in the film and TV industry.

42. Entertainment Jobs

A site dedicated to connecting entertainment professionals with job opportunities.

43. Film Jobs

A straightforward job board for the film industry.

44. TV Jobs

Specializing in job listings for the television industry.

45. The Voice Realm

A platform for voice actors that sometimes includes video-related opportunities.

46. Behance Animation Jobs

A subset of Behance for animation-related job listings.

47. Film and TV Crew

Job listings and resources for film and TV professionals.

48. Art Jobs

While not specific to film, this site occasionally features creative video opportunities.

49. The Anonymous Production Assistant

A blog with job listings and advice for those in the entertainment industry.

50. Viedit

A platform connecting video editors and filmmakers with clients and projects.

User Submitted Job Sites for TV and Film

Here are 10 more job sites for video editors, filmmakers, and creatives that were sent in by readers. So thank you for that.

Keep your portfolio up to date, hone your skills, and start applying for your dream projects today! Also, please share this with the community and those who are looking for jobs in the tv and film and movie industry.

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