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Looking for the perfect domain name to build a great brand? It’s getting harder and harder to come up with a brand name for your business PLUS the domain name be available. I recommend searching “domain marketplaces” to find domain names that might match your market. is a marketplace for domain names which also facilitate the transfer of the domain name so the transaction goes smoothly. There are three reasons I prefer over the others:

  • No hidden costs.
  • Rent to own.
  • Leasing options.
  • Buy now.
  • Rare domain names.

Tips for Selecting the Best Domain Names

I’ll be searching for the perfect domain names and listing them below, but here’s what I recommend.

  • Stick with .com ending.
  • Easy to pronounce and easy to spell.
  • Avoid double letters.
  • Avoid hyphens.
  • Use keywords from your niche that clearly defines your brand.

Top Domain Names on

Industry: Food Delivery – First time on the market in 20 years, this is the perfect double D domain name for your food delivery business. Check it out on here.

Industry: Making Money, Stocks, Entrepreneur – First time on the market in 20 years, this is the perfect domain name if you teach anything about money. I can see this being a huge YouTube series called Money Live. Welcome to Money Live. This is the largest, evergreen market. Check it out on here. – First time on the market in 20 years, this is the perfect double W’s in the financial industry. Already a proven winner, you can lease this domain name for less than $2,000 per month. Check it out on here. – I can see Profit Week being a podcast and a weekly YouTube show. When your market sees this on the list of podcasts, they’ll be compelled to subscribe and check out the show. You can rent this domain name for $250 per month or buy it for $45K. Check it out on here.

Industry: Guns – The gun industry is massive and has a 30 billion dollar per year growing revenue. This domain name is easy to remember, easy to advertise and could be a winner for the right entreprenue. Check it out on here.

Industry: Health and Weight Loss – One of the easiest ways to make money is recommending products that solve every health ailment out there. The Health Benefit is easy to remember, easy to say and reflects the market that you’re serving. Check it out on here. – The diet domain names are very hard to find, but by combining Snack + Diet, you get a brandable fun domain name that could be your million dollar winner. You can lease to own this domain name for $813 per month. Check it out on here.

Industry: Lending – First time in 20 years that this domain name is available. Lending is one of the largest markets online and trying to find a loan for auto is a problem that needs a solution. Go to The Auto Loan Store for that solution. You can rent or purchase this domain name. Check it out on here.

Industry: Education – Teaching online is booming and trying to brand yourself as the math expert is easy with Coach I see this being a massive YouTube channel with a membership component for your students. You can rent this domain for less than $350 per month. Check it out on here.

Industry: Success, Self Help, Self Improvement – Success Live is an amazing brand that’s easy to remember, easy to spell and will make a great domain name for your brand. You can rent or purchase this on the Dan marketplace. Check it out on here.

Industry: Software – Short and easy to say, easy to spell and easy to remember. Person Pro could be a live chat software or a find the perfect virtual employee business. Come to Person Pro to find the best virtual assistants. Leave a comment and let me know what comes to your mind when you see Check it out on here.

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Is renting a domain name the perfect solution for startups?

Why Would Someone Rent a Domain Name?

  1. Use the bulk of your money for development and hiring the right team. Spend less upfront, especially if you are bootstrapping during your startup phase.
  2. Tax write-off.
  3. Test ideas before shelling out big bucks for premium domain names.
  4. Negotiate terms with domain name owner for future purchase.
  5. Access to premium domain names.

Find Domain Names with These Companies

There are companies who specialize in leasing domain names. These are the best marketplaces where you can list your domain name, list your price and allow them to find a renter. – Domain Name Leasing and Renting Marketplace


  • Domain Name Leasing & Renting
  • Integrated Domain Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • 0% Commission On All Domain Names – Premium Domain Name Marketplace

Venture has some of the best premium domain names for lease that I’ve seen. When you visit Venture, you’ll see their featured domain names with the monthly rental rate. Within minutes, I came across,, and All of these have a highly recognizable, huge profit potential waiting for the right developer.

One World Hosting – Cheaper Premium Domain Names

One World Hosting offers a leasing program that protects your rights to the domain name with terms from 1 to 3 years. Plus, there is no cost increases during your lease term.

You can see their domain names for lease here.

Personally, I handle it in-house and do all the marketing to get a tenant on my own. Check out my contact form where my domain names redirect. This allows entrepreneurs to reach out to discuss terms for each domain name that I own. You can use a simple domain name sample contract and negotiate the payment terms.

Do you know a place to list your domain names for rent? Leave a comment and I’ll add them to this list.

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