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Welcome TikTokers!

Are you looking to make $1,000 dollars fast? We talk a lot about making extra money and how to make money working from home. I want to start a series here at I Love Making Money that details out the best ways to make money working from home. Then, we’ll break the series into four parts.

  • Work for a Company from Home
  • Make Money as a Freelancer
  • Make Money on the Side
  • Work from Home

We do not include scams or recruiting schemes. If you find one on the site, let me know so I can investigate / delete immediately. We won’t judge your MLM, but we will let you know that 95% of reps are seriously underpaid and most recruiting schemes have a short shelf life. We recommend you kick out the company, start your own brand and sell the product directly using those same skills. (and you keep all the money)

Make Extra Money

Here are my thoughts about making money:

Build something around your strengths and around something you like to do. Then, streamline the process to start making money. For example, how can you break down the process of making money in 3 steps. Can you build an audience? That’s step one. Can you create an offer? That’s step two. Can you market the offer? That’s step three. You would never have to overthink anything here. It’s a simple cultivate and help an audience and send them to your one offer, then create a marketing plan to expand your sales. Keep it simple.

1. Make $1,000 a Week Freelance Writing

Writing is not for everyone but those willing to do it can learn and soon enough start penning down thoughts in ways no one can resist.

I started as a side hustle but along the way, my passion for writing grew and getting paid to write is one of the many perks of freelance writing. If you’re not comfortable as a writer, remember, when you put 10,000 hours into writing, then you’ll be able to pump out a easy 500 word article in 10 minutes.

If you’re looking to get started, check out how to make money as a freelance writer.

Click here to create your free account with Fiverr.

Pros of Becoming a Freelance Writer

  • Anyone with a passion for writing can do it
  • You don’t need much to get started
  • Flexible working hours
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Cons of Becoming a Freelance Writer

  • Passion for writing is required
  • Competitive as every day new people get into writing
  • Takes time to build your brand and get recognized

2. Make a Fast $1,000 with Digital Marketing

This is a form of marketing that involves the use of digital tools such as social media, company websites, educational blogs like this one, search engine rankings and display advertising to generate leads and raise awareness.

Types of Digital Marketing Jobs Include:

Pros of Becoming a Digital Marketer

  • It’s a skill on demand right now
  • Pays very well
  • Flexible working hours

Cons of Becoming a Digital Marketer

  • Takes time to study and implement the skills
  • Difficult to get clients especially when starting
  • Takes time to build your brand and get recognized

3. Make a $1,000 Dropshipping

What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is the process of selling products on behalf of manufacturers to customers without inventory.

In other words, a dropshipper buys products in bulk from the manufacturer at a cheap price and ships them directly to customers with no inventory or having to see the products.

There’s a new shortcut for dropshipping.

Step 1: Find Products (around one niche). If you need to find your perfect product and supplier, we use and recommend Salehoo. SaleHoo is a directory slash community for dropshippers who want to find the perfect product. Click here to search the directory.

Step 2: Create a Store (using one of these website builders)

Step 3: Advertise on Facebook (create a mini-informercial). Create mini-fun TikToks with your LinkTree product links. Create TikToks and Reels showcasing your small business journey and why it’s important for you to succeed. Many people are waking up to the fact that it’s up to us to help each other succeed.

Pros of Becoming a Dropshipper

  • No inventory required
  • You don’t need much money to get started
  • Get creative using Instagram and TikTok and Facebook.
  • Shipping is done for you.

Cons of Becoming a Dropshipper

  • Getting clients to buy your products might take time
  • Not handling the goods you sell might lead to counterfeits being shipped to your customers
  • Refunds are common especially if the product is damaged

4. Make $1,000 with Affiliate Marketing

Imagine being able to make money without any headaches of running a traditional business. Affiliate marketing allows you to create partnerships with brands & get paid when someone buys through your affiliate link.

We recommend taking our online course called Unstoppable Affiliate. This course is for beginners who want to learn & implement at the same time. That speeds up your results. Click here to take this course.

Affiliate marketers simply market a product on behalf of others whether a company or individual and get compensated on a commission based model. Our site relies on these affiliate partnerships to monetize our site.

To learn more on affiliate marketing, check out our guide to affiliate marketing 101.

Pros of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

  • No products to ship.
  • Company takes care of fulfillment.
  • No customer service.
  • Free to get started.
  • Everything is automated

Cons of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

  • Takes time to build your brand
  • It’s a skill that takes time to develop.

5. Make $1,000 with Web Design

If html & Css, Php, Mysql are terms you use to describe what you do, then this can become your part time job a side from your projects.

Web designers are responsible for how the sites we visit on a daily basis look like and get to make extra money in doing so.

If you’re looking for a job as a freelance, then check out best freelance platform for web developers. You’ll find freelance jobs and side gigs using these platforms.

