Now that the recession has hit, here are 7 side hustle ideas that will help you make money. Last year, we were still locked down during COVID-19 and the side gigs reflected what people were spending their money on. For example, renting out cabins and delivering groceries were two of the biggest side hustles. People were needing life coaches and tutors for that hobby they already wanted to try.

This year, it’s all about creating experiences and renting out everything for your side hustle. Let’s get into it…

 Side Hustle Ideas & Side Gigs

I love having multiple streams of income, and I try to implement a new side hustle that will bring in a passive income every single year. After a few years, you’ll have 2-3 income streams. After 5 years, you’ll have 4-5 income streams. Then, after a decade, you’ll have 8-10 income streams.

First, let’s set a SMART goal.

I think it’s important to get really specific with our goals and create goals that are achievable within a specific time-frame. For example, I have a nice-size down payment and I want to get off the internet and create an offline business while marketing it online. I have two ideas:

My first idea is to create an outdoor resort with a few cabins, a few yurts next to a riverfront to include kayaks and build from that. The second idea is to start investing in commercial real estate and start renting out to businesses who also pay the taxes/upkeep on the building.

So I’ll spend this month creating a detailed listing comparing both to see which one would bring me joy!

Side Gigs

I personally like to add a new side hustle that throws off passive income. If I can do one per year, then in ten years, I’ll have TEN different passive income streams. That’s freedom.

Below is a list of side hustle ideas/ side gigs you can implement and make extra money:

Side Hustle: Rent Out Your Swimming Pool

Renting out your pool is now easier than ever as more people look to cool down in this heat. Swimply provides the app that connects your pool to renters. Nearby people browse pools, read reviews and books the appointment to swim in your pool. They pay an hourly rate that you set, usually between $22 to $60 per hour. Click Here to Check Out How Swimply Works

Pros of Renting Out Your Pool

Cons of Swimply

Passive Side Hustle: Create Instant Downloadables

Did you know you can design grocery lists, motivational quotes, signs and stickers AND then, let people buy the downloads? Etsy allows you to create designs and upload your fulfillment so people can buy/download your design at any hour of the day.

This is such a fun, unique side hustle where you upload your designs & let the systems auto-fulfill the orders. The idea is simple: you take your designs and place them on mockups for your website visitors to see. Then, you hookup a print on-demand app to your squarespace website. When orders come in, Squarespace automatically sends to the print on-demand company.

Pros of This Side Hustle

Cons of This Side Hustle

This simple print-on demand slash auto-fulfill your orders is gaining popularity on all platforms. Here’s how to create a passive income using Etsy.

Can you really make money?

Yes and no. If you think you’ll throw up a bunch of art and turn on Etsy ads, then no. You must have a marketing strategy that will attract the right audience who will buy your art. I recommend picking a genre or a niche and then, sticking to that one niche. Then, start with one advertising strategy to grow your audience (TikTok, YouTube or Podcasts).

Passive Side Hustle: Rent Out Everything

This is the year we rent out everything. You can rent out your car, your kayaks, your swimming pool, your rooms, your house, your own babysitting service and even your own TV’s. My neighborhood is all about the side hustle and we’re always coming up with new things to rent out.

The house across the street has a few Yurts they got off Amazon and rents them out for $100 per person per night. It took three days to pay off the Yurt. My neighbor next to them has three Slingshots and rents them out for $320 per day. And I rent out my swimming pool at $37 per hour.

But you can rent out more than that.

What Can You Rent Out for Extra Money

The idea is to turn the space you already have into cash.

Side Hustle Ideas:

Extrovert Side Hustle: Birthday Party Planning

Last week I met a lady making six figures planning birthday parties for little kids. You will love this one if you love celebrating birthdays and seeing little kids have a great time. One of the biggest problems with birthday parties is finding fun space. Now that Swimply allows you to book pools for your own parties, why not book those same pools to throw birthday parties?

This one is very simple and systematizable. Your goal is to create a system for marketing your services and fulfilling the actual birthday. It’s a 1-2 punch. When I quickly search for pools near me, I found a perfect space that charges $60 per hour for up to 50 guests. For a birthday party of 3-4 hours, expect to pay $180 to $240 plus the food, drinks, games & decorations. Just add up your expenses and put a ONE in front of that and that’s what you charge your client. So you’ll be making $1,000 per party.

Once you get this systematized and your party brand starts growing, just increase your price. At $1,000 per party, you’ll need to do 8 per month to hit that six figure mark. At $2,000, you’ll need to do just 4 per month to hit that six figure mark.

