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Want to Learn How to Trade Stocks and Options? Check Out the Best Courses to Trade Stocks and Options

Are you ready to join Wall Street Bets and start trading stocks?
Learn to Trade Stocks

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I counted 68 comments that say “to the moon” when the Gamestock went from $4.80 to $480 high followed by how does shorting stocks work followed by “I need to learn how to trade stocks”. I wanted to start a list of the best stock trading and option trading courses out there.

These courses are:

  • Focused on the Beginner
  • Easy to Understand and Follow
  • Ability to Ask Questions
  • Great Reputation and Community

Here are a few that I have taken and received a ton of value from.

Jeremy Newsome, Real Life Trading

Jeremy Newsome runs Real Life Trading and his teaching style makes it very easy to learn how to trade stocks. What I like about Jeremy's courses is that he doesn't assume you know anything about trading and explains every step and every nuance that you encounter.

Once you go through his basic course, you'll learn how to setup your trading platform and how to read candlesticks and chart basics. Then, you'll learn how to make a trading plan and when to enter a stock trade.

Check out his style below from Real Life Trading YouTube channel.

Click Here to View All Jeremy's Courses

Ricky Gutierrez, Learn Plan Profit

After I took Jeremy's course above, I found Ricky's Learn Plan Profit. I like Ricky's live YouTube trainings and I quickly went through his stock trading course called Learn Profit Profits.

I actually recommend taking the courses in this order because Jeremy's strength is simplifying how to read stock candlesticks. So you'll come in with a clear understanding of how to read candlesticks and stock terms so when Ricky starts training, you'll know exactly what he's talking about.

Click Here to Check Out Learn Plan Profit

Danny Devan, Learn to Trade Options

After you take the first two courses above, you should have the knowledge to properly execute trades, even day trade. I would start implementing the training you received so far before moving to this course, “How to Trade Options”.

I first saw Danny Devan on TikTok with less than 3,500 friends and immediately knew his channel was going to blow up. He now has over 700,000 followers because his training is so well done and you'll get so much value just from his tiktok.


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Danny was able to turn $1,000 into a $10,000,000 portfolio. Options are a bit riskier, but if you follow Danny's training on proper risk management, then you can make some serious money.

Click Here to Check Out the Course Curriculum

If you know someone who needs to see this post, please share with them and bookmark this post. I'll be updating it as new ones come in. If you have a course recommendation, please leave a comment below.


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