Pros of Becoming a Web Designer

  • There’s a high demand for developers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pays well once experienced

Cons of Becoming a Web Designer

  • Getting clients might take time
  • Takes time to build your brand
  • Requires coding skills

6. Make $1,000 as a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual/digital assistant, you can work from home completing tasks and assignments from executives and directors who need help. What skills are needed?

  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Typing
  • Writing
  • Online Research
  • Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Product Testing

Your main tasks will involve assisting clients with administrative work remotely and therefore a good command of the client’s language is a must.

Here are the best freelance platforms to find digital & virtual assistant job if you are looking to become a digital assistant & work from home. You could even search for a remote job using FlexJobs. They hand-screen all job listings to weed out the scams. Click here to read our full FlexJobs review.

Pros of Becoming a Virtual Assistant

  • Work remotely
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pays well once experienced

Cons of Becoming a Virtual Assistant

  • Getting clients might take time
  • Computer literacy is a must
  • Language literacy is a must

Books / Directories for Virtual Assistant Jobs

Also, there is a book that you can buy that has over 2,500 companies, 1,000 Data Entry Jobs, 800 Computer Jobs and 500 online opportunities. Click Here to Visit / Download Data Entry Work Online Jobs Directory.

Someone mentioned Click Earners, which is a membership site that shows you all the sites you can apply to become a digital assistant. I think it’s less than $30, but it’s an informational product NOT a job site.

If you purchase these and get value, please leave a comment below.

7. Make Fast $1,000 as a Translator

If you are well versed in more than one language, then starting a part-time career on translating for people is a great side hustle. Sites such as Upwork have high paying clients who are looking for translators on both short and long term basis.

Pros of Becoming a Translator

  • Work remotely
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pays well once experienced

Cons of Becoming a Translator

  • You have to be efficient in the language
  • Takes time to build trust
  • Competition is tough

8. Make $1,000 as a Voice-over artist

As the name suggests, a voice-over artist uses their voice as the acting tool. Here are a few companies that are hiring voice-over artists where the pay ranges from $35 to $150 per hour.

This will take time and needs to be practiced over and over to make sure your sound comes out as firm as possible. One way to get voice-over work right now is to position yourself on Fiverr and create voice-over gigs. Here’s how to brand yourself as a professional.

But, did you know that there is now software that automatically creates the voice-over for you. You would use this for your fulfillment while charging your clients. Click here to check out the voice over software.

Pros of Becoming a Voice-over Artist

  • You use your voice and get paid
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pays well once experienced

Cons of Becoming a Voice-over Artist

  • Expenses such as good microphones may be incurred
  • Takes time to get clients
  • When having a cold, you’ll not be able to work

9. Make a $1,000 as an Online Tutor

Earlier on, I had pointed out doing part-time tutoring and getting paid extra cash. But with technology at hand, opting for online tutoring especially during these times might prove beneficial.

All you need is a strong internet connection, software like Zoom and finding students you’ll be offering your services to.

Personally, I recommend creating a “topic tutoring” class & branding you as the go-to expert for that class. You can use Thinkific to create your class for free & then, you’re marketing your services and charging a monthly tutoring charge.

Click here to create your free account with Thinkific.

Pros of becoming a tutor

  • Three Free Courses
  • No Revenue Split
  • Online Teaching Platforms make it free to start.
  • LMS Platforms eliminates need for technical experience
  • How to Get Started with Thinkific

Cons of becoming a tutor

  • Teaching skills required
  • Lacking teaching materials as you are not at the school
  • Requires patience as some students tend to be slower in grasping

Related Articles: Best Online Course Platforms & Builders

Other Notable Part-time Jobs Online

9b. Make $1,000 Tutoring

If you are good at Mathematics, Physics, English or any other subjects being taught at schools, becoming a local tutor to the students in your neighborhood and charging a small fee might fit you perfectly.

Personally, creating an online tutoring brand is more convenient and more profitable if you turn that into a group training session. (similar to group classes)

During these times, people are advised to stay indoors and minimize contact due to Covid-19. I would suggest doing this online using Zoom, Skype or Google meet.

Pros of Becoming a Tutor

  • Work from Home
  • Easy and Fun
  • Make a Difference

Cons of Becoming a Tutor

  • Teaching skills required
  • You can also start your own tutoring class online. Here’s how.
  • Requires patience as some students tend to be slower in grasping

10. Make a $1,000 with Airbnb Hosting

Tourists contribute significant revenue to the economy of any country. With COVID, you have to get creative with renting spaces. Campers, Tiny Homes and Cabins have seen significant spikes in demand.

