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Most Profitable Email Templates for Marketing by Email

Email marketing is not dead.

While other marketing channels are on the rise like TikTok, YouTube, Push Notifications, Discord Groups, Free Facebook Groups, Facebook Bot Messenging, SMS marketing, email marketing is still one of the most effective to connect and communicate with your audience.

This week, we focus our efforts on email marketing and discussing ways to get started for free. If you're looking for the top email marketing software, click here.

If you're not using email on your website, then you're missing out on a chance to build a list, connect with your audience and expand your bottom line. Email marketing will improve your reach and visibility.

We recommend Convertkit for your email marketing software. You can get started for free and there is no charge for up to 1,000 subscribers. That allows you to get setup and get started with email marketing. Click here to get started.

Why Email Marketing is Best for Those Who Play by the Rules

While the black hat email marketers are phishing and scraping for emails so they can eventually get blocked by spam filters and ISP's. The rules of email marketing creates a huge opportunity for those of us who want to play by the rules because it allows us to create a genuine connection as more and more people opt-in, confirm and look forward to YOUR correspondence.

Type of Emails to Send

  • Newsletters
  • Promo Codes
  • Discounts
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Product Launches
  • Affiliate Offers
  • Sponsored Emails
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Training and Tutorials

While you can send all types of emails from newsletters to discounts to sales promotions, there are three that engage and convert leads into customers. Let's break down the three best email marketing templates to use for emailing marketing.

Four Best Email Templates for Emailing Marketing

Looking for ideas to send your email list? Let's go through a few templates that I find work to build engagement.

The Limited Time Offer Email Template

This is one of the most overlooked email marketing templates that works the best. It's the time-sensitive, limited time offer email. Give your readers a discount link or a promo code to get a discount when they purchase from you.

There are many reasons to present a discount:

  • Birthdays
  • Black Friday
  • Holidays
  • Back to School
  • Mission to Support a Cause

One technique that works so well with this is the “anticipation” email. It looks like this:

Be on the lookout for my email on Friday. I have a huge discount on such and such. We're raising money for breast cancer awareness and half the proceeds will go to such and such.

You create the pre-sell and then, deliver the discount.

As promised, here's the discount link for [BLANK]

This style of email works best for your buyer's list or warm leads. If you're going out to cold leads, let me show you two ways to warm up leads.

Personal Stories to Overcome Objections Template

For this technique to work, you need to understand the “open loops” technique. The open loop technique is a copywriting trick where you open a story in your copy but never close it with an ending.

Think “Netflix series” here. When you binge watch a Netflex series and each episode ends with a cliffhanger which causes you to want to watch the NEXT episode… and the NEXT episode and the next one and so forth.

That's an open loop, also known as a cliffhanger, a nail-biter or a white knuckler. Humans hate leaving questions unanswered. We like to have all of our loose ends tied up. So anytime a loop isn't closed, our curious/anxiety levels elevate wanting us to close the loop or complete the circle.

The first step in creating the open loop is starting with the subject line.

You can easily implement a few open loops to peak the curiosity from the start. Here are a few subjects that incorporate the open loop concept:

Subject: What Mark Cuban can teach you about investing
Subject: This little-known investing strategy can double your returns every 30 days.

The open loop here does two things:

The first one compels people to open the email by peaking their curiosity to something they “don't know”. If humans don't know something, they'll be the first to click on that email to find out.

The second one uses the “little-known secret” copywriting line to establish what they don't know. That will peak curiosity for high open rates.

The second step is crafting the email storyline.

The most obvious part of this technique is NOT giving away the ending and leaving the cliff hanger where you want more. Nothing grabs our attention faster than the need to know what happens next in the series.

You'll want to write your email sequence using Google Docs.

  • Write multiple emails at once.
  • Highlight which story element you consider useful.
  • Create the open loops.
  • Close the loop and open another one.
  • Continue until you reveal the offer or action you want.

How to Revive Cold Leads Email Template

John, are you still interested in [BLANK]

That's it. Pair that with a compelling subject line and these emails are perfect for reviving dead leads or starting a dialogue with your prospects. Remember, the back and forth between your customers allows you to get to know your audience, understand their problems and build trust. But it also helps train the ISP spam filters that your emails are important and should be delivered to the inbox.

So how would that work in specific niches?

John, are you still looking to buy a house in Dallas?

Your goal is connect and start a conversation, which means the click that you send them to needs to work harder to deliver value.

And then, dial it back to your sales process. If you have a clothing store or sell a digital product, then present the opt-in form using this template.

The Discount Code Email Template

When people land on your store, they are looking for items to buy. From merch to hoodies to digital products, leads are looking for items to buy from you. That's when you present the discount code offer. This is by far the most profitable email marketing template you can use right now.

It looks like this:

OPT-IN FORM: Get 10% Off When You Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Right off the top, people who have the intentions to buy from you will give you their email, subscribe to your weekly newsletter in exchange for that discount code.

That's a buyer's list. These leads are warmed up. They have that discount code ready to buy something from your site.

One of the benefits to building this buyer's list is that you can upload it into Facebook and create look-a-like audiences. This audience has the same characteristics and browsing/purchasing history of your leads. Then, you can advertise your brand to that new look-a-like audience.

If you need to get started with email marketing and need a email marketing software, then we recommend Convertkit. Convertkit allows you to create opt-in forms, capture emails and connect with your audience. They allow you to use the software for free up to 1,000 subscribers. Click here to get started.

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