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What’s the best way for teens to make money right now, especially during the pandemic. I recommend doing a combination strategy to build income. Did you know that you can become a freelancer when you turn 13.

  1. Freelance on Fiverr (see below for examples)
  2. Flip for Profit (see here for example)

Fiverr allows you to sell your service & people pay you to do tasks and random gigs.


What can teens do to make money right now, right now? I would do a combination of freelancing and flipping while saving to invest in real estate.

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The way this work from home strategy works is we take your strengths and we put them to work for you. Think about all the skills you have right now? Let’s create a quick, go as fast as you can list:

  • Proofread
  • Create Powerpoints
  • Design Logos and Graphics
  • WordPress Installation
  • Copywriter
  • Write Blog Posts Like This One
  • Create PDF’s
  • Manage Company’s Social Media
  • Create Goofy TikToks
  • Edit Resumes
  • Write Emails
  • Create Speeches
  • Write Press Releases
  • Manage Social Media
  • Write Sales Copy
  • Help Write Grants
  • Do Voice Over Work
  • Create Intro’s for Podcasts
  • Upload Podcasts to Podcast Distribution
  • Create Graphics for Podcasts
  • Create Transcripts for Podcasts
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Data Entry
  • Tech Support
  • Support for Zoom Calls

You can even do shoutouts and charge people from $90 to $700 (as seen in my recent TikTok). Click here to see how much TikTok’s are charging on Fiverr.

Example of Fiverr Gigs Pricing

I’m pretty certain I can do all these, right? Now, pick one that you’re certain you can do within a fast period of time at a high-quality, customer will be satisfied. (example, blog post writing)

Great. Now, let’s create a “start promoting your service” via Fiverr.

Click the Graphic to Get $100 When You Setup Your Free Fiverr Account

Step 1: Create Your Fiverr Selling Account

Click here to setup your Fiverr account. After you successfully post your job & complete your first gig, Fiverr will give you a $100 bonus. That’s bonus money.

You’ll see a “Become a Seller” at the top because now, you’re selling your skills to small businesses who desperately need your help. Do you see the “Become a Seller” in the top menu? Click that.

Step 2: Create a Username & Password

Create your username and password that will be used throughout the site. The username is what people will see when they hire you. Make sure you name that something around your skill like: ExpertProofReader. TopEditorinChief. PodcastDistribution. DesignerPro. BlogPostWriter.

I’ve been hiring people on Fiverr for the last 16 years and have spent over $8,000 with Fiverr. The reason you want to create a brandable username is because you’re going to get repeat business. Three months later when I scan for my Podcast editor, I am going to see that username and immediately click on it to rehire you.

Step 3: Activate Your Account & Become a Seller

After you activate your account, click on the become a seller button to reach this page.

Become a Seller on Fiverr - Here's How

This will break down how to make a successful profile, how to create your seller profile and publish your first gig. The way I like to think about this is “I’m not perfect” and I’m going to make mistakes. Awesome.

As long as you know you’re going to make mistakes, then you can make a ton of money with Fiverr. Money is an exchange of value. You give value, you get money. That’s it.

If you can leverage podcasts, TikTok and YouTube to give unlimited value then you can make unlimited money. And if you can figure how to leverage this process where you give value -> direct people to your gigs -> upsell and add extra streams through affiliate marketing then you can make bank doing this.

Pro Tip: Fall in love with the process. The process of connecting with clients, the process of delivering value to your clients and the process of marketing your services. These are the day to day process that if you love the process, then it doesn’t feel like a job.

What Makes a Successful Fiverr Profile

Create a Fiverr profile that stands out from the crowd on Fiverr. For this, I use a free online graphic creator called Canva. That’s free to use and the graphics are professional.

  1. Spend some time creating your profile and getting the design elements looking sharp.
  2. Add credibility by linking to your professional networks like Linked In.
  3. Put a close-up of your face to your name. That is what people are going to be talking to through their computer & iPhone. Make that face appear professional, kind and easy to work with.

Avoid These Fiverr Mistakes

  1. Do not open a duplicate account. You can add more gigs within one account.
  2. Do not lie on your gig. Your goal is to provide a service that you can do quick and easy with very little stress on your end.
  3. Do not request to take money outside of Fiverr. This is a long-term position & you’ll want to get as many five-star reviews so you can bumped up in the search & grab more business.

Now, walk through the rest of the account creation to post your jobs.

How to Price Your Gig

The best way to price your Fiverr gig is to take the amount of time your gig takes and create a reasonable per hour price you’re willing to do the gig. For example, it takes a good two hours to write a decent blog post. How much would you be willing to work for two hours writing a blog post? What’s a good exchange of money for this service?

What you can do is click on a few of the services to see what others are charging in the same category… let me share a few with you:

You can easily find gigs that match what you’re going for so you can see how to position yourself, how to design your profile and start making money on the side.

How Much Money Can You Make with Fiverr

I first heard of people making half a million dollars on Fiverr when I saw a story on Forbes about Charmaine Pocek who makes money creating resume revamps for people.

Who needs a resume? Just everyone who just lost their job & are now looking for work. The demand is incredibly high & the gig is evergreen.

Once you have one gig, then, create another gig by branching out to include similar tasks related to that gig.

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Two things: If you know of people who are interested in this article, please share this article with them. We need to help as many people as we can during these trying times. If you’re looking for additional ways to make money, then click here.

If you have created your first gig, please drop a link below in the comments. I’ll follow you back to improve your search rankings for your gig.

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