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Are you looking for a Swimply Review? In this post, we’ll go over Swimply review, including pros and cons and how Swimply grew their business to where it’s at in 2022. When it comes to making money online, I Love Making Money has been helping you uncover new money-making ways and new money-making ideas. Now, we’ve tested and uncovered a new way to make side income with your swimming pool. We listed our pool on Swimply and I want to create a review of Swimply to see if this is a side hustle you want to dive into.

What is Swimply?

Swimply is an online marketplace for renting a private swimming pool near you. Homeowners can list their pool for an hourly fee & swimmers can rent it out similar to Uber or Air BNB. Think of Swimply as the Airbnb for pools. The online platform connects pool owners with people who want to swim and makes the process one step simple.

Step-by-Step Process on How Swimply Works:

  1. When you’re ready to list your pool, click here to create your pool listing. You’ll fill out your pool details and upload a few photos of your space.
  2. The site walks you through how to price your pool & what amenities to include.
  3. Then, the app walks you through how to hook up your listing to a payment processor, which is free of charge. They use Stripe which deposits the money into your checking account two days after each booking.
  4. Swimply charges 15% of your listing and promotes your pool for the first five who book your pool. Swimply offers discounts to people to get your pool in front of your neighborhood.
  5. That’s it. Here’s how I have boosted profits my first weekend by providing more.

If you signup through my link, Swimply gives me $100 which 100% goes towards Alzheimer’s Care. Thank you!

Who Founded Swimply?

I first heard of Swimply when they made an appearance on Shark Tank right before the pandemic. Swimply appears on Season 11 of Shark Tank. The sharks did not bite on their offer, which was 5% for $300,000. That pitch would have valued the company at $6,000,000.

Founder Bunim Laskin came up with the idea for the app at the age of 20, after noticing a neighbor’s pool which was rarely in use. He rented their pool in exchange for assistance paying for the pool’s upkeep.

After the pandemic and locked down, there was a massive surge to get out the house. There’s no school. There’s no summer camps. Parents were desperate for some outdoor interaction, and demand for Swimply skyrocketed.

How Much Revenue is Swimply Bringing In?

Because of this new pandemic demand, Swimply raised $40,000,000 from co-founders of Airbnb and Lime. Swimply’s revenue rose to 7 figures per month as they saw 15,000 to 20,000 reservations.

How Much Does Swimply Charge?

Swimply charges hosts a 15% fee and swimmers a 10% fee. Swimply, based in Long Island, New York, and hosts negotiate a price based on factors including pool size, demand, amenities and location. The rental fee generally ranges from $40 to $60 per hour.

Pros of Swimply

  • Free to list your swimming pool on Swimply using the app or online website.
  • Pool owner is in charge of setting price and refund policies.
  • Money is auto-deposited into checking account.
  • Pool owners can offer discounts for slow weekdays.
  • You can allow or not allow kids, toddlers or pets.
  • Your pool, your rules.

Cons of Swimply

Swimply charges a reasonable 15% and auto-deducts it from your deposits. I don’t view that as a con, but any fee can be a negative. I have scoured the reviews to uncover a few cons of Swimply. A few people have brought pets that did damage to a lady’s garden. A few visitors didn’t leave the property when the person making the reservation left.

Swimply Reviews by Real Users

I took the time to detail real reviews from real users – the good and bad ones. Also, if you’re a host looking for additional ideas on how to advertise your pool and get more bookings, click here for that article.

Love Swimply and the easy app to book a day of fun! We won’t go back to a public pool. This is the way to go for your swimming needs. All the pools we have experienced have been awesome!😀My family is always excited when we get to explore a new pool and make memories! Summer is right around the corner and we are sooo ready to get our swim on. Swimply for the win!☀️🌴👍🏾

Facebook – Charlotte Diva Brown

Very easy to use app, great to be able to rent out a pool in my area that can be private! Absolutely recommend!

Facebook – Cailin Rose

What an amazing concept! We found Swimply during the height of the pandemic. What started off as a quick booking for some safe family swim time has now turned into our go to when wanting to take a dip. Great prices, so many pools near us to choose from and absolutely wonderful hosts. We’ve had zero issues and recommend Swimply to everyone.

Facebook – Eliza Marie Walker

Swimply is a great experience for family and friends all across the country! “The air bnb for swimming pools” where homeowners can list their underused swimming pools and help their local communities go swimming!