Pros of Becoming a Party Planner

Cons of Becoming an Event Coordinator

Work from Home Side Hustle: Weight Loss and Niche Coaching is Booming

Let’s make money solving problems. Think of any problem that needs solving. Okay stop – there are way too many problems in the world and niche coaching is high in demand. You get paid to coach to solve these issues. Here are a few problem areas where people pay a personal coach to help them:

Personally, if you feel drawn to any of these topics, then you will probably love coaching people through on these topics. Life coaches typically make money by charging clients for their services. This can be done through one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching programs, workshops and seminars, or online courses. Life coaches may also offer additional services such as assessments, personal development plans, and actionable steps for achieving specific goals. Some life coaches may also make money by selling books, training materials, or other products related to personal development and coaching. In order to be successful as a life coach, it is important to have a clear understanding of the needs and goals of your clients, as well as effective communication and coaching skills.

Pros of Becoming a Niche Coach

Cons of Becoming a Niche Coach

To really make millions as a niche coach, you have to move to “group coaching” inside a membership area. Then, you’ll price your monthly coaching package at $197 down and $67 per month. That way, as more and more members join, you’ll see your passive income increase as well. That’ll allow you and motivate you to show up for your clients.

Freelancing – Join The Gig Economy

If you’ve been following my TikTok for long, then you know I’ve been a huge fan of freelancing for the past 15 years. I’ve helped people build websites, design their YouTube Channels, create PDF files and my most recent freelancing side gig paid over $36,000.

There are many ways to make money online as a freelancer, including offering services such as writing, editing, graphic design, web development, and more. One way to find freelance work is to use online platforms that connect freelancers with clients who need their services. These platforms often allow freelancers to create profiles and bid on projects, or to find work through job postings. In order to be successful as an online freelancer, it is important to have a clear understanding of the services you offer and the value you can provide to clients. It can also be helpful to have a strong portfolio or sample of your work to showcase to potential clients. In addition to finding work through online platforms, freelancers can also make money by networking and building relationships with potential clients, and by marketing their services through their own websites and social media channels.

Here are some freelancing articles that will help you get started:

Other Side Hustle Ideas & Side Gigs

Ways to Earn Extra Income from Home

While there are literary thousands of ways to make extra money from home, below is a summarized table on the ones I’ve covered through this article.

Part time jobs from homeSide hustle ideas/side gigsPart time jobs onlineHome business ideas
Dog walking
Making handmade jewelry
Local tour guide
Dog training
Field agent
Wedding planner
Dance instructor
Pool cleaning
Make-up artist
Sports coaching
Personal fitness trainer
Extra in movies
Accounting/Book keeping
Human billboard
Uber driver
Mystery shopping
Music artist
Music tutor
Filing tax returns
Food truck
Vacation Rental
Clothing Brand
Contact Tracer
Music Tutoring
Life Coaching
Laundry service
Tattoo artist
Pet grooming
Personal shopper
Car flipping  
Freelance writing
Affiliate marketing
Virtual assistant
Digital Marketer
Web designer
Online tutor
Voice over artist
App development
Graphic designer
YouTube vlogger
EBook writing
Social media manager
Data analyst
Domain name flipping
Building niche sites
Print On Demand
T-shirt printing
Private investigator
Debt collector
Hair dressing
Child care
Interior designer
Computer repair
Moving services
Car washing
Personal chef
Carpet cleaning
Pet grooming
House sitting
Window cleaning  

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Extra Money

How can I make an extra $1,000 per month?

If I were looking at this list of side hustles and work from home jobs that pay at least $1,000 per month, here’s what I think is an easy $1,000 every single month.

Freelance Writing – 5 Articles Per Week
Affiliate Marketing – 3 Referrals Paying $100 Each
Virtual Assistant – $250 Per Week
Online Tutoring – $250 x 4 Students Per Month
Air BNB Hosting – $100 x 10 Nights Per Month
Life Coaching – $200 x 5 Sessions Per Month (very easy)

How can make $100 per day fast?

When you look at this list of ways to make extra money, which ones have the opportunity to pay $100 per day?

Dog Walking – 5 walks at 30-minutes.
Tutoring – $100 (4 Students at $25)
Modeling – $100 (One Photo Shoot for Online Clothing Company)
Web Design – 2 Landing Pages ($50 per landing page)

How can I make an extra $500 per month?

Checking out this 80+ ways to make extra money. They all have the capability to pay you an extra $500 per month. Some of the easiest ways to make an extra $500 include:

Freelance Writing – 2 Articles Per Week Average
Affiliate Marketing – 5 Referrals to an $100 CPA Offer
Voice Over Artist – 2 Projects at $250 Each
Web Design – Install and Design WordPress Pages $500 Per Project
Dance Instructor – 5 Sessions at $100 Each
Uber Driving – 4 Saturday Nights

In conclusion, starting a side hustle from home is the best way to create multiple streams of income. If you’re looking for additional ways to make money, check out these popular posts:

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As a full-time blogger, I am constantly on the lookout and running into unique ways to make easy money. In the past year, I have made extra side income flipping domain names, drop-shipping, freelance writing and building affiliate marketing niche sites.

To make money, I’ve added several strategies for increasing my income apart from freelance writing and marketing products for brands.

Make sure you bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it as often as I can to keep you informed on more ways you can make extra money either part-time or full time.

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