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Jungle Scout Review – Find Any Manufacturer with Jungle Scout

Have you ever wanted to find out who manufactures all the merchandise for your competition? What would you do if you could easily tap into Kim Kardashian’s supply chain? Now you can. I present to you Jungle Scout! Jungle Scout is a brand new community that helps you find the direct suppliers for major brands.

Jungle Scout popped up on my radar last week when we helped a reader start a clothing brand for moms. Click here for the full training guide.

We wanted to answer four questions:

  1. Where do you get supply? Who do you contact in China?
  2. Who supplies our competition?
  3. How do ensure you never run out of supply?
  4. How do know what’s trending and selling right now?

Let’s do a full review on Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Intro & History

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. Today, Jungle Scout provides a full suite of Amazon seller tools, helping sellers with everything from finding a product, sourcing a supplier, launching and optimizing a product listing, to managing business analytics, inventory and more. The company has 120+ employees across the globe, with offices in Austin Texas, Vancouver Canada, and Shenzhen China.

Jungle Scout Founder

CEO & Founder Greg Mercer

  • 8 Figure Amazon Seller
  • Winner of The Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert
  • Featured speaker at industry leading conferences including SellerCon, Prosper Show, Brand Accelerator & more
  • Guest of dozens of ecommerce podcasts such as  $100 MBA, Smart Passive Income, Foundr & more
  • Featured in Forbes, Huffpost, Inc., Entrepreneur & others

Features and Benefits

If you’re looking to expand your product line and never run out of inventory, then you need to be looped into Jungle Scout. Here’s why:

First, you can predict product demand and manage product inventory. This allows you to know how much to re-order and manage cashflow. You’ll see a user-friendly chart like this inside your dashboard.

Inventory Status – Inside Look of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout’s Product Research Tools

How to Discover Niche Product Ideas

This is where you’re never-ending source of income will come from as new categories and products start trending. You’re able to see product trends based on niche categories inside your Jungle Scout dashboard.

(see below)

Average Trends for Units Sold

Jungle Scout’s Product Sourcing and Supplier Database

And of course you’ll be able to use any ASIN to look up suppliers for the product you want to source & sell.

  • Search the supplier database.
  • Verify supplier shipment history.
  • See the supplier’s customers (your competition).
  • Create supplier lists.

Why Choose Jungle Scout Over Alternatives?

Jungle Scout is the best all-in-one suite that helps Amazon sellers at every stage of their journey.

  • Find Profitable Products, Track the Competition & Uncover Niche Product Ideas
  • Source from Trusted Suppliers
  • Identify Powerful Keyword Trends, Track your Rank, Optimize your Listings & PPC
  • Know Your True Amazon Profits, Real-Time Sales/Profit Analytics Dashboard
  • Never Run Out of Inventory
  • Receive Amazon Product Alerts on Your ASINs or Competitors 
  • Learn with Industry Leader Training

Jungle Scout Pricing for 2021

We just got approved for our partner account with Jungle Scout and we’re able to give I Love Making Money readers a discount on the plans.

The pricing for 2021 is:

Jungle Scout ($49/mo | $468/yr)
Extension ($39/mo | $228/yr)
JS&E Bundle ($69/mo | $588/yr)

The three different plans increases the number of products you can track. If you want to track 3 or less, then you’ll select the basic plan. If you want to track up to 150, then select the Suite plan. And if you have partners & assistants, and need to track up to 1,000 products, then, select the Professional plan.

Two Ways to Save Money on Jungle Scout

There are two ways to save money on Jungle Scout. First, you can choose the “pay yearly” tab to save 55% when you pay the full year in advance.

Jungle Scout Pricing for 2021
Jungle Scout Pricing for 2021

The second way to save money is to go through our sponsored link. You’re looking at about $349 to $999 when you pay yearly. When you go through our partner link, you’ll be able to get a full year at 32% off. Click here for the discount link.


We set out to answer four questions here, and I think Jungle Scout is the perfect answer to these questions:

  1. Where do you get supply? Who do you contact in China?
  2. Who supplies our competition?
  3. How do ensure you never run out of supply?
  4. How do know what’s trending and selling right now?

If you’re looking to get the unfair advantage, then we highly recommend joining Jungle Scout. If you know anyone looking for this info, please share this with them. Google rewards our site for shares & comments below.

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