Facebook – Paulie Langiuli

I made a reservation 2 weeks in advance. Host messaged me a few hours before I was scheduled to arrive stating “pool is closed, so don’t come”. He refused to cancel the reservation so I got charged even though he backed out. Contacted customer multiple times via message and email and they don’t respond. Terrible experience. I’ve rented tons of times and recommended to friends in the past, but it’s no longer what it used to be. Customer service used to be responsive. Now I’m o… See more

Facebook Negative Review – Kalman Rosenfeld

There is nothing to protect the person making the reservation. The owner canceled on me the day of the reservation.. not a week ago when I made it..We woke up excited with plans and got a cancel because they didn’t clean their pool??? I lost my May discount and have a house full of sad kids.. seems unfair.

Facebook Negative Review – Jennie Willis

Once you’ve experienced swimply, you’ll never want to be in a public pool again!

Facebook Positive Review – Sheryl Marasigan

Swimply Insurance Coverage

Host Liability Insurance

Hosts are eligible for up to $1,000,000 of applicable insurance-backed coverage* when a guest is injured during a Swimply reservation. The program provides protection in the unfortunate event that a Guest files a lawsuit or claim against a host for bodily injury that occurs during a Swimply reservation. The coverage also may cover any defense costs in the event of a legal dispute for which Swimply and Swimply’s registered hosts are legally liable.

* Subject to the policy’s annual aggregate, terms, conditions & exclusions

What’s covered?

  • Injuries to Guests that occur while on the Host’s private premises during a Swimply booked and paid for reservation.*
      • Reservations include both Swimply pools and spaces
      • Diving board injuries are covered but the diving board must be no higher than 3 feet, and only if the pool has a minimum diving well depth of 7.5 to 9 feet and minimum measurements of 16 feet wide and 32 feet long
      • Swimming pool slide injuries are covered but slide must be embedded into a hill
      • Grill-related, fire pit, fireplace, outdoor heater, or patio heater injuries to Guests during a Swimply booked and paid for reservation if operated in accordance with our Terms of Service.* 
        • For Grills, Hosts must warrant that the equipment is in excellent working condition, has been inspected in the last 30 days, and will not pose any threat to the Guest but for Guest’s own misuse. Furthermore, you must provide the Guest with instructions for safe and lawful use of the equipment either through the Swimply Platform or appropriate signage on premises. 
        • For fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor heaters, or patio heaters Hosts are required to maintain all heating devices subject to the manufacturers specifications and must provide guests with user manuals for all heating devices.

* Only reservations within the US and Canada are currently covered by our Host Liability Insurance.

What’s not covered?

  • Injuries that arise outside the times of a booked and paid for Swimply reservation
  • Injuries or losses arising out of the consumption of alcohol*
  • Injuries related to the use of swings, trampolines or bounce-house/inflatables
  • Injuries to pets during a Swimply reservation
  • Injuries arising from intentional acts, including but not limited to: (i) assault and battery, (ii) sexual abuse or molestation
  • Injuries arising from operation of any vehicle getting to or from a Swimply reservation.
  • Injuries arising out of acts of nature, including but not limited to: pollution, earthquakes, and weather-related events such as rain, wind, etc
  • Injuries arising out of communicable diseases, bacteria or microorganisms of any type, nature or description, including but not limited to any substance whose presence poses an actual or potential threat to human health
  • Injuries or losses that arise when in violation of any of the Terms of Service.

*Neither Swimply nor a Swimply Host can be held liable if injury occurs to a Guest during a Swimply reservation if the Guest or a member of the Guest’s party was consuming alcohol or was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

The Claims Process:

  1. First gather evidence of the injury (photos, videos, medical reports and bills, etc.) 
  2. Please contact our Community Care team within 7 days of the reservation. Please detail the nature of the injury along with: 
  • Any video or photo and medical evidence of the injury, pertinent medical bills, and any other relevant documents.
  • Any police or medical reports related to the injury that occurred during the Swimply reservation.
  • Your name, the Swimply reservation date and time, the address of the reservation, name of the Hosts if known, if you were not the booking Guest, the name of the Guest who booked the reservation, and all attending guest information.

For small claims that are not covered by the Guest’s health insurance, reimbursement under the Swimply Protection Guarantee Program may be paid out of Swimply’s own pocket. 

For larger claims, this may be referred to our insurance carrier to process and pay out the claim. An adjuster will get in touch to discuss the claim and gather information.


We highly recommend Swimply for making additional income. Plus, if anything happens you are fully covered up to $1,000,000 of applicable insurance-backed coverage when a guest is injured during a Swimply reservation.

The signup process is free and very simple. You control the pricing, the amenities and you set the rules. During our own testing, we made a quick $592 in one weekend. There is also a private Facebook group just for hosts. I have seen hosts post six figures a year hosting pool parties. Right now, I have the time cutoff at 6:30 pm and taking it a bit slow. Feel free to go at your own pace!

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