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I've been working from home for the past decade  and it's been a bit of a change, to say the least. It's definitely nice to have the flexibility and not have to commute, but it can also be a bit isolating at times. I've had to make an effort to stay connected with my coworkers, but video calls and instant messaging have made it easier. Overall, I think working from home has its pros and cons, but I'm grateful to have the option during these times.

"Working from home gives me the flexibility to work when
I am most productive rather than being tied to a traditional 9 to 5."


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Fiverr is a platform that allows freelancers to offer their services to customers around the world. The platform is primarily used to find and hire freelance services such as graphic design, writing, translation, video editing, and more. Customers can search for and find a freelancer with the specific skills they need, and then purchase the service through the platform.

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Writer's Work scours the web for the best writing gigs and deliver them straight to your dashboard. No more sorting through irrelevant posts on multiple sites. Your next (or first) client is just a click away.



"To be resourceful is to be able to find creative solutions
to problems using the resources that are available to you."