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Rent Reporters Review: How to Add Rent to Your Credit Report to Boost Your Credit Score

When it comes to building credit scores, property owners see a 100 point boost when they successfully pay on their mortgage. However, renters typically get left out of their successful rental history. Most credit accumulating models don’t consider rent, because the renters’ payments don’t get reported to the credit bureaus.  Until now…

RentReporters is a service that takes care of reporting your rental payments to one or more credit bureaus. This information is registered in your credit reports. 

How Can I Put Rent Payments on My Credit Report?

Experian works with Rent Reporters who allow for the payment and collection of your rent electronically. The process is easy and can be done under a minute. Just provide them with your full name, email ID, SSN, and postal address.  Adding rent has been to boost your credit score 50 to 100 points.

Step-by-Step Process on How Rent Reporters Work:

  1. After submitting your basic info, you request Rent Reporters to add your rental payment details in your credit report to TransUnion, one of the 3 credit bureaus.
  2. How to Report Rent Payments to Credit Bureaus – Rent Reporters then verify your payment claim with your landlord that the rent was paid. On successful verification, they report the payments to TransUnion and Equifax.
  3. You keep paying the rent as usual and send the receipt to RentReporters. They add the payment every month in your report.
  4. You pay RentReporters a separate fee for their service which runs around $10 per month.

What if your landlord refuses to cooperate? Rent Reporters will refund your money in full. But landlords love this idea as this prompts the renters to pay rent on time. 

How to Get Started with RentReporters

After the regular initial sign up process, you will be asked to enter the contact information of your landlord and the date you moved in. 

Providing your SSN is a must. Don’t worry, RentReporters safeguards your personal data with bank-level security. 

It is wiser to check your credit score before starting with Rent Reporters to know how many points have improved after availing of their service. Your rental payment details should start to appear in the TransUnion credit report within a few days.  Click here to get a detailed credit report from myFICO.

Rent Reporter Pricing for 2020

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $94.95, which includes up to two years of reported rental payments, then the service is a $9.95 per month.

Updated for 2020 Pricing: Monthly recurring fee is $9.95.

To add previous landlord details, there is a charge of $50 each. If you want to add others on the lease, like your spouse or roommate that shares the rent, included in the report, the fee is $50.

Pros of Rent Reporters 

  • RentReporters will help you file your rent information for up to 24 months. This will help your credit score to increase as soon as possible. Most people see their scores getting higher within 30 days or less.
  • RentReports reports to two credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion. This increases the chances of you getting the desired credit.
  • What if you had changed the address in these 24 months? No issues. You can add past landlords as well (at an extra fee).
  • The signup fee is as less as $94.95 plus a low monthly charge of $9.95
  • Money-Back Guarantee (48 hours of rent tradeline)

Cons of Rent Reporters

The money-back-guarantee has a very short time limit. You have to act within 48 hours from the time you receive your confirmation email.


Adding rent to your credit report will usually boost your credit score by 50 to 100 points. Now, you can use Rent Reporters to notify the credit bureaus of your successful rent payments. You can get started in four easy steps:

  1. Signup with Rent Reporters to Setup Account
  2. Rent Reporters Verifies Rent
  3. Rent Reporters Report to Credit Bureaus
  4. Your Credit Score Changes

Using the service of RentReporters is highly recommended.

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