Pros of Becoming an Air BNB Host

  • Meeting new interesting people
  • You can set your own prices
  • Requires no special skills
  • Pays the Mortgage
  • Passive Residual Income

Cons of Air BNB

  • Some guests can become stubborn by damaging things
  • Your city or county may not allow it
  • Can be risky if no proper due diligence is carried out
  • Pandemic is causing mortgage defaults.

11. Make $1,000 Shopping for Groceries

Can you really make money shopping for groceries? Yes! Now more than ever people need help shopping and delivering their groceries. And people are easily earning $1,000 per week.

The Top Companies Paying Shoppers

11b. Make $1,000 as a Mystery Shopper / Field Agent

Field Agent is an app that pays you for mystery shopping, doing market research and performing audits at retail stores.

Pros of Becoming a Field Agent

  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy tasks to perform
  • Requires no special skills

Cons of Becoming a Field Agent

  • Low pay rates
  • The assignments are not always available
  • Some territories are not supported

12. Make $1,000 Modeling

Whether part-time or full time, modeling is one of the few influencer jobs that pays well. The key is to position yourself with confidence around a specific type of modeling.

Types of Models:

  • Fashion Model
  • Commercial Model
  • Mature Model
  • Freelance Model for Online Brands
  • Plus Size Model
  • Petite Model
  • Child Model
  • Swimsuit Model
  • Underwear Model
  • Glamour Model
  • Shoe Model
  • Hand Model

Pros of Becoming a Model

  • Pays well once established
  • Opportunity to meet new different people
  • Opportunity to travel to different cities

Cons of Becoming a Model

  • Takes time to build your brand
  • Takes time to get the required physique
  • Observing a diet can sometimes become expensive for some

Other Part-time Jobs from Home

  • Online personal fitness trainer
  • TikTok Content Creator
  • Videographer

13. Make $1,000 or More Life Coaching

Life Coaching is booming as more and more people learn about “The Model”. “The Model” designed by legendary life coach, Brooke Castillo, is a strategy for coaching people through their problems.

Brooke Castillo runs The Life Coach School and certifies coaches who want to make money as a life coach. Brooke Castillo has the absolute best coaching program for life coaches. By the end of the class, you will have the skills and training to make money as a life coach.

Pros of Making Money as a Life Coach

  • You get paid to do what you love
  • Flexible working hours
  • Having a sense of accomplishment after helping someone
  • Longevity
  • People will always have problems

Cons of Becoming a Life Coach

  • Marketing
  • Certification Costs $18,000 to $25,000

14. Make $1,000 TikTok Painting

Are you a painter? TikTok artists have exploded because the platform gives them so much exposure that their demand skyrockets. There are quite a few pieces going for $15,000 to $100,000. Check out this video.

Pros of Making Money as a Painter

  • A platform to showcase your creativity
  • You set your own prices
  • Flexible working hours
  • TikTok makes it easy to get noticed

Cons of Becoming a Painter

  • Painting skills required (but easy to learn)
  • Takes time to complete a project

Side Hustles

15. Make $1,000 T-shirt Printing

Depending with your budget, t-shirt printing machines are available for as low as $300 and the process can be easily learnt. And you can set this up to auto-fulfill, auto-print your orders so you spend most of your time marketing and creating designs. Click here to view this “print on demand” side hustle.

T-shirt printing business is lucrative now that most people would love to have their own custom printed t-shirts without spending too much.

Pros of Starting to Print T-shirts

  • Does not require  special skills
  • Readily available market
  • Cost-effective to start

Cons of Starting to Print T-shirts

  • Quality printers are a bit expensive
  • Ink prices are high
  • Getting clients at first is difficult

16. Make a $1,000 with Your Own Woodworking Business

Last year, a huge tornado hit our neighborhood and that left a ton of fences / structures down. Part of my fence was in a neighbor’s yard three blocks away. I had a pergola with a top missing.

Luckily, the insurance company took care of everything, but I realized that there is a huge demand for building ANYTHING with wood. And talking to the guys who fixed both my fence and my pergola, they are banking $1,000 every two days. That’s huge.

One pro tip they gave me was you have to narrow down to a niche. For example, fences, pergolas, cool functional items like wine glass holders. (see pic)

I found this course that will show you how to setup your woodworking business and what plans are most profitable. Check it out here.

Pro’s of Woodworking:

  • Evergreen & always in demand.
  • Fun hobby that is also profitable.
  • Full-time income.
  • Easy to Market on TikTok
  • Drop Links in All Marketing to Expand Business
  • Shareable / Viral Videos

Con’s of Woodworking:

  • Still Have to Create Content
  • Have to Like Crafting with Wood

17. Make a $1,000 with Your Own Print On Demand Business

This is one of the coolest side hustles I’ve seen in a long time. It’s truly a passive residual income business because you can connect the fulfillment to a print on-demand company.

t-shirt mockup generator - free

The way this side hustle works is that you create designs and upload to your Etsy store. Then, you connect your store to the print on demand company. You can use a mockup generator to put your designs on different models. And then, start marketing your design on your social media.

