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2020 was the beginning of the “side hustle” and we’re carrying that energy into the decade. This is going to be an ongoing series on what side hustles that you can do for 2023 that will generate now money or passive income. I would love for you to spend your time creating a side hustle that throws you passive income for years to come. Wouldn’t passive income be nice?

Multiple Streams of Income

I love having multiple streams of income, and I try to implement a new side hustle that will bring in a passive income every single year. After a few years, you’ll have 2-3 income streams. After 5 years, you’ll have 4-5 income streams. Then, after a decade, you’ll have 8-10 income streams.

This year, I want to add my first apartment complex, buy land to start farming, and learn how to trade options. For this list of side hustle ideas, I wanted to include high-paying, rarely heard of side hustle ideas that you can do from home (unless you’re shopping).

Side Gigs

I personally like to add a new side hustle that throws off passive income. If I can do one per year, then in ten years, I’ll have TEN different passive income streams. That’s freedom.

Below is a list of side hustle ideas/ side gigs you can implement and make extra money:

Create a Print-On Demand Clothing Brand

This is such a fun, unique side hustle where you upload your designs & let the systems auto-fulfill the orders. The idea is simple: you take your designs and place them on mockups for your website visitors to see. Then, you hookup a print on-demand app to your squarespace website. When orders come in, Squarespace automatically sends to the print on-demand company.

Pros of This Side Hustle

  • Passive Income Opportunity
  • Create Real Brand
  • Very Rewarding
  • Sell for Large Sum

Cons of This Side Hustle

  • Marketing
  • Getting Traffic
  • Overthinking Designs

This simple print-on demand slash auto-fulfill your orders is gaining popularity on all platforms. Here’s how to create a passive income using Etsy.

Side Hustle: Buy and Rent Vacation Homes & Cabins

Renting out vacation homes & cabins is big business during the pandemic as families want to get away / get out of the house. You find a vacation home or a cabin with a view, then you could have a vacation rental goldmine. Click here to learn more about this side hustle.

Pros of Buying Vacation Homes

  • Passive Income Opportunity
  • Management Company Takes Care of Everything
  • Could Cover All Costs, Including Mortgage

Cons of Renting Vacation Homes

  • Marketing
  • Seasonal
  • High Cost of Real Estate

Make Money Delivering Groceries and Shopping

Delivering groceries, shopping for people who want to stay at home during the pandemic has become a booming side hustle. Those who create “systems” to shorten the shopping times and to increase multiple deliveries will make the most money. Here’s an inside look on how it works…

Pros of Becoming a Personal Shopper

  • Easy to Get Started.
  • Can Earn Big Tips.
  • Must Develop System to Delivering Multiple Orders.
  • Flexibility & Freedom

Cons of Delivering Groceries

  • Time-Consuming = Low Hourly Rate
  • Must Develop System for Easy In/Out

Become a Contact Tracer for COVID

Last weekend, I asked my friend if she’d found a job yet. She told me she works for Contrace as a contact tracer for the virus. Yes, that virus. The goal is to identify people who come in contact with infected people until you find patient zero, the first person infected with coronavirus.

Here’s an interesting setup. She rents an office a block away from her house so she can get out of the house and work this side gig. It pays up to $30 per hour. And there are about 75,000 tracers needed.

The top places hiring contact tracers:

My friend who works at Contrace gave me the scoop on how to get a contract tracing job. They prefer a bachelor’s degree but honestly, the demand is so large that a high school diploma will work. They prefer a background in public health, call center experience and bi-lingual.

For paid positions we are currently only accepting applications from individuals with public health, nursing, clinical or social work backgrounds.

If you are just starting out, expect entry level positions pay between $16 and $26 per hour.

Music Tutoring – Side Hustle for Singers

Aside from being an artist, one can also opt to be tutoring people on vocals and playing instruments. Cheryl Porter is an superstar vocal coach & sets the bar high for making money as a music tutor.

If you are talented like Cheryl, then I recommend creating your own Superstar Coaching Brand and position yourself as the go-to expert.

Pros of Becoming a Music Tutor

Cons of Becoming a Music Tutor

  • Difficult to make any money while starting out
  • Time-consuming to teach complete newbies
  • The pay is not stable and guaranteed if you are not established

Life Coaching is Booming

Life Coaching is booming as more and more people learn about “The Model”. “The Model” designed by legendary life coach, Brooke Castillo, is a strategy for coaching people through their problems.

Brooke Castillo runs The Life Coach School and certifies coaches who want to make money as a life coach. Brooke Castillo has the absolute best coaching program for life coaches. By the end of the class, you will have the skills and training to make money as a life coach.

Because you can run a million-dollar life coaching business from home using Zoom, I wanted to include it in this year’s hottest side hustles because it’ll turn into a full-time, very profitable business for you. Life Coaching is a respectable career.

