Looking for money making ways? Last month, I wanted to raise some money & clear out a few closets at the same time. I made a little over $8800 selling items around the house. We upgraded our iPhones so we had two iPhone X’s sitting around. We decided to sell an old 2004 Subaru that we rarely used. I started selling everything in the junk closet, and so far – we’re up to $8800 in the last month.

One problem I ran into was “what online places to list my items” that actually work. I was surprised to see OfferUp and LetGo not get the type of response I expected. They seemed to attract the “send you a fake check” scam artists trying to get you to part with your money.


Looking to extra cash? Here’s a list of the best places to list your stuff for quick cash.

Facebook Marketplace & Online Garage Sales for Quick Sale

Facebook’s Marketplace is the absolute best place for quick response. Plus, you can post your items in Facebook’s garage sales. Search for your city + garage sales. Then, you can join groups where the people around you are selling items. They message you directly and arrange a pickup & exchange. It’s the easiest way to sell items fast.

Be careful meeting people. Check to see if your local police offers meetup spots that are safe. I had one sketchy situation where I told the guy, “Get out of here, creep.”

Here’s what happened:

I listed the iPhone X (we had two listings). One person wanted to meet at the T-Mobile store and have the staff check it out and transfer his phone number before exchanging any money. That is fair. The other person drove up to meet me at my house. He pulled up to the curb in front of the neighbor’s house to the left. And waited.

I said – we’re at the house behind you – come on in. No response. Ten minutes had gone by, I repeated – “Are you coming in?” He responded with, “Bring the phone out to the car and let’s do the exchange out here!”

My guard instantly went up because the car had tinted windows and was in the drive position. I instantly thought he would take the phone and drive off so I told him, “Get out of here, creep!” You just never know.

Best place to sell items is facebook marketplace and facebook garage sales.



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List Your Item on eBay for Hard to Find Items

One of the oldest and most reliable platforms available today – eBay is still a powerful place to list your products – especially vintage or hard-to-find items. On eBay you sell your items auction-style, but you can offer a ‘buy it now’ option to allow for faster sales at a specific price.

List vintage items on ebay for higher priced items to make extra cash

Here’s what I love about eBay. Let’s say that you find a TI-35 Calculator on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You can buy those calculators for $25 and then list them on eBay for $59 plus shipping. They are selling everyday at this price, and flipping items is one of the best ways to make money online right now.


Make Extra Money on Craigslist for Higher Priced Items

One of the first free classified online programs, Craigslist is still going strong today. Craigslist is easy to use, but just be careful about scams. It’s always recommended that you meet buyers at a local police station or other ‘safe haven’ to ensure your safety.

I love it when a Craigslist meeting goes right with both parties in on the safeplace meetup. I listed my product, a 1 ounce gold coin last month, and the guy contacted me wanting to meet at a local bank. He was a former cop & we met inside the Bank of America. He looked at the coin with his magnifying glass & looked up the coin. Within ten minutes, he was in line getting the cash to buy the coin.

Another $1,500 for a little bit of listing work – not bad.


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Money Making Ways Using TikTok

Yes, TikTok. How does this even work? You can document your items for sale on TikTok and then, leave the link to buy using Link Tree or direct link to your listing.

People are making $10,000’s just on custom art by posting the entire process on TikTok. It’s easy and fast.


If you have brand-name clothing in good condition, there’s a market for it on Poshmark. This social shopping network connects buyers and sellers and makes it easy to sell your clothing items.



Amazon sells more than its own inventory of products; individual sellers can sell items too. As long as you follow Amazon’s guidelines, you can sell just about anything on it to their audience of millions of followers.

You can ship your items to Amazon and they fulfill it, but be careful – they charge a ton in storage fees. That’s the number one complaint from sellers who didn’t realize that the storage fees could add up to the point you could have rented an entire warehouse on your own.

Most of the side hustlers turn their garage into a fulfillment center doing as much of the heavy lifting as they can to avoid any profit margins being eaten.


If you have items to sell online, do your research. Determine where the type of item you have to sell does the best. Take into consideration the fees, work involved, and the safety of meeting buyers and providing your items.

Here are the month’s totals:

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