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What Stocks to Buy Under President Joe Biden

Look for four sectors to do very well under President Joe Biden
Stocks to Buy Under President Joe Biden

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Let's talk about what stocks to buy under President Joe Biden. President Joe Biden was just elected president of the United States, and Wall Street is looking for profitable sectors.

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New administration always bring in a new set of priorities and promises to fulfill. One of Biden's campaign slogans is “Build Back Better”. That is the first clue to looking for sectors that will do well under Biden. Let's look into infrastructure, renewable energy and health stocks to begin with.


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There are four sectors that should take off under Biden:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Health
  4. 5G

Marijuana Stocks Under President Biden

The two players to watch are Alphria and Canopy Growth. Canopy Growth leads all pot stocks and is sitting on 2.1 billion cash reserves while Aphria sits on $400 million in cash reserves.

My pick for 2021 is Aphria as more states start legalizing marijuana, and they have been aggressive in acquisition and setting up infrastructure in the last three years.

Second –

Infrastructure Stocks Under Biden

Stocks that do well under President Biden

These are the stocks to watch:

And clean energy is mentioned 66 times in the Biden plan… so look for solid returns with NextEra trding under NEE – it's the world's largest producer for WIND AND SOLAR energy.

Health Sector Under Joe Biden

Under Joe Biden, getting COVID under control will be his number one objective. There are 23 companies battling for the COVID cure.

My bet is on three:

Pfizer just released a report saying they are 90% effective in treating COVID. Gilead is sitting on the HEP C cure, PREP which prevents the spread of HIV and is now working on a COVID cure. Moderna just released a report saying they are 94.5% effective. Be careful on this play because it's very volatile with any bad news. For example, as soon as I published this, Pfizer's CEO sold 60% of their stock.

Who do you think will produce a cure first?

5G Stocks to Buy

AND then, look at the biggest players in the 5G industry…

The companies who supply the semiconductors and 5G radio parts will produce a solid return. The Apple 12 iPhone has built-in 5G and T-Mobile is the first company to deliver a 5G Nationwide infrastructure.

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