Pros of Making Money as a Life Coach

  • You get paid to do what you love
  • Flexible working hours
  • Having a sense of accomplishment after helping someone
  • Longevity
  • People will always have problems

Cons of Becoming a Life Coach

  • Get Certification
  • Cost $15,000 to $20,000 to get certified
  • Long-Term Marketing

Painting Side Hustle Using TikTok & eBay

Are you a painter? TikTok artists have exploded because the platform gives them so much exposure that their demand skyrockets. There are quite a few pieces going for $15,000 to $100,000. Check out this video.

I see this strategy fail so many times because people forget the call to action. When you use TikTok to demonstrate your skills or the art piece, then, link directly to the eBay listing. Then, you can easily keep updating that link to the latest piece. That way, your audience can click directly on the eBay link & submit a bid.

Pros of Making Money as a Painter

  • A platform to showcase your creativity
  • You set your own prices
  • Flexible working hours
  • TikTok makes it easy to get noticed

Cons of Becoming a Painter

  • Painting skills required (but easy to learn)
  • Takes time to complete a project

Freelancing – Join The Gig Economy

If you’ve been following my TikTok for long, then you know I’ve been a huge fan of freelancing for the past 15 years. I’ve helped people build websites, design their YouTube Channels, create PDF files and my most recent freelancing side gig paid over $36,000.

Here are some freelancing articles that will help you get started:

Other Side Hustle Ideas & Side Gigs for 2023

Fast Cash Ideas

While there are literary thousands of ways to make extra money from home, below is a summarized table on the ones I’ve covered through this article.

Part time jobs from homeSide hustle ideas/side gigsPart time jobs onlineHome business ideas
Dog walking
Making handmade jewelry
Local tour guide
Dog training
Field agent
Wedding planner
Dance instructor
Pool cleaning
Make-up artist
Sports coaching
Personal fitness trainer
Extra in movies
Accounting/Book keeping
Human billboard
Uber driver
Mystery shopping
Music artist
Music tutor
Filing tax returns
Food truck
Vacation Rental
Clothing Brand
Contact Tracer
Music Tutoring
Life Coaching
Laundry service
Tattoo artist
Pet grooming
Personal shopper
Car flipping  
Freelance writing
Affiliate marketing
Virtual assistant
Digital Marketer
Web designer
Online tutor
Voice over artist
App development
Graphic designer
YouTube vlogger
EBook writing
Social media manager
Data analyst
Domain name flipping
Building niche sites
T-shirt printing
Private investigator
Debt collector
Hair dressing
Child care
Interior designer
Computer repair
Moving services
Car washing
Personal chef
Carpet cleaning
Pet grooming
House sitting
Window cleaning  

Ways to Earn Extra Income from Home

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Extra Money

How can I make an extra $1,000 per month?

If I were looking at this list of side hustles and work from home jobs that pay at least $1,000 per month, here’s what I think is an easy $1,000 every single month.

Freelance Writing – 5 Articles Per Week
Affiliate Marketing – 3 Referrals Paying $100 Each
Virtual Assistant – $250 Per Week
Online Tutoring – $250 x 4 Students Per Month
Air BNB Hosting – $100 x 10 Nights Per Month
Life Coaching – $200 x 5 Sessions Per Month (very easy)

How can make $100 per day fast?

When you look at this list of ways to make extra money, which ones have the opportunity to pay $100 per day?

Dog Walking – 5 walks at 30-minutes.
Tutoring – $100 (4 Students at $25)
Modeling – $100 (One Photo Shoot for Online Clothing Company)
Web Design – 2 Landing Pages ($50 per landing page)

How can I make an extra $500 per month?

Checking out this 80+ ways to make extra money. They all have the capability to pay you an extra $500 per month. Some of the easiest ways to make an extra $500 include:

Freelance Writing – 2 Articles Per Week Average
Affiliate Marketing – 5 Referrals to an $100 CPA Offer
Voice Over Artist – 2 Projects at $250 Each
Web Design – Install and Design WordPress Pages $500 Per Project
Dance Instructor – 5 Sessions at $100 Each
Uber Driving – 4 Saturday Nights

In conclusion, starting a side hustle from home is the best way to create multiple streams of income. If you’re looking for additional ways to make money, check out these popular posts:

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As a full-time blogger, I am constantly on the lookout and running into unique ways to make easy money. In the past year, I have made extra side income flipping domain names, drop-shipping, freelance writing and building affiliate marketing niche sites.

To make money, I’ve added several strategies for increasing my income apart from freelance writing and marketing products for brands. Also, we just added “The Side Hustle” advice column. Feel free to ask a question and get answered by our Side Hustle specialist, Steve Cramer.

Make sure you bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it as often as I can to keep you informed on more ways you can make extra money either part-time or full time.

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