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Imagine getting paid giving your opinion about well-known brands. That’s the power of paid surveys. As a paid survey taker, you can earn money giving your honest opinion about brands, services, products, and offers.

What are Paid Surveys?

Marketing research firms are paid to give companies feedback on their offers. These research firms constantly need new people to review and give their honest opinion about various company’s offers.

You can sign up (for free) to give your feedback through surveys. Once you fill out a survey, you’re paid for your responses.

How You Get Paid for Taking Online Surveys

Research firms pay you in different ways for your feedback.

  • Points: Many online survey companies give you points when you take surveys. As you earn points, you can start to redeem them into rewards, like gift cards, or cash.
  • Gift Cards: Some companies will reward you directly with gift cards for answering surveys, watching movie trailers, or taking polls.
  • Coupons & Cash Back Offers: You may also be offered discounts or cash back offers from participating retailers.
  • Cash: With some surveys, you may also be able to redeem your points for cash. Make sure you check out a survey company’s minimum payout threshhold so you’re clear on when you’ll be paid. (A minimum payout threshhold is the amount you have to earn before the funds will be released.)

Benefits of Online Surveys

  • No Cost: The best survey companies do not require you to pay any fees to start taking surveys and earning rewards. Beware of any survey company that requires you to pay in order to join.
  • Work on Your Schedule: There’s no minimum amount of surveys or time spent required when you start. You can do as much or as little as you like.
  • Get Paid from Multiple Sites: You can join, and take surveys, from multiple companies. Some people earn rewards and cash from 2, 3, even 4 paid survey sites or more.
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Drawbacks of Online Surveys

  • Low Paying: Due to the high interest in paid surveys, the payout can be rather lower. You may have to take many different surveys in order to make significant income. Make sure you check out each paid survey company for their payout details. One of the best ways to create a six figure income on the side is to become a freelancer. Click here to find a freelance job.
  • Endless Emails: Some survey companies will send you many different emails a week (sometimes multiple emails a day) about new offers, surveys, and polls. Some survey takers set up free email accounts just to use for their survey activities.
  • You Must Apply: As a survey taker, you’ll apply to take surveys for companies. You won’t qualify for all of the surveys you apply for. Depending on your demographics, you may qualify for more or less. Don’t let this frustrate you. Apply for more and you’ll qualify for more.

Top Survey Companies

When you’re ready to sign up and start making money with online survey sites, click the link below for our recommended list.

Top Survey Sites for Quick Side Income

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking Surveys

Which survey sites are legit?

There are a few survey sites that are legit and pay you to take surveys. The top survey companies are:

Inbox Dollars
Prize Rebel
Pinecone Research

Check out our Top Survey Companies that we recommend.

Are Paid Surveys Worth It?

The short answer is no. It doesn’t not pay a fair hourly wage. However, if you’re looking for quick cash – then this might be a solution for you. We wouldn’t recommend this as a long-term money-maker.

How can I make fast money online?

You’ve come to the right website – I Love Making Money. We discuss different ways to make money every week. Our top recommendations are:
1. Create an online course through Thinkific.
2. Create a Blog and Start Making Money Blogging.
3. Become a Freelancer and Find a Freelance Job
4. Become an Affiliate Marketer and Get Paid to Review Brands

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