When anyone places an order, it auto-sends it to the print on-demand company who prints and ships it to your customer. And you can be on vacation or asleep while THEY do the fulfilling.

Check out our new post for more details here.

Pro’s of Print On Demand:

  • Done for You Fulfillment
  • Easy to Setup
  • Low Cost of Entry
  • Free Mockup Generator
  • Focus on Designs

Con’s of Print On Demand:

  • The Marketing

18. Make a $1,000 with Your Own Vacation Rental Company

This is one of my “side hustle” goals. I want to find a few vacation rentals in the same area and have a management company run the vacation rental.

Side Hustle Idea - Rent Out Vacation Home

But let me back up just a second. With the pandemic, vacation rentals have become hot in-demand because people want to get away. They want to get out of the house. That means cabins and lake houses are going for big bucks for the weekend.

The way this one works is that you find the most desirable rental locations and fix up the spot to create a neat little get away. Check out our new post for more details here.

Pro’s of Vacation Home Rentals:

  • Large Margins
  • Passive Income with Management Company
  • Works in Most Areas

Con’s of Vacation Home Rentals:

  • The Marketing
  • Seasonal / Dead Winter Months
  • Finding Affordable Setups

Which side hustles can you earn an extra $1,000 from? The income varies depending on your experience. Do your due diligence, get a mentor and just start.

Ways to Earn Extra Income from Home

While there are literary thousands of ways to make extra money from home, below is an update table for different ideas on making extra money.

Part time jobs from homeSide hustle ideas/side gigsPart time jobs onlineHome business ideas
Dog walking
Making handmade jewelry
Local tour guide
Dog training
Field agent
Wedding planner
Dance instructor
Pool cleaning
Make-up artist
Sports coaching
Personal fitness trainer
Extra in movies
Accounting/Book keeping
Human billboard
Woodworking Business
Uber driver
Mystery shopping
Music artist
Music tutor
Flipping Baseball Cards
Reselling Pokémon
Food truck
House keeping
Party planner
Laundry service
Tattoo artist
Pet grooming
Personal shopper
Travel agent
Car flipping  
Freelance writing
Affiliate marketing
Virtual assistant
Digital Marketer
Web designer
Online tutor
Voice over artist
App development
Graphic designer
YouTube vlogger
EBook writing
Social media manager
Data analyst
Domain name flipping
User tester
Building niche sites
T-shirt printing
Private investigator
Debt collector
Hair dressing
Child care
Interior designer
Computer repair
Moving services
Car washing
Personal chef
Carpet cleaning
Pet grooming
House sitting
Window cleaning  

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Extra Money From Home

How can I make an extra $1,000 per month?

If I were looking at this list of side hustles and work from home jobs that pay at least $1,000 per month, here’s what I think is an easy $1,000 every single month.

Freelance Writing – 5 Articles Per Week
Affiliate Marketing – 3 Referrals Paying $100 Each
Virtual Assistant – $250 Per Week
Online Tutoring – $250 x 4 Students Per Month
Air BNB Hosting – $100 x 10 Nights Per Month
Life Coaching – $200 x 5 Sessions Per Month (very easy)

How can make $100 per day fast?

When you look at this list of ways to make extra money, which ones have the opportunity to pay $100 per day?

Dog Walking – 5 walks at 30-minutes.
Tutoring – $100 (4 Students at $25)
Modeling – $100 (One Photo Shoot for Online Clothing Company)
Web Design – 2 Landing Pages ($50 per landing page)

How can I make an extra $500 per month?

Checking out this 80+ ways to make extra money. They all have the capability to pay you an extra $500 per month. Some of the easiest ways to make an extra $500 include:

Freelance Writing – 2 Articles Per Week Average
Affiliate Marketing – 5 Referrals to an $100 CPA Offer
Voice Over Artist – 2 Projects at $250 Each
Web Design – Install and Design WordPress Pages $500 Per Project
Dance Instructor – 5 Sessions at $100 Each
Uber Driving – 4 Saturday Nights

How can I make $5,000 quickly?

For this, you’ll need to turn $1,000 five times. The fastest way to make $5,000 is to flip furniture and high margin items like cars. Another way to make $5,000 is to create a service like high-pressure wash and create a trustworthy brand to powerwash sidewalks & backyards. If you can charge $250 to $500 then you would just need 10 to 20 homes.

In conclusion, starting a side hustle from home is the best way to create multiple streams of income. I love creating a side hustle with the goal of kicking your full-time job to the curb. You can do it.

Make sure you bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it as often as I can to keep you informed on more ways you can make extra money either part-time or full time.

If you know anyone looking to make money, please share this page with them.

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