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Teachers – Ditch the Summer Jobs and Make Extra Money from Home

I remember when I first graduated college and landed my first teaching position – teaching 6th grade Science.

And then, my first paycheck landed: $2216 for the entire month. I desperately needed a fast way to make money to supplement my teacher’s salary.

Then, my student loans all came due at the same time. But it wasn’t a simple one payment, it was 18 small student loan payments. I had to combine all the student loan payments into one, which you can do with SuperMoney.

If you have less than $100K in student loans, then click this link and look at the bottom for the “student loan refinance”. That’s what you’ll click to consolidate all your student loan payments into one.

Then, add these payments on top of all your other bills and teaching pays a NEGATIVE ROI. That is NOT an exaggeration. I desperately needed to find a way to make money online. Are you a teacher in the same boat?

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Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money

These are the top four ways to make fast money on your weekends off using your teaching skills.

Sell Your Lesson Plans to Other Teachers

You spend a large portion of your time creating lesson plans for your classroom; did you know that you can sell those lesson plans to other teachers?

This is one of the easiest ways teachers can make money on the side. Other teachers are willing to pay you for your lesson plans.

Teacher Pay Teachers allows you to post your lesson plans & other teachers can pay you directly.

Create Online Courses via LMS

I know you’re an expert in your subject – writing lesson plans around a curriculum and perfecting your craft. But did you know you can easily convert these lesson plans into an online course and charge people for it.

This is one of the first things I did – create my own online courses. That gave me extra money that allowed me to eventually quit my teaching job.

Right now, Udemy and Thinkific are two learning management systems that I recommend. They walk you through how to create an online course & hook up your payment processor so you can get paid.

I recommend Thinkific because they never take a cut of your revenue and you can create 3 courses for free while also getting instant access to your funds.

Check out this list of best online teaching platforms that you can upload your course, set the price & then connect it to a payment processor. I found a free one where you can create three courses for free with zero revenue split.

Registering as a teacher is normally free for most sites but there may be deductions for each sale that you make or some subscription fee. These platforms provide guidelines on how to create courses and start earning.

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Every site has its own guidelines and terms of service but the end goal is to enable you to create and sell online courses. Most platforms handle the marketing and payment processes for you. This allows you to focus on creating high quality courses.

Become a Tutor One on One

Millions of people search online for private tutors everyday. Wyzant lets you create a free online profile where you can showcase your qualifications and experience. Then, students review and select you for their tutor.

Wyzant has paid out over $64 million dollars to tutors.

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Get Paid to Post Articles with Money Pantry

Easily make up to $500 per month doing minimal work. All you have to do is go to Money Pantry and type in “get paid to post” or click on this blog post to get paid to write.

Money Pantry will list all the guidelines for blogs who are looking for you to write for them. After a quick search, I see Alaska Airlines Magazine will pay up to $700 per article or Travel Magazine will pay you $1 per word.

Let me know if you try any of these methods and if you have a solid way for teachers to make money, drop a comment below. I’d love your feedback…

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